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Hi.. I’m intrested to buy this source.. But this apps support latest iOS version?

I have purchased this product. Do you have a version that will work with current Cocapods? As it stands a Pod install will fail due to the dependency change that in the current CocoaPods

Hi if i buy IOS and Android app, it’s possible to have one admin area to manage video ?

I called the contact number and emailed. I see that others who have messaged you are not being replied to on Envato Codecanyon. Are you guys still around?

ok will send

Hey Inspius can you guys please respond back to the message I sent on the ticket i submitted?


What about user settings? like password? display name? photo upload? Also do you have a backend demo?

Dear Inspius,

I don’t understand why you guys don’t reply. I paid what you asked for and I’m checking regularly on the site. If you guys can’t do it let me know and give me my money back. I don’t understand why no one is getting back to me. This is not cool because you are wasting my time and I could have looked in to other avenues for my time related project. I find this to be extremely unprofessional. You guys don’t even have an email where I can email things to. I have been keeping screenshots of our conversation for my records. Please reply within the next business day.


Can David please get back to me on Skype? It’s been way more then 2 days.


We are in a company holidays and will come back at the 03/02/2017.



ryusaka Purchased

Please refund my money THank you

I’ve bought this sourcode some time ago. But still error when I submit to x-code. Are there any recent SourceCode compitible in IOS 10 ?? Thank you

How is the series column used on the backend?