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How do you specify the width as a percent?


100% for example

entire project is also jquery admin panel

i dont understand

Hi, is it compatible with PS 1.5.6 ? Thanks

it seems so :)

Is there any way I can add this widget to a custom CMS page? I do not want this to show on my homepage. I want to show this module on a “Videos” page I create. Please help.

you cna also include the tpl in the cms page using the include and adding the variable for what cms id you need

I don’t understand. Can you show me an example here?

send me a email to support and i help you

I don’t understand. Can you show me an example here?

what do you mean? send me a email to the support email please


I would like to purchase but need on a CMS page how do you go about doing this? If i purchase now can i get support to do this now? Will private message you also

i send to you an email that the pass didnt work to upload the changes

Hi your initial mail said you would look but there was no response from you, even when i changed the password you claimed to be working on my website which is not possible as you did not have access i have bought another module whic works for me thanks

i told you that have worken on local for the changes, becouse add a new feature to the module

Hi, any plan for a 1.6 version ? Thanks

works on PS 1.6

Hi! I need to know if it works in multilanguages prestashop sites? Thankss

you need multilingual channels?

I bought this module, in my mobile theme it doesn’t work fine and nobody can hal me!


Hello, Is this module still supported and are you planning to upgrade it tot work with prestashop1.7? because i hear that prestashop will release 1.7 in this month.

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Hi. We upgrade all modules to ps 1.7.

Hello, As for the space issue on the website, Is it possible to display online video but with the ability to slide other videos after watching a video?

Secondly. Is it also possible to have a full youtube channel link on my website such that i create a menu link for my youtube channel on my website and when i click on it, all videos are display but still on my website. Then on the home page, i only display a few featured videos.

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

yes, the module have a option to create in a separate page all videos

Dear Team,

We like to see a update for 1.7 of this Youtube Wall module.

We like to have a Carousel with tabs at our footer. When customer visits also Productpages, then he/she can play Media on youtube when is he/she is surfing the webshop.Example playlists top 40 music. We choose some where on youtube a (few) playlist from some company.

Does the module have the option to show all media files content in a Playlist, as separate thumbs in the carousel at a disired Tab sellect by admin?

Is Admin able to give Playlists different tabs above the carousel. So if a customer clicks on a Playlist tab, then he/she sees the media content(separate thumb) of that playlist.

Examples of the tabs, with playlists: - Top 40 - Classic - Blues - Rock

Kind regards, Alex

Hello Team,

I like also the Grid layout of the module. Maybe it would be nice if admin can choose - if the content of a tab can be a carousel slider with (drag n drop function if posible) or a Grid layout like the module have already. - Admin make able to choose how many Rows with media thumbs are visualble on Grid layout of the content of a tab. Now is 2 by basic? Then in my case i like to choose 1 Row. With that ””load more”” button, it wil be ok.

I hope these disires what I want to offer our customers, are posible now. I look forward to the 1.7 version of the ``Youtube Wall`` module. Then i can buy it.

Kind regards, Alex

thanks for the comments. we try to add in next release

thanks. then for sure i buy your module ofcourse