Discussion on YouTubeR - Unique YouTube Video Feed & Gallery Plugin

Discussion on YouTubeR - Unique YouTube Video Feed & Gallery Plugin

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tesseram Purchased


I have embedded my Youtube playlist to my website and i want to order the videos by date and set desc/asc.

Is there a way to do that ?

Thank you

There is no ordering in YouTube API, so we can’t pull the videos in the order other than it is on YouTube. But there is ordering in the plugin, but it sorts only the pulled videos. For example, you display 10 videos. These 10 videos are pulled from the YouTube API and then sorted by the specified ordering.
The ordering can be controlled with the “order_by” and “order_dir” parameters. More about these parameters you can read in the plugin documentation.


I have purchased your plugin and i have a quick question please. Can i order my playlist by date and set asc or desc?? If yes please show me how.

For now i have set my playlist like this: [mx_youtuber type=”playlist” id=”PLmOGE3YtsUTZ1uKU1R9yDOOMfqWl96gTD” display=”title,header” mode=”embed” size=”standard” cols=”4” rows=”4” load_more=”true” load_more_text=”Δείτε περισσότερα” order_by=”date” height=”218”]

Thank you.

The account, you logged-in to, hasn’t purchased the plugin.

yes cause i havent purchased it from this account, jesus… Can u please answer my question?

does it have auto grabber?

Hello. Not sure what do you mean, its automatically pulls the videos from the YouTube for the given channel/playlist.


I have purchased your plugin and i just wanted to know if it is possible to embed a livestream.

What i mean by that is when i go live on youtube i want my live to be displayed in my page.

An if im not live i want to be displayed a certain image.

Thank you,

There is no information if it’s livestream on a regular video on the YouTube API.
The plugin can display a single video or a playlist or a channel videos.


knudkp Purchased


After installing I see - no menu in backend - editing a post or a page – no nothing ... even when I copy/paste a youtube URL

so Im lost here

thanks Knud

The YouTubeR plugin works with shortcodes. So you must write a shortcode in order to display video/playlist/channel.
Examples of the shortcodes are on the demo website:
More details in the documentation.


knudkp Purchased

Hi there I already uninstalled it, wasn’t what I wanted unfortunatly.

I would like yo use my money back garantuee please.

Thanks Knud


i have purchased your plugin and i am very satisfied with it.

In one of my pages, i have to be uploaded all videos from my youtube channel but i see that are uploaded also the shorts that i have in my youtube channel.

Beacause i dont want this, is there a way-shortcode to exclude or make the shorts of my channel not be uploaded??

I want only the videos of my channel to be uploaded.

Waiting for your answer.

Thank you.

Can i add two different playlists in the same shortcode? So, i can display the videos from the two playlists in the same row?

With a single shortcode you can display a single playlist.

ok thank you very much!!


gorgani Purchased

Hello. I have been running this plugin for years. Thank you, its great. Recently the code that I have on my main page to only show 1 row of the latest videos, does not show the latest videos. It shows old ones. If I change the row to 2 rows, then it shows in proper order. I have the latest version from a week ago. This is the code:

[mx_youtuber type=”channel” id=”UCgl5iThKTZsUO8Ottrf_8eg” display=”title,date” load_more=”false” cols=”3” rows=”1” order_by=”default” order_dir=”asc”]

How do I only show 1 row of my latest videos from my channel?

Thank you for your help.


gorgani Purchased

Yes, the plugin page says v3.3. When row is set to 1, the latest video is from October. From row is set to 2, I get the latest video.

Please send admin access to your website through the email form on this page:
I will check what’s wrong.


gorgani Purchased

Thank you. I just emailed using that form.

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It’s ok.
If you will have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m afraid I am not happy with the result. Can you please refund the purchase?

Hello. You had a PRE tag surrounding the shortcode. Please remove this PRE tag and the styling will be good.

Presale question: We use a yt playlist gallery to showcase our new daily inventory so videos get deleted regularly. The current plugin I am using shows a broken thumbnail where the deleted video was and apparently there is no way to fix that. Would your plugin do the same thing or would it simple only load the current active videos in the playlist? I’m trying to find a better alternative to what we are using right now. TIA

Thank you! This will work! purchasing now


After purchasing your plug-in, set API KEY and OAuth, but YouTubeR button not visible on POST or PAGE.

Also, it is not displayed properly even if SHORTCODE is attached to PAGE. I am using AVADA THEME. Any solution?

i don’t think so, Why does the screen appear like that? Entering your plugin shortcode changes all page layouts. in addition when I click the load more button, the message appeared “There has been a critical error on this website.” and where is the YouTubeR button in the visual editor mode?

