Discussion on Z Light Accordion | jQuery Plugin

Discussion on Z Light Accordion | jQuery Plugin

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Hello Zalki

I am trying to get your plugin for the Z Light Accordion to display the iconSwitchurl1: ‘plus.png’, iconSwitchurl1: ‘minus.png’ but it is not able to display them even thought I have set the correct path to the img folder. Can you please give some suggestion as to how this can be fixed. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have sent you an email describing this problem.


I have the icons in the mycss/css/img/ folder and it is not working. Can I change the default path?

Icon must be in folder css/img/ this folder must be located together with js/plugin.js in your general folder. If you like change this path. Open the jquery.zlab.zlightaccordion-1.0.js scroll down to 81 line and find: background-image: url(css/img/

Thanks. I was able to change the path. It is working fine now.

Hi, I’m trying to limit the accordion from being completely closed, but always maintain at least one open. Is that possible?


Hello. You must set:
activeSwitch : ‘off’,

Thanks for replying. Actually… that’s the opposite of what I’m looking for. I want the first section open (active) on page load and then be able to switch each section with a click, but never allow all of the sections in a closed (inactive) position. I can achieve it by using a mouseenter, rather than a click, and maybe that will do, but would prefer the click. Thanks!

Sorry it’s only for mouseenter/over

can this only hold text or can it hold embedded items as well?

I think I found a glitch – if your accordion panels contain

  • tags they count in the numbering of which panel is set to open with the activeNumber control.
  • how you can find the bug if you didn’t buy the plugin?


    Great plugin! :D

    Was wondering if you could help me out a bit.

    A got some 500-600px in height of content in each tab. And everything works fine as long as you close the open tab before opening a new one or if the open tab is below the one being clicked. But if the open tab is above the one being clicked the collapsing height makes the clicked tab scroll above the page top when expanding.

    Is there anyway to get the clicked and active tab not scroll past the top of the page?

    Thanks in advance and again great plugin! :)


    Click tab #2, then scroll down so you’re in the end of that one, so tab #3 is near the top of the page and tab #2 is the active one, when tab #3 is clicked now it get pushed above the page top and you have to scroll back up.

    Oh yes I understand, but now it’s impossible

    Ok, thanks anyway! :)

    Hi Zalki-Lab, i have two questions before i decide to buy your plugin or not. 1. Is it possible to have only one single tab on a page? 2. I need to make a special tab-head-design: could you tell me, if that design is possible?

    Thanx a lot! Cheeeerz, brainvibes

    Awesome product,GLWS!


    Your plugin looks great and I would purchase to use with Adobe Captivate when I create courses. That said, I’m not JavaScript Savvy. Does documentation include a builder OR code that can be copied/pasted and modified for customization? I just want to be sure it’s user friendly for someone with limited JavaScript knowledge. Thank you.