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I have purchased this on another account and have a question. How can i make an product addon? (example: extra large portion, coffee with milk.)

don’t bother asking questions. this project is D E A D. No reply from developer for long time.

There is no download report option in REPORTING Section.

Also, please tell, is it compatible with Indian GST System

Hello, I would like to add a field to the client address, is it possible? Thank you!

I really liked the script, but I have a delivery and I would like to know if you have how to put or update the option to open the command without opening a table and the option to put the value of the delivery and also to have the optiond and change, that is, at the closing of the table, the cashier rejects the value received from the client eg: $ 100.00 with the value of the account $ 73.90 and the amount to be given to the customer appears = $ 24.10

I can translate for portuguese?

Hello it’s possible to have multi print : for example on the order i select 2 cola and 1 one cheeseburger

The barman have a ticket for 2 cola And the kook have a ticket for a cheeseburger ?

Pre sale question, the demo is perfect but is there a way that i can split the check? paying one half with cash and other with card??

many people stated that afterthey bought the product, andafter completion of successful installation, when I entered cash in hand, there is blank screen, i thought that i would be able to fix it with my prograamming knowledge, unfortantly, it seems that its somthing hidden in the code. and the developer is not responding. so this is useless for me becsaue ic an use it and wasted my 28 dollar.

Admin password isn’t working. Mr. Author will you please reset the password as you have written in the description

Hello, I have been reading the comments, and I notice that the application has errors when selecting a store and establish the initial money, I would like to know if that error has already been solved as the other errors that the application may have, in this new version? I’m waiting for your answer, cheers.

This project is fucking D E A D. No reply from developer for long time.

This project dont have support?

blair_jersyer you are part of this project?, if I will to buy this template I would like to have offical support

For any support related to this Project, you can contact me :)

It’s going to be a year and the developer does not release any updates or anything. There are many things to correct, people complain and do nothing. This project is dead.

Please contact me if you need support. Been developing this system for quite a some time for my clients and able to meet their demands and requirements. ty..

Great work! Keep it up! Really nice work!

how can i add new quantity wen any product stockout

and in sales we can not print any thing


yusufhay Purchased

My store show closed and i cliickon that it shows Cash in Hand and i enter cash it shows error please help