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Hi where does the videos come from, does the admin upload it, users or where do they come from

Hi There,
You need a hosting for setup php admin, you can get php backend at http://store.inspius.com/downloads/yovideo-php-backend/
Thank you

Your Plugin Run With WordPress Video Post ?

how would I incorporate a streaming module into this app?

hi i need installation service kindly let me know the price for it

Hello, The install and support service is $29, you can get it with the backend at this link http://store.inspius.com/downloads/yovideo-php-backend/ . Best,

Hi Ad is not display I have updated admob code and enabled like below. public static final boolean SHOW_ADS_BANNER = true; public static final boolean SHOW_ADS_INTERSTITIAL = true;

Error : 02-04 09:32:30.076 31087-31100/com.funny.videos W/Ads: There was a problem getting an ad response. ErrorCode: 0 02-04 09:32:30.092 31087-31087/com.funny.videos W/Ads: Failed to load ad: 0 02-04 09:32:30.101 31087-31859/com.funny.videos W/Ads: There was a problem getting an ad response. ErrorCode: 0 02-04 09:32:30.108 31087-31087/com.funny.videos W/Ads: Failed to load ad: 0

AUTHOR : Still am not get your support …?

Hello, Please create the ticket on our help center at http://inspius.com/envato so our technical can help you. Best,

http://inspius.com/envato/forums/topic/ad-not-displaying/ I already post ticket please check it and reply.

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How do I get support?

Hello, Thank you for using our application. Please create a ticket at http://inspius.com/envato . Best,

this will be better if the videos will be live videos.. do you have something like that?

Hey, I’m planning for a video streaming app for both iOS & Android. This one is very near to my requirements. Is there any email id where I can send you some questions that I have currently. Also do you guys do custom development?

Hello, i purchased YOBACKEND a while ago how can i download it again

Hi inspitheme,

Is it possible to buy this app with regular license first and later upgrade to extended license?

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. I think Envato is not supported for that, you need buy it twice. Best,

can this bi integrated with this website yacoline.com

I just downlaoded this application from Playstore but videos are not loading in the application.

We are updating our demo server. The demo data will be available very soon. Best,


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O Android 7.0 é suportado?