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bought it can can’t upload it on my site

seriously pissed


I love your work, but I didnt see an option to center the menu on the screen. If I buy, would you help me on that?

Hi, Bernarh.

This is possible with small custom CSS code.

Do you have an email where I can send you some links?

For support we using ticket system –


we purchased the menu the menu does not automatically move when you step down page?

little problem in portable mode we do not see the icon menu? we have a white background still no answer on the support ticket

thank you

Answered in ticket system.

There is a bug and I can not find out why. I create a menu with 10 items. Items only have level one. My effect when hover in to items is fade (both show and hide). When I move mouse from left to right, everything work ok but in the end I move back from right to left, sub item doesn’t show anymore. (I have to remove < and > to avoid it change to html) I checked the html. When mouse move in to menu item: li class=”zm-open” When mouse out it become li class=”zm-open zm-effect-off” after that it change immediately into li class=”zm-effect-off” but in my case it doesn’t change from li class=”zm-open zm-effect-off” to li class=”zm-effect-off” I don’t know how to fix this. Please help me this case.

Sorry I won’t purchase a software if it still has a bug that so easy to find

Why you write in Zetta Menu comments? Video related with Z Menu Maker… it’s different product.

I know about this issue. This occurs when you set the same effects on show and hide dropdown. Try to use different effects an this will be fixed.

Dear _nK, I’m really really sorry for my mistake. I lost my insight when found that bug ^^! Thank you for your time and your patient! Have a nice day (y)

I have Zetta Menu v.1.3.3 and it works great. Is this the latest version or is there an updated version with more features?


There is 1.4.0 version, but only changed mobile toggle button, nothing else.

What is the “Mobile Toggle Button” ?

This one


Nvm, it’s not a critical change.