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Hi, nice looking slider . Does it support out-transitions? Currently I only see in-transitions in your examples.

Hi thanks, no it supports only in-transitions

is it mobile enhanced

hi, I can change the width and height of the slider?

Can I add bullet navigation in the zeus-slider?

Sorry but no, there isn’t any feature like that

Hi egemenerd,

We bought your Dysania Wordpress theme which as you know includes Zeus slider.

All good so far, but I have noticed that if I switch to another tab to look at another website and after a few minutes come back to my site’s tab, Zeus slider goes spastic. In Chrome it just keeps flashing quickly until I refresh the page. In Firefox only the slide title goes a bit nuts, but it goes back to normal after it changes to the next slide.

Try it here: http://www.diamondpropertygroup.com.au/

Any ideas?

Also is it possible to add just a simple fade in option for the slide animations? Thanks.


1) I don’t see any problem on your website. If don’t like zeuslider, you can try to use flexslider.

2) As described on my profile page, if you need support, you should use the contact form on my profile page;


Hi, thanks for the quick reply as usual.

We like Zeus slider, that’s why we’re using it.

I don’t know if I explained myself correctly, English is not my first language.

Open the website I posted before in Chrome. Leave it open on the homepage and go to another browser tab.

After a few minutes if you come back to my website tab, Zeus slider is just flashing really quickly. It only goes back to normal if I refresh the page.

Not a huge problem but my manager noticed this and asked for a solution. Thanks.