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Olá, é possivel usar com wordpress? como faço?

Hi, this is JS maker, not for WordpPress.

I don’t understand. I have XAMPP and started my webserver. Where should install Z Menu Maker?

Edit: Managed to run it by moving the ZMenuMaker into one of the folders in Apache.

Should I install this as Plugin?

This is not plugin and not for WordPress. This is just HTML application.

your work is so clean and professional.. good luck for sales :)


I uploaded the program and opened it. It’s nice, but I don’t see any way to make a drop-down or mega menu, and I don’t see it on the documentation. Could you point that out to me? Thank you.

You need to click on menu item and then click on ”+” circle button.

remains loaded in the logo of the z and does not advance, remains frozen, the first time I started work normal, but now nothing

This is possible only with custom styles.

and how I do it? Do you have the instructions?

Don’t have instructions, I don’t provide customizations.

Hi _nK,

Just wondering, is this still an active project? Are you actively developing new updates? I’ll purchase anyway because I think it’s the best mega menu builder out at the moment :) but just wanted to know.

I’m a UI designer and we have our own eCommerce platform, I’m thinking of integrating z menu into our system as our own menu builder lacks some functions.


Hi, Jay.

Thank you for purchase.

No, this is not in active developing. It doesn’t have the popularity to waste time on development. I started it with love, with so many features and wrote big documentation, but unfortunately, users don’t need it.

You can integrate it, of course. But it’s required code knowledge. Some of the users integrated it in their projects.

Best regards, nK.

Hi _nK,

No worries, I suppose it’s only really useful for people who don’t already use a CMS – or people like us that have their own platform and are having to code everything themselves!

I bought a whole bunch of your files anyway just to support you.


Wow, thank you.

Pre-sale questions 1. Will it work with iframe? I know for iframe you the sub menus are hidden and z-index need to be added to make it appear. Does this work out of the box with iframe? I.e http://www.goodwebdesignco.com/menutest/tpotweb.html we create using html and css but now want to you use plugin to integrate and manage the menu.

2. Installation document shows that any user can edit the menu. We only want admin user to edit the menu. We do see in the demo where menu is publish for public read only. Does plugin have admin edit access?



_nK Author


1. Yes, it will work fine with iframes.

2. THe plugin just works with menu creation. There is no separate admin area or user-permissions. You will need to make it by yourself.

Regards, nK.