Discussion on ZeusHRM: Human Resource Management

Discussion on ZeusHRM: Human Resource Management

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Can I get the source code and modify it with unlimited installation

demo link please!!

i buy this script and for this script i buy app script nd notjinh working good.. a lot of error in one minute all working just refresh and allmoste everything disapear…

Hi, how can I change the language

It’s a CakePHP framework. Same rules apply

Hi, if I want a customization?

You can customize it as you like

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TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can’t send PDF file

username/password for admin is incorrect

how to remove “DB Query” in all page, the query alway show in page

from app/config/core.php set debug 0

i can’t test with demo admin, username/password incorrect

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does it support payroll

No sir it doesn’t.

Nice work, good luck with sales – DCSF

Good work, GLWS !

Nice work, in the demo where the user can add holiday?

Thanks, you can add from admin panel Left menu -> Default Setup -> Holidays -> New

very cool work , nice :) i wish you lots of sales for the week ;) !

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)


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