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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks mate!

nice module

Thank you very much.
It would be great if you would rate the module on your downloads page.

Sorry, didn’t see that you already rate it.
Thank you so much.

Hello your plugin looks great but before I purchase I have a few questions. Does this plugin have an admin, or is everything done through youtube calls within the shortcode? Also will this work with EE 1.14? Please let me know. Thank you!

Hi. With this plugin everything done through the widgets.
If you can use CE 1.9 widgets with the EE 1.14, then it will work. I don’t know where to get EE 1.14 to try.

Under M2 2.1.1 I am getting “frontend.js:13 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).lightcase is not a function” error through frontend.js

It seems like you have an issue with the static view files.
1. Clear the static view files (In the Magento Admin. Go to System > Tools > Cache Management and click Flush Static Files Cache.)
2. Deploy static view files. Execute command: magento setup:static-content:deploy

No, the problem is not there. I recompiled the static view files several times, and it did not help. I had to disable the extension for the time being…

Have tested today on Magento 2.1.1 – works fine. I need to see what is happening in your system. Please provide at least admin access and frontend, so i can test it and what is the problem. Please send the data through the email form on this page:

I used GtMetrix to test my website, and found out that 3 of your .css files are being imported by @import function in main .css

That hurts performance of a website and speed load it the above. Please fix the issue and follow latest SEO guidelines for optimization of Web content.

You’re welcome :)

Just checked my website with GTmetrix, but I still see the import declarations in my merged css file:

@import url(../../frontend/Devdesco/endohaus/it_IT/Maxiolab_Youtuber/lightcase/css/font-lightcase.css); @import url(../../frontend/Devdesco/endohaus/it_IT/Maxiolab_Youtuber/lightcase/css/lightcase-max-640.css); @import url(../../frontend/Devdesco/endohaus/it_IT/Maxiolab_Youtuber/lightcase/css/lightcase-min-641.css);

Sorry forgot to delete these from CSS file. Already uploaded an update. But if you want to fix it before the update is available you can open the file /app/code/Maxiolab/Youtuber/view/frontend/web/lightcase/css/lightcase.css and remove all @import rules.

In debug / developer mode on M2.1.2 produces tons of errors like:

Error filtering template: Invalid XML in file /var/data/gfs/www/magento/app/code/Maxiolab/Youtuber/etc/widget.xml: Element ‘widget’, attribute ‘sort_order’: The attribute ‘sort_order’ is not allowed. Line: 3 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 63 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 71 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 79 Element ‘widget’, attribute ‘sort_order’: The attribute ‘sort_order’ is not allowed. Line: 85 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 155 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 163 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 221 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 229 Element ‘widget’, attribute ‘sort_order’: The attribute ‘sort_order’ is not allowed. Line: 235 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 299 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 307 Element ‘depends’: This element is not expected. Line: 370

Do youmind refunding my purchase?

Hi. Just checked – in M2.1 they have created a strict order for the parameters, so in developer mode it throws errors, but in normal mode it’s ok. However i have fixed it. And already uploaded an update. It should be available in several hours.
Sorry, but i don’t understand why should i give you a refund.
If you see that this plugin is not what you have expected and you can’t use it – sure i will give you a refund.

hi installed this extension but dont find from where i can add it to my website all i find is this setup page:

where i put my Google Browser key but on my front end i dont know where i can control or show this.

please send me guide if you have how to setup this so i can use this extension.

Hi. There is a “Documentation” folder inside the package which you downloaded from the Codecanyon – you can find all answers there. This documentation is mostly for Magento 1.x but in Magento 2.x is almost the same.
To use this plugin on frontend there are widgets like regular Magento widgets. So you can use them when editing some page or block.

Anyway, if you will have further questions – don’t hesitate to ask.

Really clean and useful.


Hi, I installed the module in a store and everything ok. When I moved in dev it gives me error “YouTubeR error”. What can be?

This behavior has been reported as a bug a couple times:
So for your website security you should upgrade PHP at least to 5.6.
To get rid of this notice you can turn off error reporting in PHP or limit it to not show notices.

okay. I’ll try it tomorrow and tell you. Thank you

I can not seem to get this extension to work. I had this installed and I created the google API but this is the result i keep getting on the front end

I urgently need assistance getting this extension working properly.

This is not the plugin’s output. Please provide admin login to the website using email form on this page: – i will check what’s wrong.

How can i call the widget in phtml static blocks in magento 1.9.* ? Is there a function to call it ?

You can call it as a regular block:

echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('mxyoutuber/widget_video','mxyoutuber',array('id'=>'ekcXz8HZsA0','display'=>'title,date,channel,description,meta','size'=>'medium','mode'=>'lightbox','theme'=>'default','date_format'=>'d.m.Y'))->toHtml();
All the parameters you can specify in a 3-rd argument as an array.

niice thanks :)

You’re welcome.

Will this work with Magneto Version

If not do you have an older version of the extension?


Sorry but i have no idea – haven’t tested on Magento 1.8.
You can purchase and try it. If it will not work – you can request e refund and i will approve it.

Hi, The extension work very nicely and is very easy to set up. One thing we would like to do is be able to search for a video inside a playlist or channel. Is there are way to add a search function to the paylist or channel? Many thanks.

Sorry, but there is no such possibility at this moment. Sorry.

I am having an issue with the Magento YoutubeR extension.

On our site, at the bottom of the homepage there is text showing that there is a “YouTubeR error”.

Do you know what could be causing this issue? If so how can I resolve it?

Purchase details:

Site URL –

Item ID – 17449944

Item Purchase Code – 39575ff6-6097-4901-b75e-3e3c9cc66573

Purchase Date: 2017-07-05 14:35:06 UTC

Please let me know.


Hi. If you will turn logging ON, then errors will be in the maxiolab_youtuber_errors.log inside the logs folder.
Also, you can turn on display errors by setting the $debugMode = true inside the /app/code/local/Maxiolab/Youtuber/Helper/Data.php file.