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My YoutubeR button has disappeared and I can’t seem to use it anymore. I tried deactivating and reinstalling, but still does not work. I don’t think I missed any updates, any ideas what could cause this?

Hello. What version of YouTubeR do you use and what version of WordPress?

Hello! WP ver 5.3.2, YouTubeR Version 2.12

Just checked WP 5.3.2, YouTubeR 2.12 – the button is in place:

Pre sale question: Can your plugin link to the last chanel video?

Hello. Not sure i understood correctly. The YouTubeR can display YouTube single video / playlist/ channel on your website. When you display YouTube channel on your website – it shown channel data and latest videos. You can see it in the demo:

I’ve just purchased the YouTubeR player. I’m wanting to embed a YouTube playlist that is set to unlisted and embeddable. I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have it all installed and it seems to be setup properly with API code and Google OAuth client ID. When I’m on edit page and click the button above the text box next to “add media” a window just pop ups and says authorize youtube account but I can’t find where I’m suppse to do that. I then tried to use the shortcode to embed the playlist and even went and set all my videos and the playlist to public and embeddable I still get an error on frontend of page that says the following…

YouTubeR error: YouTube server responce error.

{ “error”: { “errors”: [ { “domain”: “global”, “reason”: “invalidParameter”, “message”: “Invalid value ‘0’. Values must be within the range: [1, 50]”, “locationType”: “parameter”, “location”: “maxResults” } ], “code”: 400, “message”: “Invalid value ‘0’. Values must be within the range: [1, 50]” } }

Please help!

I switched to “text” and this is exactly what I’m pasting

[mx_youtuber type=”playlist” id=”PLSpkOvrrpT2zWHP5UUIeDxsJ_y4urgtxA”]

Am I not pasting something correctly? I'm getting this below

YouTubeR error: Incorrect shortcode attribute type “”playlist””.

[mx_youtuber type=”playlist” id=”PLSpkOvrrpT2zWHP5UUIeDxsJ_y4urgtxA”]

The Codecanyon changing the quotes. Please do as i said: replace all quotes with standard double quotes.


Stjarne Purchased

Hello, i just bought this item. I would like to list my youtube channel, but i dont want to show any channel information, i just want to list my videos and have the flipcard theme active like you have in your demo.

This is the shortcode iam using: [mx_youtuber theme=”flipcards” rows=”3” “cols”4” “load_more” “Load more” type=”channel” id=”UCoZfgvja5F2qhLxaBzbb86g”]

Please help me


Stjarne Purchased

I also need the background to be transparent, but i cant get it to work :/

Hello. You can control what to display with the “display” parameter. So if you will add display=”” to your shortcode – there will be no channel data. [mx_youtuber theme="flipcards" rows="3" cols="4" load_more="Load more" type="channel" id="UCoZfgvja5F2qhLxaBzbb86g" display=""]

As for the background – you can customize it with your own styles added to the website theme CSS:

Does the plugin allow to list the trending videos in some countries? Thanks

With YouTubeR you can display videos from channel/playlist of single video from YouTube. But there is no sorting/ordering available. So only the default ordering is available. How the videos are ordered in the channel/playlist – the same ordering will be on the website.

Ok thank you


webitmd Purchased

Hi there,

I am running into an issue where the Lightbox (FancyBox) feature is not working. You can see the page where this is embedded at the following URL:

Please let me know if there is anything you can find.

Some additional details: I notice that there are errors when inspecting the code:

Uncaught TypeError: n.fancybox.getInstance is not a function at jquery.fancybox.min.js?ver=2.12:13

Uncaught TypeError: e.fancybox.getInstance is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (jquery.fancybox.min.js?ver=2.12:12) at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at HTMLDocument.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)

Hello. You website’s theme uses old and outdated version of Fancybox library. Please update the theme so the Fancybox library will be updated.

Hello, i just bought your youtubeR. But unfortunately i cannot see it anywhere on when i want to create a new post…Maybe it is incompatible with the new wordpress…Also am using beaver builder and TagDiv composer…Please i need explanation….

Please, take a look at the documentation. All your questions are described there.

If the documentation are that simple or easy to follow i wouldnt be asking you all these because i dont feel comfortable asking you all these back and forth…I can see some other people asking you various questions…If i knew i will pass through all these before buying i dont think i would buy it….Please dont make me look stupid… I know for you as the author its all simple for you….Please give me all directions i need from you because if i know i would not ask you…Thanks

It is very simple. For example, if you want to display a playlist, you need to use the following shortcode: [mx_youtuber type="playlist" id="FLRoLRbhZXIqOZl4nbDtl72w"]
Here you can see 2 parameters: “type” and “id”.
“type” parameter specifies the type of content to be displayed. It can be “playlist” or “channel” or “video”.
“id” parameter specifies the ID of the desired content. If type=”playlist” then id of the desired playlist need to be specified here. How to find out the ID of the desired YouTube video/playlist/channel you can find in the documentation.

