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great style , very useful ! Good job :)

Thanks! ;)

Very nice, good job!

I found a little bug: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zngy6jip5l44kz/Screenshot%202014-01-07%2017.11.52.png

There is the play button in the indicator.

Hey! I noticed that few min after uploading, will fix it in next release. Thanks ;)


This item suport youtube links?

Its a skin for jPlayer which as I know doesn’t support youtube since its a HTML5/Flash fallback player. Sorry to disappoint.

Does this only work on jquery 1.10? I’m trying to use it with 1.8.3

but I get

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'media' of null 

Tried adding some features via modernizr, but no luck. Any idea?

I apologize I changed from Apache to NGINX few months ago and the old doc links were gone. See here: https://prahec.com/project/ytube-jplayer-skin/docs

I’ve read that but it didn’t help, using mp3 as media still renders the player’s full video stage. Would be a good ideea from now on to include a copy of the documentation in the pack :)

Doc explains you should add class “audioPlayer” to container, it does work as demo on first page.
        <div class="box" id="demoAudio">
            <div id="uniquePlayer-4" class="mediaPlayer audioPlayer">
                <div id="uniqueContainer-4" class="Player" />
                <div style="display:none;" class="playerData">
                    "size": {
                    "width": "720px" },
                    "media": {
                    "mp3": "\/data\/demo\/Dj Jacky - HouseFire XXIII (2013).mp3" 

I really don’t understand what is the problem :/

Any possibilities to play shoutcast AAC ?

AAC is not supported by jPlayer or HTML5.

ne fonctionne pas pour moi possible d avoir un suport ! ?

Did u read the documentation?

not because not find the documentation in the file

Nice work. Good luck!