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Hi: Getting an error message when previewing on a page. I have set up the API key. I am using the shortcode. This is the error message that comes up – Thank you for your help.

YouTubeR error: YouTube server responce error.

{ “error”: { “errors”: [ { “domain”: “youtube.playlistItem”, “reason”: “playlistNotFound”, “message”: “The playlist identified with the requests \u003ccode\u003eplaylistId\u003c/code\u003e parameter cannot be found.”, “locationType”: “parameter”, “location”: “playlistId” } ], “code”: 404, “message”: “The playlist identified with the requests \u003ccode\u003eplaylistId\u003c/code\u003e parameter cannot be found.” } }

Hi: I was able to get the plug-in to work sorry for posting a comment.

Hello. Glad that everything is ok.


jasonjf Purchased

Hello, I am using this plugin- the flipcards theme on the demo page looks fine, but when I implement the same theme on my page, the cards are horizontally misaligned – in the row of three Videos the second and third video are each appear a few pixels lower than the first and second video respectively. So it looks like each row is sloping downwards. Also the height of the cards seems higher than the flipcards example on the YoutubeR webpage, Can you let me know I can get all the cards on the same horizontal line and looking like the example? For your reference the site is

Hello. Sorry for the late response, the problem is that you have a PRE tag surrounding the shortcode. Just remove this tag and all will be ok.


I have a question about your YouTubeR plug-in. I have many videos and I would like to add pagination to the page so the user would not have to scroll down the page to view all the videos. What would be the best way to do this? Thank you for your help.

Hello. There is only “Load more” way of moving down the list of videos in the plugin.

I am having trouble setting up the api keys for this plugin. The steps in the documentation seem to be outdated. My screens don’t match up with your screenshots

Sorry for that, Google often changes the interface of the Developer Console.
I will update the documentation.

Thank you! Should I download the files again to get the new documentation folder?

Yes. I have already updated it, so you can download the package with the new documentation from your account.


skp123 Purchased

Dear developer. Can you help me with this please. When I update a playlist in youtube by adding a video its not updating on my site in the playlist widget. I re-jog it by adding another widget but nothing happens. I try and clear the cache in my browser but to no avail. Should I clear the cache in wordpress as to why this is not updating and how would I do that? Thank you Simon

Hello. Yes, you need to clear Wordpress cache to update the widget manually. But the widget updates automatically. There is an option in the Settings -> YouTubeR, called “Cache lifetime”. This is the amount of time in seconds in which the widget’ cache is refreshed.


my presale question is how the uploading video on youtube works? can the uploaded video running on the same channel ?

Hello. The uploading works with your YouTube account. You can upload videos to your YouTube channel from the website’s admin panel.

hello, im searching for a plugin, that I use one channel of youtube, and any user can upload any video from wp to this same channel, with this plugin its possible?

thank you

Hello. No, sorry. The user can upload video only to its own channel.

Hi I Just bought and installed the plugin. But when i Go to the extension section of wordpress there is non “settings” button under the plugin. There is only the Delete button. Also when I click on the YoutubeR button on the New Post editor, no windows show up. My wordpress version is WordPress 5.2.4. Could you please help?

The plugin settings are in the admin menu -> Settings -> YouTubeR
Please follow the documentation in the downloaded archive.

Hi there! I just purchased your wonderful YouTubeR plugin and it is working almost perfectly. For some reason, the plugin is removing my page title and background from the video page. I have tested the settings, and I know it’s definitely got something to do with the plugin itself. Can you please tell me how to make the title & title background show up again? Thank you!

Video Page: Other Page with Correct Title Bar:

Thank you for your message. Seems like there is a conflict in Fancybox libraries (different versions). I have updated this library in the plugin and uploaded the updated version to Codecanyon.
Please download it from your account: and update on your website.
How to update you can read in the documentation.

Thank you! It works great now!


Is there a download button for the video like in your as well ? i want to buy the script but i can’t see the downoad button for the videos

Hello. With this plugin you can display YouTube channels, playlists, videos on your website. Also you can upload videos to YouTube from your website admin panel. But you can’t download videos from YouTube.

Thank you, but is there any way to display the download icon for the video ? as well like like and share button ? I need to use it to upload my photobooth video for my clients so they can download it easily. Any suggestion please ?

You need a special plugin for it. Don’t know if such plugin exists.