As far as I can see this is an error page layout. There is some error occurred. Here is some help in finding the error:

That’s not the only problem. I’m talking about the button not appearing in the visual editor. If there is no way, will request a refund.

Hello, I just purchased the YouTubeR plugin and I followed all the directions but I think I have a conflict with my theme. For reference, it is the Novo Photography theme on CodeCanyon (

When I try using the shortcode it does not work and it also seems to have a strange effect on my theme pre-loader. I had to temporarily take it down

Can you tell if there is something related to my theme that could be causing a conflict with this plugin?

Please publish the plugin on some page and provide the URL, so I can check what’s wrong.

Just sent it via a private message…thanks

Replied by email.


i bought your plugin and now i want to change the style of the videos. I want to change the font style of the title of the video with css but its impossible. I tried every class (ytp-title-channel,ytp-title etc.) but nothing.

Can you suggest me a solution for that?

Thank you

There are no such CSS classes in the YouTubeR. Seems like you are talking about some other plugin, not ours.


i want to buy your plugin but first i need to ask a question.

Can i embed more than one Youtube playlist to my website?

Also, will my videos be uploaded automatically in my site when i upload them to my youtube channel and add them to my playlist?

Thank you, helen

You can embed as many playlists to the website as you want.
The videos are not uploaded to your website, its displayed directly from the YouTube. And they will be automatically displayed on your website after you add it to the YouTube playlist.

Thank you for your answer. I’m currently working with Wordpress 6.0.3. Is there anything i have to keep in mind when it comes to your plugin?

No, nothing special.

1) Does this Plug-in Use Google-APIs? 2) Does it allow to block suggetions at the end of the youtube video?

1. Yes.
2. There was an option to block the related videos to display, but in 2018 YouTube has changed their API, so there is no way to block the related videos to display. You can read more about it here:

Hi, I have ordered Youtuber wordpress, I want to display the phone divided into 2 video columns, how to do this?

You can control how many columns to display with the “cols” parameter of the shortcode. More about available parameter you can read in the documentation in the downloaded archive.

Im going to buy this plugin , but I wonder that can it display 2 columns videos of youtube playlist for mobile display only?

You can control how many columns to display with the “cols” parameter of the shortcode.

Hello, I just purchased your app for YoutubeR. I’m noticing that the thumbnails are very pixelated. Is there something we can do to make the quality better?

I’ve tried with Playlist and Channel so far. Both are very blurry.

Please check the documentation for the “size” parameter.

Hi, Kindly reply on below queries on

Let me know what all features will get in this plugin and who will support if any issue I will get and how I can connect support directly without any struggle and how quick support Ill get. How I can money back if not satisfied.

also share parameters I can set for videos: For example below setting:

Layout for display videos. The number columns of videos on Grid and Mix layout mode. The limit number videos per page. The pagination for reaching more videos on list. The type display and loading of pagination. Pager display next/preve button and current page. Load more displays one button on bottom. Default: pager Change video thumnail ratio to remove top and bottom bar. On/Off to Display video title on listing. On/Off Display video description on listing. Display gallery by click on a button. Please ensure the button has class selector `yotuwp-rel-[id]`. With [id] is modal id you need to set on `Modal ID` field below. The ID of modal which assgined on `Use as Modal` View Count Like Count Comments Count Published Date Show meta data video such as View, Like, Comment numbers. Use icons instead of text label for meta datas of video. The position meta datas The horizontal position meta datas The way how date published show in the video. Use icons instead of text label for meta datas of video. The custom text replace for default label of Prev button The custom text replace for default label of Next button The custom text replace for default label of Loadmore button Player width Auto play Latest videos enclude exclude video option Auto Next Video

Style for a video on list

The icon on hover video thumnail. The styling for all buttons. Select one of them to using. The layout for pager. Select one of them to use. The color of text on button. The button background color. Title align text Video Box Effect Flip Effect

Just purchased your plugin to find out that my youtube quota is restricted, my channel is not able to be used sadly a shown here

Please refund thank you

Here is a detailed information of why your quota is 0 and what you want to do:

We did try to create a new account and also submit this form

To no avail, please refund, we will not be using your plugin, and instead manually add each video

You don’t need to submit this form. Just create a new project and the API key.
I can’t refund just because you simply don’t want to use the plugin because I will get sanctions from the Codecanyon (they’ll think that the plugin has some major bugs or not as described), so I will loose sales.

Hi Guys, I just updated and I’m still getting a low rez thumbnail:

Can you assist?

Hello. To change the thumbnail quality you can use “size” parameter. Available values are: default / medium / high / maxres / standard.
More about it in the documentation inside the downloaded archive.


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