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Is there an option to turn of payment? I just need sort of an online marketplace that people can order from but they do not need to pay at the time of ordering.

Dear Lucas, that’s usually not a typical thing in an eCom store. Most stores require payments immediately. I cannot roll out this feature for everyone due to that reason. However, if you purchase this item, I’ll specially make this feature for you, and send you a patch (people can make an order, and the app will email you the order details, then it’s up to you of how they can make payments later, perhaps a manual Stripe link). Thanks

Dear LucasAnderson, per your suggestion, we have released version 1.1 with “Pay Later” feature (turn off payment) which can do exactly what you need. It also has “Cash on delivery” for Shipping as well.

Please check it out, and thanks again for your support buddy :)

is there an admin backend sample?

Dear Timmy, yes: (Email: Password: 123456) // Btw, anything you set in Admin Portal will be reset each every 60 minutes. Thank yoou

hi it’s a nice script. i have question, can we refund user if wa cancel command ? example my stock is empty .

thank you, but when we refund user, receive an email ?

It’s on demand. Basically, in Admin Panel, go to Orders, then select a specific Order, if the order was paid by card, you will have a button “Refund”, pressing this button will make Stripe to refund the money to the card. It’s of couse up to the admin to decide when to press that button. When the refund is issued, the user will receive the full money back in their card.

Well î dont know if user receive an email in same Time when refund is Done


Mail me at if you are open for Custom Work

Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you, you too :)

Hi, this seems to be very elegant full-featured Laravel app and I’m surprised that its price is pretty affordable. Btw, do you plan to upgrade this app to work with the latest Laravel 5.3?

Dear jcazares,

Thank you very much for your support. Our team have spent a lot of effort for this app. Yes, we’re planning to roll out the first update release this month, which include some killing features:

- Laravel 5.3 - Refund, directly from Admin Panel (no need to go to Stripe) // thanks spham for your feedback - A lot of surprising awesome features requested by the community


Hi vnitus, I’ve just installed your item. It works like a charm, my client is happy too, since our shop is about to go live within a few days. I love your detailed install instruction, not everyone writes it clearly like that. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your new release, and good luck with selling. Let me know if you have new items. :)

Thank you very much for your support. Let us know how your shop goes when it’s live :)

I got my eye on this one, waiting for your next update.

Dear DeanoX, thanks for your support :)

Deaf DeanoX, we’ve have just released version 1.1. Please check it out. Thanks for your support bud :)

Hi, where can I set the VAT and where can I set up Currency?

Dear jefmar, this version is built as a base template for US stores, which can be easily extended to be more international though; hence it supports Sales Tax, not Value-Added Tax (VAT). You can change the Sales Tax in /config/custom.php file. It’s a variable currently set at 8%. Similarly, we don’t support different currency other than USD at the moment to keep the codes as dry and extendable as possible. Thanks

When will you release next update???? I want to buy this script and am waiting for the next update eagerly.

Hi sarminwd,

Thanks for your feature suggestions. Due to a large amount of requests from our app users and the community, we have to prioritize them based on popularity and necessity, most importantly, whether it makes sense to be in this app, in order to maintain this app as DRY as possible, to leave room for customers to extend it their ways. We don’t want to be another Magento. Therefore, our team will consider your suggestions for future releases. We’ll let you know if they will be implemented when it’s out.

Thanks again.

P/S: If you need customization, please contact us directly.

We all also dont want megento too. Thats why I am interested for your laravel script. Yes, I know you will add more features step by step. Ok we will wait for moree features.

We all also dont want megento too. Thats why I am interested for your laravel script. Yes, I know you will add more features step by step. Ok we will wait for moree features.

Hi. Can u guide me, how to install this to host? The files are same with the preview? I mean, just plug & play?

When will you add payment with Bank feature? I mean direct bank transfer by debit card. Suppose one person have normal savings debit card of anybank. then he wants pay the product price with the card. Is this feature available now or will be added soon?

I mentioned above that if user has only normal savings debit card ( that provided to cash out from ATM) and wants to pay his online payment with the card, is it possible on your eCommerce script?

In US, we believe it’s called Debit card, and Stripe supports it. Thanks

welcome. another inquiry, as its eCommerce website sometimes user will want to chat with shop owner/agents for any inquiry or complain. then one owner agent will join the chat and reply his msg. do you have plan for this feature?

Hi mhafizullah, please use the Support Form to contact us for purchased item assistance. Thanks

Can we import products in this

and can we change themes

Any update on my doubt

Hi, this version doesn’t include import products and change themes yet, as you can see in the demo site. Thanks

As its eCommerce website sometimes user will want to chat with shop owner/agents for any inquiry or complain. then owner/agent will join the chat and reply his msg. do you have a plan for this feature?

