Zara App - React Native Woocommerce

Zara App - React Native Woocommerce

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Zara App – React Native Woocommerce

Our Zara App contains the following technologies:

You can check our Zara online shopping apps demo right here:



Password: 123456

User2: Admin role (Live Chat Support)


Password: 123456789


For iOS: Please check the Zara mobile app video demo as below

It’s important that you select the best Woocommerce mobile app for your business. Here are just a few of the features that React Native – Zara mobile app provides:

  • Customize your site to fit virtually any business need .
  • Choose from a wide array of payment gateway options .
  • Access detailed documentation and support .
  • Sell both physical and digital products .
  • Get started affordably.
  • Seamlessly turn your existing WooCommerce site into a mobile app store.

Our Zara app highlight features:

Mobile Push Notifications

Get users back to your app with relevant, highly visible messages.

Here is what you can see in our Zara app

  1. Zara In-App Message

  2. Background Push Notification

You can also control your own custom notification like this

React Native Stripe Payment Gateway

Zara App is using the Stripe payment Gateway as our main payment method. You can control all your money on their awesome services:

React Native Woocommerce Admin

You can control your customer orders as well as your sale reports

Here are our Zara mobile app screens:



Release History

Version 1.0.0 (28-02-2021)

- Add: Init Release

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We will be happy to answer all the app related questions/issues.

If you need support, please send us an email using the contact form on the user page. We usually respond to support requests within 24 hours so please feel free to contact us with problems of any kind or even simple questions, We don’t mind responding.