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Can you explain this option? “Repeat import in queue” Why would I need this? Doesn’t it automatically repeat and import until completed?

Nevermind.. I figured it out..


Sorry for the delay. I will explain this just in case other users have the same question.

The plugin imports all automatic playlists one after the other, so for example if you have 10 automatic imports that should import at a 5 minutes interval, the plugin will import X videos from first automatic import, wait for 5 minutes and import X videos from second automatic import, wait 5 minutes and import third and so on.

In case you need videos from a certain automatic import to import faster, you can choose to repeat that import for a number of times before going to the next one. This is the reason why repeat in queue was introduced.

Hey, I’m having some trouble updating the plugin. I was wondering if you can assist. And is it possible to have some custom things done to the plug-in?


What exactly is the problem you encountered while trying to update the plugin? Regarding custom work, please let’s continue this over e-mail, you can contact me from my profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu

hi sorry for asking this question but I think you can help, I want to know if there are any plugin can do the next 1- to link my youtube account and channels to wordpress 2- to let users upload videos via form in my wordpress site but to let the uploaded videos being uploaded into my youtube channel not in my site is it possible ? thank you

i know it is not possible with your plugin but in general do you think it is possible to lot users upload video from my wordpress site to be in my youtube channel or not ? thank you

YouTube API allows it so I think it’s possible, yes.

thank you for your reply hope some day you can code a plugin can work on this idea it will be perfect best regards

your plugin import 30 photos per one vid!!! how fix it?!!!!

back to me on mail please i cant give here site deatils!! alaisner@gmail.com


What exactly do you mean by 30 photos? It creates 30 different sizes on your server or do you end up with 30 of the same image in WP Admin Media Gallery?

You never answered my question. How does the plugin create 30 photos/video? Are they different sizes (see add_image_size()) or the plugin simply creates multiple entries in WP Media Gallery in WP admin?


I need to import videos to a multiple categories, how can i do this? i need to import to a main category and a child.


Sorry but the plugin allows only single category imports for now. This might be implemented into a future update but I can’t say for sure when exactly.

I have a big issue, i didn’t realize that your theme have to support the plugin huge bummer. So if i try using normal post and i don’t download the image, then i don’t have a preview image on the post, but if i mark the setting to download the image then i have on my post the image and the video. i have one of the most used templates on WordPress and is not supported. my theme is flatsome


Can you please tell me how you embed videos in Flatsome? Or at least, how do you expect the plugin to work with your theme?

Thank you, please let me know.

Don’t worry i make it work thanks!


I have bought 3 licenses for this wonderful plugin, but I do have one annoying issue. On this website: http://therealtyclassroom.com/ I set-up an automatic import including the featured image. And each time it when an update happens, the post is created, but the featured image is not included. The customer complains to me, so I have to delete the newly created posts, reset the feed and manually import. How can I avoid this?

Thanks Eric

Hi Eric,

The image should get imported if the settings to import them is checked. Apart from the image, is there anything else that doesn’t get set? Like tags and category for example. Also, can you have a look at your server error log? See if anything shows in there? Let me know please, thank you.

Hi. I have installed youtube hub. I have created many automatic playlist however the videos are not being imported and published automatically. Could you help me out?


Please note that in order for automatic imports to work, you must have a regular stream of visitors to your website.

Automatic imports are triggered by your visitors, for example, if you set the plugin to import every 5 minutes and your websites receives visits at a lower rate than at least 1 per minute, the imports will fall behind the schedule.

