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nice work. good luck with sales

can advertisements be 10 videos before the main video?


what do you mean with 10 videos? you want to show 10 videos of advertisements before the main video?

right now you can only set one video for advertisement.. not 10 videos.. so you would have to make one big advertisement instead of 10 small ones

Excellent Work! :-)

LMAO! you want to show 10 videos of advertisements before the main video

I would not recommend to do it…. and there is an optional timer for advertisements..

So if people want to show advertisement videos they can add the option to skip the video in x seconds

I was just commenting of the humor of your comment to poetikz. Nice plugin though, I will probably buy soon.

okay, i thought so.. I just used the chance to mention the advertisment skip option :D cool, would be happy if you buy it..

I am wondering why its not already trending :D thought this one would be huge^^ cause I dont find something comparable

I am not able to get the video to load with the settings in this screenshot:

Aha, I didn’t think of that. I don’t have a problem using the full link.

Question about placeholder:

In the code I see “src=”×150” I was assuming that that would be the thumbnail image for the video and also assumed that the uimage could be replaced by one of my own. But neither assumption was correct? What is that placeholder for and if it’s not for the static image of the video, is it possible to add one? Thanks

this placeholder is just for your wordpress-editor.. so you can select and move the video in the editor…

You can not set the thumbnail image, sad I was not thinking of that.. very good idea :)

I will work on this..

Thanks for sharing your feedback and issues. I try to update this item within 7-14 days, if you experience other issues or you have more good points feel free to comment them here, so I will bring them into the next update

I know many players in the market and I have decided to give this one a chance. I think this player was born to be a winner. I loved the efficiency of the support and its eagerness to solve soon some small inconveniences that I had. Congratulations on your YouTube-Player Interface for Videos and Playlists and I wish you the best of luck with sales.

thank you, much appreciated

where is the subtitle feature and the autotranslation? It is missing in the demo player.

good point..Ii will check on that

Hi, pre sales question.

Can this plugin be used to disable YouTube suggested videos that pop up when paused or when the video ends?


yes it can :)

Your live demo is down. Is there another way I could check how your plugin performs?

no sorry, right now you could only take a look into the screenshots.. the plugin-demo will probably be online in two-three weeks again.. i can respond to this comment again, when the demo is online, so you get informed

Hi, Is there any way to save the video ids of the videos that are part of the playlist in the wordpress database? This would avoid having to access the youtube API every time you render the page.

Thank you!

Hi, use the attribute data-playlist-videos

example data-playlist-videos=”ornXZGEFcds,w_MSFkZHNi4,9RHFFeQ2tu4,vlUR09yRHZU,eiWf75PcuOc”


cpndgn Purchased


I installed the plugin but it seems not working on my website,

I see a white blank instead of the player.

Here you can check below Vimeo video between two lines;

I don’t know coding well and I couldn’t find any detailed information in the documentation.

My main purpose of buying this player plugin is to show Adsense ads (336×280 or 300×250 ) over the videos. About advertising options I couldn’t find much info in the documentation,

I will be happy if you could help me fix the issue.

Best Regards,

Capan Dogan


this is a player for youtube-videos, not for vimeo-videos

best regards

Hi weedesign,

Presales question: is it possible to add videos to player by using channel id? I have one sport union’s channel which doesn’t include playlists.

Best Regards Mikko from Finland

Hi Mikko,

no, this feature is not available

Best regards