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Great plugin. Thanks for clean code. Have a good sales :)

Can i split the screen in half and have the on-click info show up on the right side?

Not now, but I can take this as a feature request for future updates.

Can I use an image map to jump to links within a page…. instead of loading content into a layer.?

I plan to add this feature with my upcoming update. I also plan to add something like an information bubble or tooltip. If you request another feature let me know.

Nope… as you as you make it so that I can add in page anchor tags and use this to link to them… I’m buying it as I don’t know another responsive plugin that allows this.

Could I have a video display in the text area once a layer was clicked in the image.


So that in your example… click on empire state building, a video displays below with text. Make sense?

Yes you can insert a video or any other media like audio. Because that part of the content is created by the rich text editor of Wordpress, so it gives you the same freedom as creating a post. You can apply any of your shortcodes or multimedia there.

Can the layer color where you click on the image be transparent?

Is the plugin responsive?

I tried my best to make it responsive.

Great idea!

Bookmarked a plugin.

I’d also be interested in this plugin if you could do direct links, such as clicking on an area of the image and it taking you off to whatever page is set (instead of a link in a popup). :)

Hi there – is it possible to draw polygon or freeform line around an image area?

Many thanks


Can you make the boxes border invisible somehow?

This plugin conflicts with a different plugin I have installed that I need installed. https://wordpress.org/plugins/activity-reactions-for-buddypress/. What happens is it makes every single link on the entire site disabled and not clickable, basically breaking the entire site. Would you have any ideas how that is even possible?

I checked the code but I found no reason. Is it possible to show me a demo? You can send private message if you want.

I PM you

I figured out the issue I was having was your inclusion of the jquery.mobile.customized.min.js. I commented that out in the qual-z.php file and everything seemed to work. Can I ask what that is used for. Without it loading, everything seems to work still that I can see.

Hi there – is it possible to draw polygon or freeform line around an image area?

I’m adding an image to a page, and want to direct the user to click on an area of the image. Upon clicking, a popup window will appear, the user can type in a password, and if the password is correct the “submit” button will take them to another URL. Will this work with this plugin? Thank you for your time!