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Facebook sharing doesn’t works randomly. In these cases there is no thumbnail no info. It also announces at automatic import and also at User and Channel import. Google and Twitter seems to be working well. Also the website is good. The only bug is in Facebook sharing. Have you met with this kind of problem before?


Can you please give me a link where I can download Facebook sharing plugin? Thank you, please let me know.

I have a question about how the Youtube videos are being imported. Is the video info being stored as custom fields in posts? This way I can have more control over how and what gets displayed on the front-end.

Also, do I have the ability to choose what custom post type and custom taxonomies that the imported video content gets added to?

Yes, video details are stored in post custom field. Regarding post types, the plugin will embed videos only for post type “video” which it implements or regular “post” post type.

Further more, if you have a video enabled theme that has a special display for embedding videos, you can use that by implementing the theme compatibility. Please see this for more details: https://wpythub.com/documentation/tutorials/third-party-compatibility/

Please note that in case of theme compatibility, the plugin will create the posts according to your settings but it won’t manage video embedding. This has to be managed by your theme of a third party plugin.

How to import Tags from YouTube to Video Post?

In plugin Settings page, go to tab Content options and make sure you check option “Import tags”. You must also specify the maximum number of tags that the plugin can import.

How can I show Imported Videos in front side by playlist with this plugin?


You can use the shortcodes implemented into the plugin or the widget. The shortcode can be inserted by clicking on the YouTube icon from the visual editor when editing a post. It will open a modal window that allows you to choose the videos you want to put into the playlist.

New and clear wordpres an clear voice theme from themeforest,

I installed the plugin and it is a bug: /home/XXXXXXX/domains/XXXXXXX.pl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ccb-youtube/includes/libs/auto-import.class.php on line 375

please help