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westsoft Purchased

Hello I love your product, only that I installed it in 2 different servers and in both it marks the same herror.

Do not add products, in the products section, fill in all the data and when recording, do not add anything. It does not mark any error. it just does not add them.


pymagen Purchased

This POS does not gave support, I wrote a week ago and they does not do it. I test it two servers with the PHP 5.3 to PHP 7 and it does not works fine the categories do not saves.

I have purchased this on another account and have a question. How can i make an product addon? (example: extra large portion, coffee with milk.)

don’t bother asking questions. this project is D E A D. No reply from developer for long time.

There is no download report option in REPORTING Section.

Also, please tell, is it compatible with Indian GST System