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Dear Tatwerat-Team please add a feature of youtube video storyboard thumnails like this http://i.playit.pk/sb/QUwJohrjWzc/storyboard3_L1/M0.jpg?sigh=wwjCGO-IqgPz5jCqWdjAHkxUNkQ

Dear Tatwerat-Team yesterday night i made this i get this URL with JSON array of this URL http://i.ytimg.com/sb/QUwJohrjWzc/storyboard3_L1/M0.jpg?sigh=wwjCGO-IqgPz5jCqWdjAHkxUNkQ nad Response back is


this is my email you can contact me Directly on my Email for this salishraza@gmail.com

Could you help me set something up like your demo page?

can you check my website sanamchaudry.com how can i run this api in my videos. can you guide me or i will provide my cpanel logins if you want

Hi any updates on my post?

i don’t understand what you want ?

I am running the mention website running on API but now my API SOURCE is blocked can you make it with your own api. Example : http://sanamchaudhry.com/watch/m2RUt36n4-o

please integrate mp3 download hd

we not understand what you want ? please explain more

I am waiting for you to integrate download mp3 function and , if you can make an index page with all the integrated functions

download function has been added on last updates and it working now but not mp3

Hi I am interested in this, but when retrieving channel videos on your demo its only retrieving 10 results.

Can you set this to unlimited?

My client has over 200 videos, how would this script achieve fetching all videos?


Hi I purchased this anyway thinking it was done using the count = element on the function call.

But when using it, youtube only brings back 39 videos and no more, here is how I have done the code:

$youtube = new YTChannel($apikey);
$channelstats = $youtube->channel_statistics($channelID);
$channelVids  = $youtube->channel_videos($channelID,

I not understand what you mean please explain more ?

Does is also allow to create an playlist via api?

this class working with open channel api , this option need access by register by goole app

very nice script….GLWS

thank you , don’t forget rating script

Does this have a limit? If a youtube channel has 1000 videos, will I get info for 1000 videos? Or limited to 50?

DGlimited 50 , this limit count from YouTube API conditions not from our code

Not Working on my servers

What is your problem?

I am interesting on youtube API.
YT Channel look great.
but look like HTML5 player is not working anymore?
(I tested document link on firefox & chrome)

It’s working fine with us

here is screenshot
I am not sure what’s happen.

Hello Sir Can we add Duration Filter In search Result

can you explain more

I mean can we filter Search Result With Duration for example if any one type search keyword only show result only 1hrs Plus Videos

we will search on this feature

can video info give me which region this video is for ? or it is rental youtube video or not ?

now not support it , we search for this feature

Hi. Video description? (Video Info)

please explain more

I mean, can get the description of the video? In the demo it is not https://i.gyazo.com/ce1fcd5c72b48fe8a84816a8062ca655.png – description?

yes we can we will add this in new updates

pre-sales question – Does the HTML5 Player automatically create a play list so the user will see a list of videos in this playlist?

you mean make html5 playlist player ?

Hi,I have problem download Youtub error:Notice: Undefined variable: avail_formats in /home/eng3bdotatwerat/public_html/demo/yt-channel/php-class/YT-Channel.php on line 428


BuickAI Purchased

@Tatwerat-Team does the VIDEO INFO not return the video description? I see a separate one for comments and I see description for channel but I don’t see description for a single video

ok we will add this feature


BuickAI Purchased

That would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks !

Can you also add video duration? It is also in the competitors product and not yours for single video info.

I will buy the extended version as soon as you add these.

ok what is two days for updates , thank you :)


wbrnd Purchased

Hi, I’m using your PHP Class to get videos from this channel ID: UCOj5e5vveMzgwv2hHOFODLA. All thumbnails are returned as “unknown” and only “default” works. What am I doing wrong?

photo not found , and our demo use latest version !


wbrnd Purchased

Hi, I made a test page so you can see the issue. The only working thumbnail is “default”. Link: http://yarasky.net/test/

are you try used another video ID ?

Hi, your script working on local server, but on live server it is not working giving error in red “Error in get data” Code is :

require (‘YT-Channel.php’); $YT_Channel = new YTChannel(‘AIzaSyDVBWKWAlfVD_RecJZY1dkbNtllbJHsyqU’); echo $YT_Channel->dumb_array($YT_Channel->download_video(‘NTXrTevVJY4’));

Mail Sent

Still I am not able to work with your script, even after sending my hosting detail, very bad support

we tried help you by more ways , and check our plugin on more hosting like godaddy and bluehost your problem not found with