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Does this give the user names of all subscribers that I have on my YouTube Channel. I have 5000 subscribers.

Hello, I need to build a web-site for a TV that has all their videos on youtube. I am looking for a plug-in that is able to create a post for each video in their youtube channel. This import procedure will not have to download any video and save it on the server, but just that for every video create a post in this way: Title: Use the title of the youtube video content: a player to view the video in the video description taken automatically from youtube. I ask all this because the web-TV would only upload videos on Youtube channel without going to overburden the resources of the site. Your plug-in is able to do this?

No. it just shows statistics.

Will this track any YT video I enter?

Does it show historical progress, similar to what a keyword tracker would do?

Sorry I am unable to understand.

1. Can I track any YT video by just entering in the video view URL?

2. Will it retain the history of changes over time..meaning if I start a 30 day promotion will track the increase of likes, views, etc. from day 1-day x so the progress can be tracked over time.

Does it gives the statistics of wordpress logged-in users or Youtube users?

just statistics of videos that admin enters personally.


I have purchased YTT – YouTube Tracking Panel and installed it locally (WAMP/Wordpress) and is not working. It says installation was successful, but when i hit on YTT Panel showing up this error: Screenshot:

Please for fixing this, it is urgent.

I am still waiting for your response, it is urgent…

Okay, it is working with WP3.5, but with later releases not, so please to update, i think you can do this in max 15 min.

sure i will update it as soon as possible

Hello, does you plugin allow to generate data of a particular YouTube user and insert it on any site post or page? I mean the number of views, subscribers, videos and so on.

No. it just shows statistics in admin panel, nothing on frontend.

Nice work, GLWS!