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Hi, I have a question before I buy it now. You must be knowing that, Facebook doesnt show full image of YouTube share links, like it does for VIMEO links.

So, Im looking for a solution, so that Wordpress can fetch the thumbnail from youtube and make it as featured post image automatically for that WP post

Then when I goto Facebook and share this post link, it will automatically show up the thumbnail image big in FB share image.

But when someone clicks on the post link on FB, it should directly goto my Youtube video instead of going to Wordpress post page with video.

Can your plugin do that ?

I have seen many websites doing this, im not sure, if its your plugin or something else.,

Let me know asap.

Lets say, You have a youtube video – ABC DRIVING.

Now that gets pulled to Wordpress automatically and your plugin will pull its thumbnail full res image and make it as featured image of the post automatically.

So the wordpress post becomes – www.domain.com/vlogs/abc-driving/

So, now I goto Facebook and share this post – www.domain.com/vlogs/abc-driving/

Facebook will pick the thumbnail featured image of this post and show as FB thumbnail.

Now if someone clicks on this post in FB, it should not goto the wordpress post page, but it should directly goto the Youtube Video.

Got me ?

Hi. I’ve got the idea, but my plugin can’t do that, sorry.

It seems not to work with the Channels from YouTube like this.


Hi. Its working.
Here you can see its loading the default playlist “Uploads”, but this playlist is empty: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/tmp/Screenshot_1.jpg
This channel has many playlists: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/tmp/Screenshot_2.jpg
And if you choose other playlist – it will whow videos from this playlist.

So the plugin is working with this channel, and the problem you experienced is empty playlist.

What about these videos and playlists? If you choose some playlist that is not empty, it will show you videos from this playlist: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/tmp/Screenshot_3.jpg

Hi, Can I also implement this function “Integrate videos from a search YouTube results without channels, playlists” with the help of your Plugins?

An example: This Premium YouTube Plugin for WordPress – Display videos from a search result (you define your own keywords) http://yougapi.com/products/wp/videos-search/ example: [youtube_wpress search=”1” search_filters=”1” q=”Apple”]

Hi. There is no such function in the plugin, sorry.


1.If users watch the video from my website withtout ever clicking on “watch on youtube” (so they never go to youtube) a) will they see youtube ads ? b) will this count as views on my youtube channel ?

2. is it possible to upvote/downvote, comments on youtube videos without ever leaving my website and htis plugin (except if users click on “watch on youtube” of course) ?

Thank you

1.a. Here is an YouTube article about it: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/132596?hl=en
1.b. Views from an embedded video set to autoplay may or may not count. This has varied over the years and there are many conflicting reports available.
2. No, there is no such function in the plugin, sorry.


Purchased and installed the plugin 10 minutes ago.

I set everything (API etc.) on dashboard, BUT – the plugin doesn’t seem to work:


What can i do?

You have several JavaScript errors on this page: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/tmp/Screenshot_1.jpg
In order to see where those errors are, you need to disable javascript combine and minification.

I disabled it. What’s next?

You have some plugin: Easy Fancybox that loads an outdated fancybox version (FancyBox 1.3.8) which is not even ofiicial version. Because the official v1 end with v.1.3.4 (2010/11/11)
My plugin uses the latest (v3) Fancybox version. Because the Easy Fancybox loads scripts after YouTubeR – it overrides the fancybox with old version and it causes some errors.
You need to update the EasyFancybox plugin to the latest version if it has the latest Fancybox library or disable the old Fancybox in the EasyFancybox plugin.

Hi ..great plugin I have questions. Ijust need to set your plugin to push video automatically from wordpress to youtube 1/ I have pluging copy full video from other site and best the video on my WordPress..imean IDONT ubload video ..is your plugin can automatically push like this video to youtube ?

2/ I have live football match ( 90 minutes).. is your pluging can automalcly push this video to youtube? and how long time it take ?

Hi. Sorry, but the plugin can’t automatically upload videos to YouTube. It does only in manual mode.

Hi Guys,

I’m having problems setting up youtube account within WP site. If I purchase a regular license, can you help?

I don’t understand how can i help you – i am providing help only related to my plugins.

Thanks for replying, I like your plugine the most, but for some reason I keep getting the popup “Authorize YouTube Account” – I have the auth code and browser key set up and can use other plugins fine…but yours has the best view options. If I purchase, can you help me get it set up?

