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does it have giftcard/point system client card support?

wors support ever, i have purchase from jun 28, 4 day ago. until now i cant install to my server because instalation is locked ! theres is nothing to do, i have search from many source about this and cant found any information about this. i have send email, whatsapp,facebook, phone call and no body answer, Even i am looking for a way of installing from nulled site .. . http://almasthuriyah.com/lock.png http://almasthuriyah.com/error.png

Hello anisdanar,

- in the first problem you are missing the INSTALL_POS empty file in main folder (you can find it in the downloaded zip file, it remove it self after the first install)

- the seconde you have to modify your ”.htaccess” file please read the faq page http://dar-elweb.com/demos/faq/

PS: the only way to contact us is by the mail zarpos@dar-elweb.com (response time is 6 days)

thank you

Hi I want to generate report for excel and how can I configure my thermal printer

after installing am getting 404 error how to fix it http://rajuflex.com/zarpos%203.0.0/

can you guys reply response my email? as your email i have purchased the pos and sent you the id

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Thanks to add users permissions. It is not a good idea to allow employee or sales staff to add and delete products like we want. Same thing with expenses. So please allow the administrator to create user role and define permissions (add – view – edit – delete) for each role. Thanks

how to change the currency symbol from right to left?

Hi, I had sent you the email but still didn’t get any response. Thanks

I want add product , when I add new iteam , I should print barcode from you app and put them on product.. I don’t want this way , I want add the barcode that company put it already from factory .. how ?

Im very interesting about this app and will buy this app soon , but my question is “Can, I Change The Language To Indonesia Language ? ” please reply my comment, thankyou :)

Hi, this system having problem with Report, Can you please help me to solve this problem? How can we print state report per day, week and month? how to make discount on each item?


can we skip Payment mode and the all the popups , and print directly the ticket when clicking on Payment button on POS page ?

thank you


cooldarryl Purchased

Error Help

I have clicked in Close Register For as long as I click it it does not close

ERROR – Close & nbsp; Register

Hi, can this script be used as saas for multiple stores ?