Discussion on YouTubeR - Unique YouTube Video Feed & Gallery Plugin

Discussion on YouTubeR - Unique YouTube Video Feed & Gallery Plugin

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Hi, I have ordered Youtuber wordpress, I want to display the phone divided into 2 video columns, how to do this?

You can control how many columns to display with the “cols” parameter of the shortcode. More about available parameter you can read in the documentation in the downloaded archive.

Im going to buy this plugin , but I wonder that can it display 2 columns videos of youtube playlist for mobile display only?

You can control how many columns to display with the “cols” parameter of the shortcode.

Hello, I just purchased your app for YoutubeR. I’m noticing that the thumbnails are very pixelated. Is there something we can do to make the quality better?

I’ve tried with Playlist and Channel so far. Both are very blurry.

Please check the documentation for the “size” parameter.

Hi, Kindly reply on below queries on

Let me know what all features will get in this plugin and who will support if any issue I will get and how I can connect support directly without any struggle and how quick support Ill get. How I can money back if not satisfied.

also share parameters I can set for videos: For example below setting:

Layout for display videos. The number columns of videos on Grid and Mix layout mode. The limit number videos per page. The pagination for reaching more videos on list. The type display and loading of pagination. Pager display next/preve button and current page. Load more displays one button on bottom. Default: pager Change video thumnail ratio to remove top and bottom bar. On/Off to Display video title on listing. On/Off Display video description on listing. Display gallery by click on a button. Please ensure the button has class selector `yotuwp-rel-[id]`. With [id] is modal id you need to set on `Modal ID` field below. The ID of modal which assgined on `Use as Modal` View Count Like Count Comments Count Published Date Show meta data video such as View, Like, Comment numbers. Use icons instead of text label for meta datas of video. The position meta datas The horizontal position meta datas The way how date published show in the video. Use icons instead of text label for meta datas of video. The custom text replace for default label of Prev button The custom text replace for default label of Next button The custom text replace for default label of Loadmore button Player width Auto play Latest videos enclude exclude video option Auto Next Video

Style for a video on list

The icon on hover video thumnail. The styling for all buttons. Select one of them to using. The layout for pager. Select one of them to use. The color of text on button. The button background color. Title align text Video Box Effect Flip Effect

Just purchased your plugin to find out that my youtube quota is restricted, my channel is not able to be used sadly a shown here

Please refund thank you

Here is a detailed information of why your quota is 0 and what you want to do:

We did try to create a new account and also submit this form

To no avail, please refund, we will not be using your plugin, and instead manually add each video

You don’t need to submit this form. Just create a new project and the API key.
I can’t refund just because you simply don’t want to use the plugin because I will get sanctions from the Codecanyon (they’ll think that the plugin has some major bugs or not as described), so I will loose sales.

Hi Guys, I just updated and I’m still getting a low rez thumbnail:

Can you assist?

Hello. To change the thumbnail quality you can use “size” parameter. Available values are: default / medium / high / maxres / standard.
More about it in the documentation inside the downloaded archive.

Love the plugin! However, it is not caching. I set it up to pull in the latest youtube video – just one video – but it does not refresh every sunday. Once I go in and clear cache, the new video shows. Anyway to automate this? Thanks

Hello. The data refresh rate depends on the cache lifetime option in the YouTubeR plugin settings. By default it is 1 hour. It means that after the change is made on YouTube, the data on your website will be refreshed within 1 hour.

Hi maxiolab,

thank you for such a convenient wordpress plugin.

I am running into a weird issue with the preview of the videos on our website

some of the playlist videos thumbnails are showing up extremely blurry and not MAXRES as hoped for.

Can you help please :)

Thank you Thilo Teschendorf

The problem is that YouTube does not generate MAXRES thumbnails for every video. When there is no thumbnail of desired quality YouTubeR displays the default thumbnail.

Hello ,

I followed the documentation on how to use the shortcode with the channel ID but I got an error, here is the screenshot:

Please what can be done to resolve this?

Also, I want all the youtube videos added to my channel set to private by default and want other users to upload videos to the private channel. Please advise how to achieve this?

Please provide the shortcode that you use.

YouTubeR displays only public videos and can NOT display private videos.
There is no function in the YouTubeR other users to upload videos on your channel. Every user may upload videos only to channels that he has access (login/pass) to.

[mx_youtuber type=”channel” id=”UCMqfaiEKyhNPw1q3klBMQaQ”]

This channel does not have any videos that’s why YouTube return error when the plugin tries to get some videos.
Please add at leat one video to the channel.

A pitiful extension that absolutely does not work. A very complicated installation for a single result of a page filled with errors I regret this purchase and I strongly advise webmasters not to want to use it.

