Discussion on Youtubers - Android Youtube Channel App 4.2

Discussion on Youtubers - Android Youtube Channel App 4.2

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Demo not working. Is there any working demo apk? I have installed apk but i can not try it. I want to watch some video before purchase

Yes, it is not working. I can not watch video on this demo

Super. Love it. It’s amazing.


Demo Apk not working it’s saying Initializing error also i see

Google close this api

Please try, we just update demo apk

The demo app does not work on my device – Android 13

the demo app is not working. Error – failed to connect to the server

Looks awesome! Cheers :)


Please check i a facing a issue Please check

you chat us on fiverr right?

Is this app still working I want to buy I tried the demo and it’s not showing anything

Hi, we still fixing the demo app, you can try this apk demo

Hello dear i just purchased this code can you tell me is this still working condition

Yes this app still working well

When the next update coming of this

Now we still development on other project, maybe next month

What program do we use to edit this?

We use android studio

Please Add features increase your sales

1 download video 2 Play Background video Like vidmate app features

Hi, thanks for your suggestion we will consider it

I have purchased your code source and i get an error please check your email

Hi, I have a question. I found the app interesting, but I’m not a Youtuber and I don’t have a channel, but my idea is to gather some Youtube videos, for example, animal content, even though I’m not the owner of the channel, I can insert videos from several channels in the app ?


You can use other people channel youtube, but if you plan to publish to google play, you will got reject

we have som solution for that, we have remote config, you can use your own channel when publish, aftwr your app live you can change to other channel youtube

Does this app support video playing with screen turned off?

Hi, this app not support screen turn off

i have google console by another email can i use this app for my channel ? and this by api ? i dont have ads now in youtube but maybe after that , this app work if i have ads on channel ?? this views Calculates by youtube

Yes you can use it, different channel with google console,

ads on youtube channel will not works on this app, this app have its own ads, we use admob

Should be its calculate, we never found information about it, from google documentation

what about the Youtube API limit? It is only 10,000 units per day. Is there any method to increase the limit ?

How often do you refresh YouTube API?? also, are you have any way of caching the response to use less api requests ??

We cache API for profile loader, for video we cannot make it less, because we need it change in real time

I have a lettel question, if i have purchase Regular Licence and make multiple YouTube Channel app and publish on play Store than there is any problem for me??

It will break the license rule, one purchase for one implementation, if you want to implement many app you must purchase each app,

Yes it will be problem, if nevato team found that you break the license rule it will be the problem for you

Than what can I do for publish multiple YouTube Channel app??

In example you want publish 5 youtube channel app, you must purchase 5 times,

if you mean multiple YouTube Channel app in one app, you can purchase vido app

Hello, I want to buy the app but, do google play allow it to be published?

Yes if you own the youtube channel, its will approce by google


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