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Hi, When i run the install folder nothing appear: http://localhost/pos/install

What wrong?

I sent you email but you did not respond, please help

whether it could calculate the stock of raw materials, for example, one serving of fried rice then automatically calculates rice, oil and raw materials?

Hi, I am willing to purchase this software, but there is a bug and an understanding which I need to clear up. 1. When inside POS I click on options the popup with dropdown displays a buggy look with nothing to view. Can that be fixed ? 2. The Receipt shown after the payment is made is excellent. But the same receipt is not available for print rather its a A4 print with lots of whitespaces. Can we have it? Please can you guide with a few printers plz. Kindly reply asap pl.


I have this when I want to open online:

The photex.dovehotel.rw page isn’t working

photex.dovehotel.rw is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I copied the folder which was working fin on localhost to server in sub folder. the full address is http://photex.dovehotel.re/pos

Hii.. i need to know about KOT, there is a print option up there but the issues is,, while the user is on the table he may order different stuff multiple times, so if i have to print the KOT it will print the previous order also .. is there a solution to it?? Need support on this ASAP

no response yet.. awaiting response..


krvijeta Purchased

My shop status is showing closed how to change it open

Hi, I’m wondering if this item is still in Active status or Abandoned? Cause it seems nobody supporting this project, no activities and no response. Thank you


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I need some options that doesn’t show up

1- in Expence there is no any report of total spend in a month or daily? 2- print butting in report of monthly or daily

Please can you answer me how to add that options ?

how to put a logo on on bill copy ? i have to to settings. but on there i cant find any option to upload a logo on bill copy ? can you please tell me how to do this

how can i discount as percentage on pos ?

when i write arabic i see like that ”????”

Hi! Are you planning to release updates to this software?

hello, i want use that localhost , but when i go to other device not work . ex : my localhost “” when i use other device and enter the web url “” not work note : open login page but not work


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after install login page is not showing “404 not found” ? please help me on it


P3D-D Purchased

- in your system different users can login to one store and start the work ? - do you have kitchen display ? - do you have EOD (end of day report)? -Cash in Hand option if i add amount im getting error in your demo why is that ?

Hi Team, will you take any customization requests??