Are you sure that you tried to install the YouTubeR plugin? Because you have purchased it more than 3 years ago.
The installation instruction is very simple. First, you download the archive from Codecanyon and unzip it (this is common for every plugin purchased on Codecanyon. Inside this archive you will find the installation package and the documentation for this plugin.
First you need to open the documentation and follow it to install and use the plugin.
Looking ahead I can say that the installation is done with a regular plugin installer integrated into WP. Just upload the installation package into it and it’s done.

If you followed the documentation and you still got an error, please provide a screenshot or at least an error text, so I could help you solve the issue.

Where are the instructions for this plugin?

Hello. There is a documentation inside downloaded archive along with the installation package.

Hi! I installed the plugin but not work fine.

The css not loaded on page:

Any solution?


Hello. I can see that the CSS is loaded fine. You can see it on this screenshot:

Hello, please help me to see why the sorting cannot be aligned and is always slanted?

Hello. The problem is in the PRE tag surrounding the shortcode. Please go and edit the post where you placed the shortcode. Switch the editor to HTML mode and remove the PRE tag.

thank you!!!

Hello! Before buying, I just have a question. With this plugin I’m able to add Youtube private (videos that I’ve intentionally changed the status to private into my Youtube account) videos in WordPress? Many thanks.

The YouTubeR plugin is able to display only public videos.

Hello, I thought that another user was using my YouTube API V3 to generate many Quotas overflows with your YoutubeR application. But I took the trouble to create restrictions on the OAuth 2.0 client ID and my YouTube Data API v3 key limited only to my website domain name. Despite this, all my YouTubeR videos are skipping every 4 days … with big blocks of errors clearly visible on my site :

YouTubeR error: YouTube server responce error.

{ “error”: { “code”: 403, “message”: “The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your \u003ca href=”/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota\”\u003equota\u003c/a\u003e.” “errors”: [ { “message”: “The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your \u003ca href=”/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota”\u003equotau003c/a\u003e.”, “domain”: “youtube.quota”, “reason”: “quotaExceeded” } ] } }

I thought I paid for a premium application so I wouldn’t have any problems but now I’m wondering where this regular problem on my site can come from! I am now deleting my project to create a new one to last 3 or 4 days! I never had this kind of problem with other playlist plugins linked to my channel (YouTube Plugin – WordPress YouTube Gallery).

Can you help me?

Hello. Please check that the caching is turned ON in the YouTubeR settings and the cache lifetime is 3600

Hello Maxiolab and thank you for your quick answer. I just spent a lot of time to identify the problem.

My site uses the Wordfence plugin… and I have the impression that the problem comes from this plugin… It generates an incredible amount of rows on the table wp_wfHoover … More than 5 millions rows ! That is more than 2 Gb ! Which makes my base jump !

From there, I think that it generates the excess of quotas !

I just removed this plugin and replaced it with Defender… I hope it will solve the problem …

Thank you for the information.

Hello, I don’t have any video linked to your plugin working on my site since this morning. I don’t understand because the Youtube videos on my old articles are working correctly.

Here is the address of my site:

and here is the error code that there is from everywhere where there is a video:

YouTubeR error: YouTube server responce error.

{ “error”: { “code”: 403, “message”: “The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your \u003ca href=”/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota\”\u003equota\u003c/a\u003e.”, “errors”: [ { “message”: “The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your \u003ca href=”/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota”\u003equotau003c/a\u003e.”, “domain”: “youtube.quota”, “reason”: “quotaExceeded” } ] } }

The error code is changing… I’m not sure I understand the trick to solving this problem, do you have an idea?

YouTubeR error: YouTube server responce error.

{ “error”: { “code”: 403, “message”: “Requests from referer are blocked.”, “errors”: [ { “message”: “Requests from referer are blocked.”, “domain”: “global”, “reason”: “forbidden” } ], “status”: “PERMISSION_DENIED” } }

You need to set the as allowed referrer in the API key settings.

It’s OK, everything is working again, I entered the address of my site in Https as a referent on the API. I also took the opportunity to change the API key (you never know). Everything is back in order and everything works now. Thank you for your help and your efficiency!

Hi, I’m interested in your plugin, for testing I have installed the lite version but when clicking the YoutubeR button, nothing happens. I have updated recently to Worpdress 5.7, and I guess I have got the good keys (google cloud console seems updated since your installation procedure), could you help me please ?

Hello. The YouTubeR plugin works with shortcodes. If you want to display YouTube video/playlist/channel you just need to write a simple shortcode. The shortcode examples are here:
The YouTubeR button is used only for uploading videos to your YouTube account from the WP admin panel and it may be no working in the LITE version because it is not supported for a long time.

The documentation seems out of date. I cannot get the Google OAuth client ID using the steps provided. There is no “Web application”

Hello. If you don’t want to upload videos to your YouTube account from the website’s admin panel and you want only to display videos/playlists/channels on your website – then you don’t need OAuth Client ID. Only API key is enough.

Is it possible to display random results from a channel using the widget? Thanks!

Hello. No, sorry.

can this plugin disable/remove youtube ads?

Hello. No.


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