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Hi, Great plugin. I’ve just encountered an issue with IE. My website www.action-info.fr the widget in the right column look normal with FF/Chrome/Edge, but with IE…god, the videos miniatures obliterate the column width. Do you have any idea of what causes this ? WP theme conflict ? Thanks,


Forgot to tell you that the update is already available, sorry. You can download it now and update it on your website.

thanks, rated your plugin, great support :)

Thank you so much :)

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Hi. Could you please describe what exactly not working, because on you website there is other plugin working.

Hello, I just sent you an email saying I wasn’t able to get the plugin working. I just purchased this plugin and would like to get a refund.

Please issue me back the $19. Thanks!

I see that you are using other plugin now. You can order a refund. But please describe the issue that you are facing so i can make it better.

Hello, I purchased the plugin YouTubeR, I went through the steps in the documentation for obtaining the API and Client ID, I pasted them in but when trying to put in videos I keep getting an error message saying that I don’t have permission or is not enabled, at the bottom it says code: 403..I have an API and a Client ID and put in the website in the Javascript section.. The website on my hosting plan says jelanilateefmusic.com but inside my wordpress I changed the url to www, is that a problem? I tried both ways in the javascript section and saved but I am still getting the error.. What do I need to do?.. Also this is for a client, I created the keys in my google acct but will be posting from my clients Youtube, does that effect anything/..

Hi. Please provide admin access to your website through the e-mail form on this page https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab. I will take a look.

lol, the email for takes me to a search page

This is because cadecanyon put the dot to the URL. Here is the link without dot: https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab

Ok, I enabled the API, I guess thats what was causing the permissions error, ut now I don’t get an error the only thing it’s displaying on the page when I use the widget is The Title.. Nothing else is showing… What do I need to do?

I’m in my hosting plan telling them to upgrade the PHP, once they do this I will let you know the results

it Worked, Thank You for your time and PATIENCE!

You’re welcome.
If you will need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.

And don’t forget to rate the plugin – good rating stimulates me to create new features for the plugin.

I am trying to create a site where joe blow could submit his embed code for his playlist to my site from the frontend. Any suggestions ?

Hi. With this plugin anyone who can submit posts can use the shortcodes of this plugins to show YouTube videos/playlist/channel in the post.


vordum Purchased

Hello! Thanks for good plug

I have an issue with annotation in Russian language to video. I presume under video annotation in lightbox and annotation in alt tag for thumbnails doesn’t seem to support Russian Language (Cyrillic) as they are displayed as

�ак �дела�� �азве��к� ��ен в а��икаде � помо��� вн���еннего вида

Please assist

Thanks in advance

Hi. What is the issue with database?


vordum Purchased

if I install the latest version, it will work, and will again like last time?

“Already fixed it. You have some strange PHP settings, or old version of PHP that destroys UTF-8 strings. So i explicitly indicated encoding.”

It will work like the fix that i made on your website. Any fixes that i make on someone’s website i include in the main version, because someone may have the same issue.

Hello, our need is to offer in frontend users to invicarci / load us in our youtube channel video, but the plugin offers the ability to upload video only dall’edito but in the login channel that carries the user to his Youtube channel. In the settings I can not find the method to set the upload videos in a certain YouTube account.

This is possible? Thank you

Hi. With this plugin user can upload videos only to their own YouTube accounts. Because to upload a video user must have login and password to the account where he want to upload video.
So there is no way for you to specify where user will upload the video.


mbasche Purchased

Could you please change the language string “more” + “less” (video description) in .po but not in functions.php

Hi. Updated language files and uploaded an update. It should be available in several hours.


mbasche Purchased

Thanks a lot! :-)

Can this be used to upload videos via Advanced Custom Fields to a custom post type ?

Please describe more detail what are you talking about.
With this plugin videos can be uploaded only to YouTube. What do you want to use Custom Fields for?


orvelme Purchased

I would like to see in future video gallery with player on top or inline and horizontal menu in channel ( now is dropdown playlists). Anyway great plugin, thanks.

Thanks. I will think about it.


oklaus Purchased

For the “Demo of featured video combined with playlist” style display. The featured image is also included in the playlist. Is there a way to eliminate the duplicate?

Now there is no option to filter which videos not to show from a playlist, but i will make it tomorrow. So in the next update there will be such option.
Tomorrow i will make it and upload it, but Codecanyon may review it for couple of days. If you want the update as soon as it will be ready, please write me using the email form on this page: https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab


oklaus Purchased

Wonderful! Have the plugin updated, but what are the steps to remove a video from the playlist side?

