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Hi. I want to link the plugin with my Wordpress menu. Because I want to add a product listing (only name) and link to their specs in pdf. How can I achieve that with your plugin ?

Hi. Is there a way to show a precise menu as you can have many on your wordpress and I want to show a specific one made for the accordion ? thanks

You can use this option to Open default:

Expand default parent category with Category/Page IDs, separated by commas.

My menu for this specific accordion is named “listing”. Here is the shortcode to add : [zfwca title=”” category_type=”category”]

How do I show this menu in the accordion ? Using page ID wouldn’t work because most of my links in the menu are custom links and not page related.

Hello, please i purchased this item in error. Could please cancel my purchase and issue a refund? thanks.

HI. I’m using Simple Link Directory which is a great way to have people submit links, but it’s simple in the sense that you can’t build a category hierarchy with it without doing a lot of manual work. Can I use this to build the directory? Categories and sub-categories will be pages not posts. So I might have a category structure such as Shopping > Marketplaces > eBay > eBay Categories and then you add the shortcode to the link directory under eBay Categories. What I’m trying to do is build the actual category directory. Can this do this?


Tried it on another site with the same theme to see if maybe it’s a plugin conflict or something else but it’s not appearing there either, despite being installed correctly and successfully activated.

i guess it was conflicted with another plugin, now you try to deactived some plugins to check problem.

Okay, definitely need to request a refund as this is not at all what I was wanting or expecting. I think the documentation is in a 3kb readme.txt file with a few lines of explanation? Oh, my goodness. Definitely need a refund.