One way to solve this is by creating a cron job on your server that must open a certain address on your website that will trigger the automatic import. The option for this can be found in plugin Settings page, under tab Import options. More details about these options can be found here: https://wpythub.com/documentation/plugin-settings/video-import-options/

Hello. I purchased this plugin awhile back and I have to say that I absolutely love it. However I have noticed something and I was wondering if there is a fix for it. So the way I import videos are through ‘Auto Import’. I have made several playlists on YouTube and any video that I add to those playlists get automatically published on my site. Now here is my concern; none of the videos currently play on my website play the original ad from the original content creator. I have disabled my ad blocker extensions and still now luck. I don’t think this is fair to the original content creator and to be honest I don’t think this follows YouTube’s rules either. I’ve looked through all of your plugin’s options and I wasn’t able to find a solution. Is there a way to fix this? My site address is http://www.freemedicalvideos.com/ Thank you


The ads played in the video embed aren’t optional, YouTube chooses which ad to display, this has nothing to do with the plugin, it is not something you can control.

Then why no ads from the original video ever runs? Can you please check my site and see if you are able to see ads on any video? I’ve tried different computers and still don’t see any ads on the videos. I only see the ads ‘around’ the videos that are associated with my own adsense.

This might help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/132596?hl=en

As I said, this is strictly related to how YouTube works, by embedding a video that you don’t own, you can’t control how/if ads will be displayed into the video.


Great product, we imported a lot of videos, but all of them stop playing after 10 seconds. If I include the YouTube video as a regular embed within the post, it works just fine.

Here’s an example of it failing: http://tritac.training/ground-series-control-1-escape-1-3/

Please any help would be appreciated.



Looks like there’s a script in your theme that detects the video iframe embedded by the plugin and does its own embed. Basically, what it does is it injects a div having class “fluid-width-video-wrapper” that contains the same video into the element created by the plugin.

The script in your theme is called “fitVids” and it automatically detects the embeds made the plugin and does what I described above.

I suggest contacting the theme developer and ask for suggestions on how you can work around this issue.


I’m very sorry but I can’t debug this right now as I am in vacation until April 16th. One thing I can suggest is to place a space right after the YouTube URL. Please modify the function with this one:

function ccb_amp_video_embed( $video_container, $post, $video, $settings ){ 
    return 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=' . $video['video_id'] . "\s";

Please let me know how it works, thank you.

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Hi, This is a pre-sale query. In the demo, I tried to add a playlist and it’s working great. But when I deleted the playlist, it’s not removing all the videos imported from that playlist. Any idea if this could be fixed?

This is not a bug, it’s actually how the plugin works. When removing an automatic import, none of the posts created by that import will be deleted.

Trying to integrate this in to our theme based off of Beaver Builder but running in to issues. Do you do any custom theme coding / freelance to help make it work by chance?

Sorry but no, I currently don’t do freelance work. If you have specific questions I will happily ask but I can’t help you integrate this with your theme.

I love how your plugin works, it saves me tons of time. I need to use a different player, I have Ultimate Video Player, and want that to be my default Player for the Monetization I offer my Channel Creators.

How can I do this while continuing to use your Plugin?


Unfortunately, third party implementations are not provided by support. If you have specific questions (ie: name of custom fields where data is stored) I will gladly offer this information but for the implementation you want you might want to look for help from a freelance programmer. Thank you for understanding.

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I answered your private message, please let’s continue this over e-mail. Also, in future comments, don’t post your purchase code, it is not needed to verify your purchase, thank you.

Just a quick note – when a channel name contains consecutive __ or combination of _- it does not work when you try to validate it – not sure what the exact combo of characters are – but those that fail always contain a – or a _ – but not all of them – strange bug – not a show stopper, but just wanted you to be aware of it. Great plugin by the way! Works like a charm!

Thank you, this is good to know. I will look at it and see what could be causing this. Happy to hear you find the plugin useful.


gbengalex Purchased

Why has the Codecanyon download of this plugin not been updated to 1.4.6 yet? Only 1.4.3 is available for download in my account and it is wreaking havoc on my blog!!!!!

I am sorry but I can’t answer because I don’t control how Envato accounts work. Please contact them and ask for more details about this. See here for more details: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us


gbengalex Purchased

well can you please send me the latest version then by email?

Sent, let me know what Envato says about this, thank you.