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I had thought I once saw a feature on the plugin that allows you to import videos starting on a specified date and it gives you a calendar to use … but cant find it anymore. I am using the latest version.

This option is available only for channels and user uploads, not playlists. Maybe this is why you couldn’t find it.

Hi Constantin will the plugin also work with Vlog – Video Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme

Any Type Of Feed Query I Do Produces The Following Message:

YouTube feed is empty. API error (code: http_request_failed): cURL error 77: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

I have double checked all of my API settings and I even changed my template to the standard Twenty Fourteen.

I still get the same results.

Please assist

This has something to do with your server, please contact your hosting provider and ask for suggestions. E-mail them the error that you posted above.

Thank You. Apparently My Hosting Company Had To Update The PHP Version


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I keep getting this error please help me.

While refreshing the access token, YouTube returned error code invalid_grant. Please refresh tokens manually by revoking current access and granting new access.

Just a quick notice, this issue is solved, please update to latest version.


mevaser Purchased

I see only version 1.2.5 on this site

You can get it from your CodeCanyon downloads page. I forgot to update the changelog here. You can find it here: https://wpythub.com/changelog/

Hi. I’ve been using your plugin for some time, and every now and then the auto-import seems to work and not work. What cron command works 100% no matter what? Currently I have cron hitting a file and that no longer seems to work. I then tried hitting the main index.php file…doesn’t work. I just tried using the /?cbc_external_cron=true > /dev/null 2>&1 command…does’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks :)


An update is coming up soon with a complete redesign of the automatic import process plus other enhancements. I know there’s been issues with this, please have a little more patience until this version is out, thank you.

Regarding the pending videos, the plugin will run a check on your videos and if discovered that the video owner doesn’t allow embed on third party websites it will set the post as pending so you can review it. If you want to bypass this functionality, put this into your theme functions.php file

add_filter( 'cbc_check_video_status', '__return_false' ); 

The videos marked pending, once they’re published go back to pending possibly once the cron runs. The videos belong to the owner of the website. I will ask them to check the embed status on those specific videos before adding the code.

Can wait for the new redesign :)

Thank You


Please check plugin option from page Settings, tab Post options, option Check video statuses after import. If it’s checked, the plugin will check the video status on YouTube every 24h (if the page has a visit to trigger this process) and will set post to pending if the video can’t be embedded.

As for the update, I need just a few more days to make sure everything is working correctly, thank you for your patience.

Loaded the new plugin and ran into this message “A filter is in effect that prevents automatic imports from running.” I can resolve most simple errors, but debug is blank and no other errors are present. Does “filter” refer to a cache, or another plugin? I’m testing the ”/?cbc_autoimport=##########” option and it’s not importing.

i have edited the plugin in any way, so my guess would be that cbc_allow_auto_import should be active.

With the options, I selected Enable conditional automatic imports: and have the link which I put in the cron (http://#########.com/?cbc_autoimport=FO############AG

Everything is set as it should, as it also was with the previous version.

Can you please e-mail me in private and give me temporary login to your WP admin so I can take a look? Thanks, please let me know.

Where do I find your email?

UPDATE: I found it.

Hi. Please send your email to michael.small@48-14.com Then I can forward the login information for the website.



E-mailed you, let me know, thanks.

hi! I’m getting this error An error occured while trying to query YouTube API. Error: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to 2a00:1450:4017:800::200a: Network is unreachable (code: http_request_failed)