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Hello , is it possible to have an Android version to test the flow of the application.

Hi There. Thank you for interest our application, you can use ionic view to test this app, the app id is 42bc2f7e. For more detail about the ionic view please check this link: http://view.ionic.io . Best,

is this item include php backend? or, how can i manage videos?

Hi There. Thank you for interest our application. YoVideo Ionic is just a template for mobile video, it is not included php backend. You can easy to integrate the app with your backend or your website by json/xml. If you have no time to develop, you can buy our php basic backend at http://store.inspius.com/downloads/yovideo-php-backend/. Best,

hi, i can’t find yovideo.sql in PHP backend

Hi There, We send you an email about that, please check. Best,

Do you know how much work it would be if I wanted to embed vimeo videos as well as youtube?

to answer my own questions. Yes, the plug in is for youtube or vimeo. I’ll give it a go then.

Hi There. YoVideo Ionic can support for Vimeo, Youtube link. You can use our basic backend at http://store.inspius.com/downloads/yovideo-php-backend/ to manage the video data. Best,

Hello, Very nice platform!! Is it possible to stream m3u8 format as well? Best!

Hello again! Will your ionic version now support m3u8?

Hello, We are working to implement m3u8 into ionic. That function is avail for android + iOS now. Best,

Hello again:-) Any progress on the issue with m3u8?

Hi is possibly to record with my android cam and upload them to my wordpress ? Cheers… :)

Hi There. Thank you for interest our application. It should be in a customization application. Please send us an email of detail requirement to contact@inspius.com. We will help you a solution. Best,

Good day, I am having a hard time locating the sql DB for the php- backed. Is it included with the downlaod?

Hi There. Thank you for using our application. The sql file is in asset/sql of YoVideo PHP Backend. Best,

thanks i found it just after posting this….. what would be the best way to contact you about customization?

Hi There, You can send us an email to contact@inspius.com. Best,

Hi, two questions. Can I incorporate soundcloud? and is purchasing the php backend necessary and if so why?

Hi There, The documentation is included in the PHP Backend item. Best,

Any updates on SoundCloud integration?

Hi There, The SoundCloud is going to live. We will release it next week. Best,

Hi, If I want you to customize it for me, How much it will cost me

Hi There, Thank you for interest our application. Please send us detail about your requirement to contact@inspius.com we will give you a quote. Best,

Does is support playing Facebook videos in native and web application ?

Hi There, Thank you for interest our application. Yes it can support Facebook video for native app and web application. Best,

ok cool, I need it then, one more question to be sure that I understood correctly. is it embeds the facebook video in an iframe and then plays,seek, pause videos. does it allow custom button in your application to play, pause and seek that iframe video ? if it is true then tell me how I can purchase.


May I know server requirements for this app ? What server/hosting with what configuration will be ok ?


I need an application to access the viewing or downloading videos. That is, you register and you can buy a video, once you have bought it you have the option to view online or download to watch offline. It should work primarily on Ipads and Android or Apple mobile phones. Also if possible, that is an application that runs on Windows and Mac.

This is possible?

Hi There, Sorry for late reply. It should be a custom version, you can send us your request to contact@inspius.com we will help you a quote. Best,

Hello is posible take a video and upload to server, gracias.

Hello, Sorry for late reply. It is weekend at our country. It should be a custom version, you can send us your request to contact@inspius.com we will help you a quote. Best,

Hi, I have three questions. 1. When will this hybrid app support m3u8 links? 2. Will this support youtube playlists? If yes, how to add the url? 3. How does the VIP tag in the PHP Backend handled? VIP videos will be available to only logged in users?

Hello …. any update regarding SoundCloud? Can you upgrade your app to use Ionic 2?

Hello, We will check your request and let you know soon. Best,

it is possible to import YouTube videos automatically? for example, defining a subject (keyword) or category of YouTube? or must add 1 per 1 manually? users with register in app can also send new videos?

Hello, 1 is can I customize? 2- Installation delay? 3 is that you can give us the facility because we want no mistakes. 4-is that I can use multiple languages? 5-to buy the source code?

HI can this play m3u8 streams?

Hi, Why I can’t find the “My Wishlist and Recent Video” on my Downloaded Source code?

In this preview i can see the menus https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inspius.yo_video


the backend version included ?

Hello, Very nice platform!! Is it possible to stream m3u8 format as well? Best!