Discussion on ZF WordPress Category Search

Discussion on ZF WordPress Category Search

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elements envato üzerinden eklentiyi indirdim. hiç bir işe yaramıyor. ne yapmak gerekir. Ben her sayafa arama bileşeni ekleyerek kendi içerisinde arama yapmak istiyorum

I can not support you when you bought it elements evanto

Can you set it to only show results based on a specific category’s posts/portfolio’s title only? I don’t want it to look at the description or excerpt for the keyword. This is for posts not products.

HI currently, the plugin has not yet support to set these


I’m selling books. The plugin only search keyword with title & description, then it returns results that match with keyword I entered by default.

Each book has these product attributes: publisher, author and year.

The plugin returns no results when I enter the publisher and author.

Would it be possible to search keyword on product title as well as product attributes by default without using the advance search box?

For example, when I enter the publisher or author in the keyword box, and the plugin will return results that match with entered publisher or author.



Keywords only support search title vs description

Hello… Not all categories and sub categories as showing as radio buttons. How do I show all?

Using in widget page widget

If you show as radio it will show all categories

Hello there,

I need a search form who can search and validate:

1. only shows particular taxonomy results, without other results > e.g. only post results and not media results

2. who’s results are only showen, when the EXACT post title is given as a keyword in the search bar.


Post title: EXAMPLE-1

Key word searchbar: EXAMPL >> NO RESULT! EXAMPLE-2 >> NO RESULT!


3. disable auto fill

Can this plugin provide?

Thank you!

Yes, it can make this 1, it allows you select taxonomy to show 2, it is search with exactly keyword 3, you disable in the settings

Presale questions: 1) What kind of categories are used by the plugin? 2)Can I select categories in the backend to search? Thanks.

Hi 1,You can use any kind of categories . 2, no. You can only exclude categories

Last update of this plugin was on 2015! Does it works with wordpress 4.9.4? Do you still offer support? Thanks!

Yes, it works fine

Advanced search: Notice: wpdb::prepare was called incorrectly. The query does not contain the correct number of placeholders (6) for the number of arguments passed (4). Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 4.8.3.) in /home/demo/web/ on line 3291

i can not see this bug

Hello presales question here,

Is the product usable without WooCommerce and can it be customized to have a calculator on a single page?

Thank you.

Yes. It is

pre-sale question. Im looking for a search widget that when in a cat it will only search the current cat. I see you have the ability in the demo to use a dropdown to select a cat to search. But do you have the ability to just set it up so it it auto searches a cat, but doesn’t give the user the ability to change the cat?

Hi, there is no the option to set default search for a category

Is this plugin compatible with the latest wp version?

HI Yes,it’s compatible

Any updates coming ?? This is a great plugin I’ve benn looking for something like that and there is nothing….. will be great if just we can have – diferentes filters for deferents post types … – filters in more than one post type… Any planing for updates ??? thanks

Any updates coming ?? This is a great plugin I’ve benn looking for something like that and there is nothing….. will be great if just we can have - diferentes filters for deferents post types … - filters in more than one post type… Any planing for updates ??? thanks


Pre-sale question.. Can I use this plug-in to search post / page tags instead of categories? And without the use of WooCommerce?


Hi, yes you can config it

Allright, cool.

Another thing. Is it possible to have 2 dropdowns in 1 searchform?


I’m a * DROPDOWN * looking for a * DROPDOWN* >> Search >> Search results based on the 2 inputs

No, it is not able have more 2 dropdowns for 1 custom post type

Default woocommerce search query is not being adoptive with woocommerce default product filter, here’s what my issue is: When I search some product from your search plugin then it shows results but the default woocommerce filter on the product category page shows values inappropriate and not being adaptive. For example if I search some product then it is showing me price range value of displayed list more than what minimum and maximum product range is available. Same goes to categories and other attributes in product filter.

i don’t understand your question but default woocommerce filter vs my plugin is 2 different work functions

I have mailed you the screenshot, but while searching it is happening and not by default. Your search should have compatibility to overcome adaptability of a default woocommerce filter which is not happening. It’s a search issue with default filter

How can you remove the bullets from sub categories in advanced search?

Hi. I don’t understand, you can send me some screen shots via

Emailed you

How do I Disable Advanced Search Box of ZF WordPress Category Search for wordpress. Disable Total!

My friend, I requested support for Disable Totally Advanced Search Box, you answer “Hi, you can use CSS to hide it.”. Okay I am not able to edit the file. It would be possible to send me the file dark.css edited for me? Send it to my email:

You send me admin info via profile

My suggestion would be that in the next update of the ZF WordPress Category Search, has a button in the settings to enable and disable the Advanced Search Box. This feature for many is unnecessary.

hey, thank for this module im using this module in marketplace | kiwi 1- how can i replace insted of default search (i want show this module on all pages on header . which code i have to use and where i have to place it?

2- i gonna make rtl direction of this module but have porblem in in responsive on rtl and ltr .. its show category block over search lable . and cant click on search section . how can i fix that ?

1, You can use the shortcode to make this

add this code to header.php of theme.

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[zfwcs title=”“]’);?>

2, you can send me some sreen shots for your problem. i will try to fix it


Great Plugin you have and a good job done..

I have installed the plugin and in the search of Category section where I select the category it shows me the number of the category and not showing the category name.. It is happening with all my categories. Could you please help me out with this issues, I tried checking all the options.

You can mail me solution on

It’s been 4 days passed, no reply on my issue, could you please reply soon?

Hi, sort delay. You can send me some screen shots for your problem. Email:

Email sent with screenshot from email address

Is it possible to create a product filter / finder on my homepage, same as shown in the image:


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