Actually no, since your suggestion is well beyond the scope of an eCommerce framework. Typically people use Zendesk,, or even a Contact Form that links to Gmail where you can thread anything. Thanks

So there is no plan to make a instant chat system in your script? But if you visit many ecommerce websites then you will see, almost websites used instant messaging app there, may be its built in or addon app. Anyway many of your future buyers like me are waiting eagerly for more features. Without these you cant sell record amount. You may check sngine the utimate social network. The author make the social like facebook. He added more and more feature day by day. As a result he is going to make a record. I know its not a social network but your script complexity is as same as the social script. You should add more mejor features of eCommerce websites. Anyway please add a slideshow for brand and reviews. Its very necessary for us. Please add this in this week. If you added this, I will buy your script this week. Thank you

Hi, we won’t pre-announce our plan of new features so I cannot tell whether or not or when we implement your “instant-chat” idea.

As you can see we have rolled out v1.1 with a lot of killer features. Most of them were requested from community. No eCom MVC app out there supports Laravel 5.3.

However, we believe in a clean and optimal app, with features that are core for eCom. We have extreme experience with eCom, and had worked on eCom on global scales, we know for fact that having instant chat built-in is generally not the best idea, and not the core feature of an eCom, whether you agree with us or not. We want our clients to go with the best practices, not to implement a bunch of unnecessary packages per request which will pollute the system. We have other big projects, and this app may be sold good somewhere else. You have left 18 comments and a long email conversation as well without purchasing the item yet, that’s already showed how much respect and support and effort we invested into this product as well.

Bottom line, the app is sold as is, with the greatest and latest features included. New features will come often, but based on community popular requests (not only from this marketplace or from 1 person), and the importance of the features, while still keep the app DRY.

Thank you

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Where are the installation instructions?

Does it have an installation portal once uploaded to my server?

What version of PHP is required?

Which folders require PHP write permissions?

What is the max image upload size?

Hi vjPhreaker,

The installation instruction is included in the package when you purchase.

Please keep in mind that you need to know how ito install Laravel since this is a Laravel app. Minimum PHP version required for Laravel 5.3 is PHP 5.6.4.

Folders required to have write permission is “storage” folder inside this app.

Max image upload size depends on your personal server config.


I purchased your script. And I am waiting for more awesome features as a customer of yours. Thank you

I sent you an email using support form. please check

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Hi, actually we dont have a plan yet to create video guide for your specific Windows server. We do have several other customers successfully installed our scripts. Please stop making the same special customer support requests in multiple places since you just said this to our customers support email recently.



How to install this script on my local setup.

I am copying this shop script in my local xampp htdocs folder and then I am installing composer install script and laravel also getting install in it.

But I am getting the autoload error.

Please let me know.



Please use the Support Form for support questions.


Hey I get the following error once i get the store all set up via composer & run the sql file you provided. When I visit a product I get the folllowing error:

An example of the URL I visited is : Except I am visiting this url via my localhost build etc.. I am using VALET to run my local env. The below is the error that is generated. There are also errors when I try to visit the product to edit or create a new product via admin panel. Please help

“ErrorException in Connection.php line 770: SQLSTATE42000: Syntax error or access violation: 1140 Mixing of GROUP columns ( MIN , MAX , COUNT ,...) with no GROUP columns is illegal if there is no GROUP BY clause (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from `photos` where `photos`.`product_id` = 28 and `photos`.`product_id` is not null order by `order` asc) (View: /Applications/local/shop/resources/views/shop/products/show.blade.php)”

Thanks & Done. Lets see how you guys handle supported customers responses via this contact form. Thanks,

Hey so i discovered what was causing the issue. Its an issue with Laravel 5.3 Query builder when defining the mysql connection. The fix is you need to make sure that the /config/database is set to ‘strict’ => ‘false’

You may want to include this in your doc because it totally breaks it if its not set that way. The gist of the answer can be found below

I think this is an awesome script. Dont worry about the support for now. i figured it out.
Perhaps you are not supposed to order by when counting in strict mode? I guess it makes sense not to sort as it has no bearing on the count. My use case is that I am building a query in one part of the application and then a separate system uses the query builder instance twice – performing a count for total and then performing a query returning limited results.


Hi, so this strict mode is a Laravel 5.3 new thing and setting it to false does sometimes help in some random stack. However, in our well tested environment, it works fine with strict true: php fpm 7.0, NginX 1.10.1, MySQL 5.7, Ubuntu 16 04. We’re glad that setting it to false works for your stack. Thanks for your support to our app.

I see products with the size options like this here: but can you have size options, plus color options on the same product? also, can options have different prices? like XS-XL may be 22.99, but surely 2XL and up should be more right? does your script offer this?

Yes, you can. Step 1: add a new Attribute called “Color” (or whatever you want). Step 2: add color “options” (i.e. Red, Green etc.) for that attribute. Step 3: In your product (i.e. Shirt 1), add a new product inventory for EACH variation (i.e. SHIRT-1-XL-RED) and select the applicable options for that inventory item. You can set “price difference” (+/- $ amount for each inventory item, from the product price). Thanks