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hi, can i use video from google drive?

hi pre-sale question , what is advantage and disadvantage of Ionic framework and native android studio ? what kind of apps better to develop in native and ionic, please advise , because i show some of yours apps been developed in ionic. tks.

hi inspitheme, kindly please check your email , i ve sent something to discuss , tks

Hi, there i’ve a problem in build android platform, everything i’ve installed correctly but, i cannot compile it. it says error while :processDebugResources

please help.

Hi , Push notification is not available ? If yes how i need set up .

Have few quires, Help us out .

Facebook Sign up is working fine but General Sign up is not working, Cant able upload video & facebook url is not fetching in YOVIDEO BACKEND SERVER

Eagerly waiting for your response.

Hi ,

Have purchased your 2 product. 2 Weeks ago

1. Yovideo Social Network App 2. Yo Video Server backend.

Support as been pathetic , Didnt execpt this kind of support from you guys.

Have submitted the ticket but there as been no proper response.

Hello, Sorry for late reply. We just come back from company holidays. Please send your ticket url to contact@inspius.com we will help you. Best,

Great to see you are back please release an update to the ionic app – also please address the issue raise with the backend.


Great app, clean and intuitive code. Kudos, the documentation could use improvement explaining what api endpoints the app needs, and how the response should be formated.

Also, when will the wordpress cms plugin be available for purchase and what will it do? Will it be like the php backend script on inspius? Do you consider building a full theme? Will it provide some sort of tunnels to automatically pull content from other apis, like youtube channel? 10x. Great app.


vairal Purchased

i purchased. can i get help setting this up?

App is not working

Hello, Sorry for late reply. We are going to make an update for ionic version. In the mean time, you can get the iOS or Android version. Best,

Bad app, mentioned options not found & app not working properly,

Hello, Sorry for late reply. We are going to make an update for ionic version. In the mean time, you can get the iOS or Android version. Best,

I purchased both your backend and ionic app, followed your instructions, but cannot get the app to pull from the backend database. Can you please help?

Hello, Please create your issue at our help center http://inspius.com/envato our technical will help you. Best,

Hi, I’m thinking of buying. Do you come backend with this ionic application? Or are we buying backend files separately? Could you give information?

Hello, We are going to update this item for some lack of functions. In this time you can check Android and iOS version. Thank you

Hello ionic version ie this product is not bought? When are you going to update? Then I get it. I would like to buy ionic version possible?

I’ve left comments on open support ticket @ inspires.com/envato about search functionality in app. Please respond

Hello, Please check your ticket. Best,

My support ticket still has not been responded to…I’ve waited over 2 weeks. Please submit for a refund my YoVideo Ionic App purchase. I will take up with enviro marketplace if necessary. http://inspius.com/envato/forums/topic/search/

Hi guys, please i purchased your ionic app and the yovideo php backend but i couldnt get details of how to connect my app with the backend. The sample url has /api but i don’t know where to find mine. When i used my backend installation url, nothing shows on the ionic app. I’ve already sent a mail request to contact @inspius.com.

Please help urgently

Maxwell Praise

Don’t worry guys, I was able to figure it out although it would have saved me time if this was stated in the documentation. For those having any such issue, to connect your ionic app (or any of the other yovideo apps for that matter), the url to the api is this


e.g. http://myvideoapp.com/examplefolder/index.php/Api

if installing on a root, it will be http://myvideoapp.com/index.php/Api

P.S. Remember to change the domain to YOUR domain.

You are welcome :)

Hello, It is good. Thank you very much. :)

Please when is the update for the ionic version coming? i purchased this but I’ve been able to use the latest functionalities. Also, there are alot of broken codes such as the json appearing in the frontend in the place of Post author. Please help. Also i purchase yo365 ios but it is not seeing the backend. help pls

Hello there
I’m thinking of buying this application. Is this application compatible with your php panel?
Can I take content from WordPress on this application? Is this application the last version?
I will buy php panel + ionic app with this application.
When do you update ionic application?
I want to buy ionic application.
Could you please answer? Important !!