First of all, the YouTube authorization is needed only if you want to upload videos to your YouTube account directly from your website. Otherwise you don’t need to authorize your account. If you will purchase the extension and included documentation couldn’t help, of course i will help you with the plugin.


seanmm Purchased

Can you add a layout option where the first row is one column and the next rows are multiple columns. This would look awesome

Thanks, Sean

Hi. Thanks for your message. I will think about this.

hello, thx for nic eplugin. i have some queszion. how its possible to show some specific videos as a playlist, not playlist.. my code is this: [mx_youtuber type=”playlist” id=”pZxzm2Ig9E,FfdtZF1I”] i want a playlist with this 2 videos.. but nothing is shown… see here: https://www.nina-nice.com/youtube.... how can i solve that?

Hi. To display specific videos as a playlist, you should this code:
[mx_youtuber type=”playlist” videos=”pZxzm2Ig9E,FfdtZF1I”]

When I reach the “Authorize Youtube Account” popup nothing happens.

You need to click on “Authorize Youtube Account”.

hello thx, i have issue with your plugin, pls have alook…. if i click the video, nothings open? i have change the theme and now it wont work? https://www.nina-nice.com/youtube whats the issue?

Your theme uses the old version of Fancybox – that causes the issue. I have switched off the old version of Fancybox inside the theme. If the new version of the theme will have new version of the Fancybox – there will be no issues. About the font – don’t know. If the theme overriding the font – it will be changed, if not – no changes to the font will be made.

hello, me again, i see, i can use your plugin with vc and it shows a nice channel design with my youtube movies.. but i onyl get a list from youtube movies… can ij change list to grid or so? how? i see in vc editor the field template block… there standing default… can i change this to grid?

There are no different templates for the channel, but you can use “rows” and “columns” parameters to create a grid. You can find examples here: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/channel-demo/

Hello, i need help to fix this error in console. WordPress 4.9.4

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [data-fancybox=mxYouTubeR:f3e768a37c27387b7b3aa09bea30a58b] jquery.js:2:12733

t</fa.error wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:2:12733 t</fa.tokenize wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:2:18783 t</fa.select /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:2:21594 fa wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:2:7320 a.find wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery-migrate.min.js:2:3684 find wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:2:24107 a.fn.find wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery-migrate.min.js:2:8929 n.fn.init wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:2:24670 a.fn.init wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery-migrate.min.js:2:3135 n wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:2:406 s wp-content/plugins/mxyoutuber/assets/fancybox/jquery.fancybox.min.js:11:273 dispatch wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:3:12392 add/r.handle wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js:3:9156

Thank you. Alessandro

Please send me admin access to your website through the email form on this page: https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab

Ok, i send you one email. Arrive in one minute. Thank you. Alessandro

Hi, Hey I’m seeing that thumbnails are artifacted or low in quality. Can you please take a look and make a suggestion? http://yourchamberconnection.com/video/


Hi. There is a parameter which you can use to choose one of the thumbnails provided by YouTube. The parameter is called “size” (more in documentation: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/docs/#params)
Just add to your shortcode parameter size with one of the following values: default / medium / high / maxres / standard


In single view (default) is there a way to hide views, likes, comments?

I tried: .mxyt-meta { display: none; }

Even with !important but it still does not work.


Hi. There is a parameter that you can use to control what to display called “display”: http://youtuber.maxiolab.com/docs/#params

Hi, is there a special reason that the plugin gives a YouTubeR error when I have a video from Youtube with the Video-URL ending =843s or =1606s ? The videos without such endings are to see on my website. Thanks for answering.

No, there is no special reason for any video ID. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that these videos have restrictions to display on websites.

I just put these special Youtube urls into the Wordpress own video player, here it worked; also with the video player, which is contained in Visual Composer (Bakery Page Builder), the video works. So there ist no restriction to display on websites. Therefore, I ask you to suggest a solution for me, because I would like to use YoutubeR for these videos.

Please send me admin access to your website through the email form on this page https://codecanyon.net/user/maxiolab
And also video urls

can users submit thier own youtube channel for display on their bp profile?

Hi. All data is displayed by this plugin by using the shortcodes. So if users can publish text with shortcodes, they can publish YouTube channels. For example by publishing this shortcode [mx_youtuber type=”channel” id=”UCt_NLJ4McJlCyYM-dSPRo7Q”] on the site – YouTube with ID: UCt_NLJ4McJlCyYM-dSPRo7Q will be published instead of shortcode.

Hi, Can you tell me how to disable “related videos”

like we can do in embeded: ”?Rel=0”

Thanks. I am using the youtuber single widget.

Hi. Please add this parameter to your shortcode: