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Hi, nice ecommerce app. will you add multilingual an currency converter ? Also, does-it generate pdf invoice for customer and emailing ? Where can we manage in your admin : sales tax and shipping cost ? Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, thanks for your comment. We might add multi-lingual and currency converter in the future. Once an order is placed, customer will be emailed the order details. If the customer has created an account, they can always login and view the order history, no pdf invoice though. Sales tax and shipping cost can be changed as in a specific custom.php in /app/config/, since we intentionally didn’t want to put too much in Admin Panel to keep the code dry for extension. Thanks

Thanks for your feedback. I think the pdf invoice could be a good option, same for currency converter and multi-lingual. Regarding the shipping-cost, it just can be different regarding countries and sometimes it’s good to have 2 kinds. But good work, I will take it ;-)

Thanks, we’ll take each feedback seriously :)

Excellent code. Thanks for your work. Will you add Wishlist, currency converter ? Thanks.

Hi, we might add them in the future releases. Thanks

Hi.. can the ‘search’ function of your app be extended to become a sort of ‘live search’?

Hi, we may have this feature in the future releases. Thanks

You should add the migrations you used to make the tables. I’m uploading this to my server through Laravel Forge and I get too many errors out the gate…

[Illuminate\Database\QueryException] SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘forge’@’localhost’ (using pa ssword: NO) (SQL: select * from `categories`)

SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user 'forge'@'localhost' (using pa  
ssword: NO)

Script php artisan optimize handling the post-install-cmd event returned with error code 1

Hi Milo, please read the included SetupInstruction.pdp and QuickStartGuide.doc. We don’t use migration but we use the native .sql file (jncluded in the package). Also, please use the Support contact form for support since this is for Comments only. Thanks

Supports the Stripe connected accounts?

Im looking for something similar to a marketplace: all yumefave projects are accounts connected to a single Business account.

It’s possible?

Hi, we don’t understand your question. Please clarify your questions and/or provide detail examples.

hello i have problem with amazon s3 image not upload

Hi, have you purchased the item from us?

Hi, it looks like you haven’t purchased this item from us. According to CodeCanyon policy, we cannot provide support to the item you haven’t purchased. Please contact CodeCanyon for further assistance. If you did purchase this item, please contact CodeCanyon to fix your status otherwise we cannot help. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did you change your mind for adding PayPal? I think that would be huge if you integrated it. I would buy it, and I’m sure many others will to.

Hi, we didn’t say we will not add Paypal. We are actually working on it along with other features, but there is a road map for all features. You may see Paypal soon in this app hopefully. Thanks for your support!

Hi franki, you said and we heard. We’ve just released v.2.0 which supports PayPal payment, using the latest official PayPal REST API SDK. This app is now unique in the market that supports both Stripe and PayPal, w/ the latest Laravel 5.4.

I sell online marketing services and charge my clients on a monthly, recurring basis. So, does your store script take full advantage of all Stripe API features (subscription, free trial, etc)??? In other words, can I sell SUBSCRIPTION BASED services through your eCom script?

Hi, at the moment, it supports one-time sale and refund. We may extend it in the near future, or you can always extend this your way. We don’t think it’s that hard if you understand Laravel and Stripe API. Thanks


n31l Purchased

Hi, Just purchased and I quite like the store :)

My feedback for others.

- Installation & setup locally for me took me no longer than 2 minutes to get this up and running.

(I am experienced with laravel – this was without creating & adding in new Api Keys.)

- remember to import the .sql file as the Author has mentioned, there’s no migrations being used.

- Documentation is pretty well written & covers the main steps for deploying. If you’ve never deployed a laravel application before, and decide to go with Digital ocean / Vultr etc, you will probably need to read more extensive documentation

and if you do struggle here, this guide is quite good:

- The Author has documented his code throughout the project, I’d find it easy to further customise this.

I’d say this is the best laravel e-commerce store (that you can purchase & download) that I’ve came across on this and well worth the price.

Keep up the good work.

Dear n31l,

Thanks a lot for your great support and comment! We’d greatly appreciate it if you can leave us a 5-star rating and paste this review there if possible.

Let us know if anything.



jefmar Purchased

Hello, I want to buy the script but can I also use the shop euros instead of dollars? So that the dollar sign is also replaced by a euro symbol

Hi, it’s easy you can do it yourself. You may wanna change the app to replace the dollar sign by euro sign yourself since the app was built for you to extend it (meaning it was shipped with fundamental features and also with only US dollar as the currency). Thanks


jefmar Purchased

I am trying to install the script but it’s not, what file do I need to install it? There is no setup or install present

Hi jefmar, please file a support ticket for support. We can’t answer technical support questions in comments. Btw, please read the included QuickStartGuide.doc and SetupInstruction.pdf in the package when you purchased the app, it should instruct you how to set up this app. Thanks

Hello, your script can support multi languages?

Hi, it doesn’t have multi languages (meaning there is no UI to switch the language on the site), but you can easily do it yourself, with built-in Laravel localization. Thanks

Can I store all images on my server. In other words can I NOT use Amazon if I do not want to?

We sent you an email via your support page, there is a fairly serious error we are getting, I can send it to you via email and also can give you cpanel access. The error is on live site shows all Stripe / Paypal / Server log ins and passwords and keys. Check your email from us, once you respond, I can send over everything to you,


fbrip Purchased

Hi, is there any way to upgrade v1.2.2 to v2.2 easily ? Thanks !

If you use WIndows, use WinMerge to compare the 2 applications (file by fille), won’t be too much difference, and manually pick each different line from old version to new version. This would take like 1 hour. Then run composer install again on the new version. Note that you don’t need to merge the “vendor” folder and storage folder. Also, compare the .sql files and make the right alterations to your current DB.


Really like your script and planing to purchase it. Before I do that I would like to know is shipping options are using API from UPS, Fedex and USPS? Or needs to set individually , I can’t seems to locate the shipping options in backend admin. Where can I set it? Thanks..


No problem at all, thank you so much for the info….

Just purchased the script, thanks again…

Enjoy ;)


siamweb Purchased

cannot add new product with product image.


siamweb Purchased

Error retrieving credentials from the instance profile metadata server. (Client error: `GET` resulted in a `404 Not Found` response: The requested URL was not found on this server. )


siamweb Purchased

Ok,I can solve the problem. This is because the storage configuration is incorrect.


r1zdem Purchased

Hi where do I go to change the $ to a £. Do i need to do it per blade or is it set somewhere? Cheers and great script

Hi, sorry for the delay. We are currently on vacation. You need to do it per blade. Thanks

sent a support email but a long time not response. Please help me

Who can help how to config the paypal payment? I set but got the error code 400 at

When will vnitus be back?

You might have noticed or seen frim Codecanyon that our support team are on a scheduled vacation at the moment. We’ll be back on March 31, 2018, PST.

Due to our vacation policy, we will return to you when we come back, also just FYI that this item support response time is 5 days so please patient.

well, i just purchased the product 42 minutes ago, and the quickstart.doc installationinstructions.pdf and sampledata.sql files were missing in the zip file. I hope the author or support team fix this serious issue.

and the missing files were provided quickly by vnitus, thank you for your qucik response @vnitus

CodeCanyon has just approved our updated version 2.3. Now it should include the instruction files. Thank you for your notification again :)

vnitus, we are attempting to install, and Json is not a supported column type in maria. The Table Type you use Json is not supported by MySQL…. This was the error we are getting.

MySQL said: #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘json DEFAULT NULL,   `appointee_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,   `start` datet’ at line 6

Author responded quick. Good service with this one.