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I am owning a mini mart, each customer carry about 20 items. I would like to ask, if I want to scan those 20 items, do I have to click on “the barcode scanner input text before scanning” 20 times?


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Can I use two tax for Canada? Canada use GST and PST for products. For example T-shirt, GST 5% and PST 7 , Coffee, only GST 5 , so if sale T-shirt and Coffee in one store, need different tax for two products.


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Each product have to use GST or GST and PST. GST for Government tax and PST for Provincial tax. And some provincial need one more kind of tax.

demo not working !!

Hello i have a question that which bar code scanner works with it.


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where is purchase entry


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Dear Author,

No more updates after 29th August 2016. Please provide update and add purchase return and sales return menu. Please.



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Dear Author,

Tamil unicode not supported in Product menu. But it works fine in category menu and also listed in POS. Pls consider to fix this issue in the next update.


Dear Author, Demo user login is not working, we cannot test this app.

Hi i cant add product here is nothing showing for stock

i got error 404, how to fix , althougt i rewrite the .htaccess file :((

How can i config to show unicode character in zarpos ? please help me, !!!

Zar Pos problem.

i am using the zar pos to controlling my store. here everything is good and easy to handle. but here i found some problem. Hope that Dar-elweb, solve the issue as soon as possible.

The list of problem:

1. There is no return option.

2. If delete any order then balance is adjust but stock is not return.

3. In the report tab or page “Register Stats” is not working. if i want to view the sell report in a single day or a date range then the result is always show 0 (zero).

4. For role of staff in the product page they only view the product and print the bar-code. Not need or provide permission for edit product. if they able to change a product price and available stock then it’s very very hard to maintain and calculate product stock and price.

5. The same as people, Sales, expense, category page staff only get insert permission and he can able to edit or change only here inserted item. Others staff or Admin entry item Just able to view.

6. In the sales tab or sales page must be include date range. Because when sell order up to 20000 or more then it’s not possible to show all data easily. Because if the system handle by online not localhost then mysql database not able to serve a big volume data. So i think the better solution is add date range to show sales history.

Hi, I’m interested with this POS.

I need to know about barcode scanner.

Does barcode scanner simulate “Enter” or “Return” key every time after it entering barcode number?

(I’ve tested your demo and realized I need to press “Enter” or “Return” key every time I entering number).

Hi, I’m interested and have several questions:

How to use with using only barcode scanner & keyboard?

I logged in the demo as “Sales”.

1) When put in number (barcodes), then how to click “Payment” button using keyboard shortkey? Using mouse to click it will be tedious for cashier.

2) When payment window opened, is there option to disable the pre-entered number at “Paid” field?

3) I also want the “Barcode Scanner” field and “Paid” field selected by default

4) Also, is there shortkey for clicking “Submit”?

Hi there, I wanna know whether you’re still selling your scripts on this site?

HI, I a getting problem in POS. when we add any product in cart a popup appearing there “error” How we can fix it we are unable to add products in cart.

Hi, I can´t configure the mail setting to send sale ticket, I have the script in localhost with wamp, the smtp configuration are correctly. please help.

2 things i would like to have on this software: 1.- printer compatibility 2.-export reports and stadistic to PDF / Excel i really like it but ill need those two things to be perfect

Is it possible to sell gold jewelry? if possible how to set gold price ?