The parameter called: except_videos. Example: [mx_youtuber type="playlist" id="XXX" except_videos="_ID1_,_ID2_"]

Hi there, is there a way to extract the adres of the video? I want to put a share button in the title and I need the adres of the video for that. It is getting it from youtube but I can’t find it.

Yeah I know but you put the video on my website using the plugin, so the ID should be in a snippet or something. When I can extract that ID I can create a share link. You also use getVideoHTML an Title to extract and there is a videoId in the code. Didn’t buy the plugin to manually do things haha

Or maybe you know how to extract it from youtube within the playlist? I want to put a share button next to the title..

You can use data from the plugin only if you will make custom template for vide/playlist/channel (how to create one you can find in the documentation: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/docs/#themes). If you will modify core plugin files, all your changes will be overwritten upon update.
So you can put a share button only in the plugin template. For example you can create a copy of a video template and add there a share button.


RemcoVi Purchased


How can in change the language? For an example, i would like to change the text of: - MORE - Number of views - Number of likes - Number of comments

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

There are 2 main ways to change the text/translation:

1. Override the template (Copy the original files from themes/default inside the plugin’s folder into the mxyoutuber/custom inside your website theme, you just need to copy the files you want to customize) and make changes into files that are in the website theme folder.

2. Override strings using gettext hook ( http://ronangelo.com/change-or-translate-text-on-a-wordpress-theme/ ).


RemcoVi Purchased

Does this also work for the color? I would like change the Default White or the Dark Black to a blue color. Is this also possible?

You can override colors and other styles inside your theme CSS styles.

Hello, after installing the plugin, the “YouTubeR” button does not appear on the page/post edit pages. I followed the sets to acquire a Google API key, but it still does not show. All I get is the settings page. I’m using the Divi Theme by Elegant themes. I appreciate any assistance you can give me on this. Thanks in advance.

Please check the option “Enable uploading” in the plugin settings. It must be turned ON.

Hello, Presale question:

1- is this plugin still working or deprecated?

2-does it support RTL sites?

3- can I add the grid videos on home page of my site? using Visual Composer for example?

4- does it support categories in a nice design? AJAX ? that I can move between each category easily without need to refresh the whole page?

5- and does it only support youtube videos or I can upload mine also or Vimeo?



1. It’s working fine.

2. Yes

3. Yes, you can add grid videos to any page or post on your site and as many grids as you want

4. No, sorry, the plugin does not support categories. However it works on AJAX. For example, when you see some grid of videos you can load more videos (there is such option which you can turn on/off) – the loading will be performed with AJAX.

5. The plugin supports only YouTube.

Hi there,

I’ve just bought your plugin seems good but having a couple of issues.

1) Rather than each row displaying in straight line the rows are diagonal. The icons on the flip side are also diagonal: http://www.rhythmpassport.com/uncategorized/youtube-test/

2) I was really hoping that the plugin would easily allow me to add my own title and description is there any way that you could add a shortcode that would override the youtube data? something like customtitle=”” customdescription=”” this could work together with the “display” shortcode. This would be quite a simple feature to add and something that would very much enhance the functionality of your product.

Many thanks

1. Just checked the plugin – the problem is on your server. maybe you have installed some plugin that find all URL’s and converts them into links with class=”external” and target=”_blank”. Because thumbnails URLs are converted into links – that causes the problem.

2. There is a problem with the playlists because playlists are generated automatically from the YouTube. And for example, if you will set titles: title1, title2…. and you will have video1, video2… in the playlist and today there will be a new video, so the playlist became newvideo, video1, video2… and titles will remain the same: title1, title2… So videos and title will not match.

Hi there,

Thanks again for the speedy reply.

1. I see what you mean here. the plugin I am using ‘external links’ should have the ability to exclude certain domains but is not working properly. I can find a way around this.

2. I understand the problem here also however in my case as I will be creating the playlists no new videos would ever be added which means it would not be a problem. Is there any possibility that this functionality could be added?

Many thanks

Have uploaded an update with attributes “title” and “description” for single videos. It should be available for download in several hours.

In you case, to set custom titles and descriptions to playlist videos you better use custom theme. How to make a custom theme for the plugin, you can find here: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/docs/#themes
You can copy the “flipcards” theme or any other inside the plugin and make yours with some changes. For example:
in the beginning of theme file you can set an array with titles

$titles = array('title1','title2'...);
And lower in the code replace
So you will have your own titles using your theme. The same process is for the descriptions.

Wow this plugin looks Amazing!! And I use VC frequently so will pick this up soon!

Waiting for you :)