There are many parameters that can be used in the shortcode. All of them can be found in the documentation.


gorgani Purchased

Hi. Few questions

1. I have a page that that display all videos in a Channel, with Load More and all is good. Now I want to add the last 3 uploaded videos to my front page. Do I simply add the Channel shortcode but limit to 1 row and 3 columns? Is that the trick?

2. If I just display 1 video e.g row 1 and col 1, the title and description shows to the right of vide instead of below. How do I get it below?

3. How do I get rid of the liine (or border line) around the videos?

4. I am displaying a channel. The description for each video (not channel) shows some text then load more below. How do I not show that display more and how do I only show an excerpt e.g few words?


This is the CSS. You should add this to your website’s theme CSS.


gorgani Purchased

Thank you that worked. Great. Can you please give me more information on how to do item 4 in my list above. Thanks.

This thing is if you will override the default theme of the plugin, your changes will be in all your YouTubeR widgets. If you will create a new custom theme – it can’t be just description and repeat step by step – it is custom development. Theme override is described in the plugin’s documentation.


Please i want to inform you that till this moment since i bought your plugin i have not been able to use it…The difficulty is this- I have created my video playlist on my youtube channel here is my playlist ( ) what should i do with it with your plugin…

Hello. There is a documentation inside the archive that you downloaded. Please follow the steps described in the documentation.

Please sir! i have followed all the processes in your said documentation but still run into this difficulty…I gave you a straight example with my playlist, Why not simply tell me what to do instead of telling me to go and follow the documentation which i have followed always.Please simply tell me how to use the playlist i have created. Don’t be making me look stupid…

Before displaying any video you should follow the steps to obtain Google API Key. If you did it and save it to the YouTubeR settings, only then you can display your playlist.
To display it, you can use this shortcode:
[mx_youtuber type="playlist" id="PLLkcp4d6ODJyyMg4WReoiaGAy64N7a7PT" cols="4" rows="2"]

keole Purchased

Hi, I how can I fix channel mode responsive ?

Hello. Please provide a page URL where i can see the issue. If you don’t want it to be public, please send a message through the email form on this page:

What exactly do you want to fix?

Hi, Does it has a limit to upload video tu youtube? My hosting plan is a share hosting and max upload file is 20mb.

Can I upload file from 100mb or 200mb?


Hello. When you upload videos to YouTube, the upload transfers directly from your browser to the YouTube server, so no hosting traffic is affected.
I must warn you, that you can upload videos only to your own YouTube account. The other admin can upload only to his own account.

Can´t be an account for all users? All user to one youtube channel

No, sorry. The authentication happens directly between the user’s browser and YouTube server. So the upload may be done only to the user’s account that has access to it (login/password).

Hello, your youTubeR plug-in, I wanted to know, the functions you describe on the page, apply to the user of the site, or to the administrator? Because if my users can upload their videos and create their channel from their account on youtube then would have been useful.Thank you

Hello. The function described (upload videos to YouTube) is for the administrator only.

Does your plugin have the ability to produce a post of a chanels latest upload?? Maybe only even the abilty to display the latest upload?

Hello. YouTubeR allows you to display YouTube channel/playlist/single video on your WP website. The order of the videos in channel/playlist is the same as on the YouTube.

does this work still on wp 5.5?

Yes it works on WP 5.5.
Updated the description.

I was looking for something that allows user to add their videos to my site, I thought this plugin will work. But I was wrong. It still not working after I added all Youtube API data. I just want to be sure it will serve my purpose before I buy. Can you confirm the free version works with API or just the premium version?

This plugin doesn’t allow users to add videos to your website.
What it does is: allows you to upload videos to your YouTube account from your website’s admin panel and allows you to display any YouTube public video/playlist/channel on your website.


Pre-sale question

1) Can I add YouTube playlist link? If yes then can you please show a demo??

2) Will this plugin play the next video in the playlist automatically? From the demo it shows the next video but it’s not playing automatically…

Thank you in advance

P.s. are there any updates coming soon?

1. What do you mean add a YouTube playlist link?
2. No, sorry.
No major updates are planed for this plugin.

can this plugin disable/remove youtube ads?

Hello. No.