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There is a problem with the way video is embedded currently. I’d like to have it this way:

video player

h1 title

video post content

I found a way to do it:
add_filter('cbc_embed_after', function($after_video, $post, $video) {
    return '<h1>'.get_the_title($post).'</h1>';
}, 10, 3);

But this is bad, because CBC_YouTube_Videos::embed_video() just injects it into the_content. And the_content is used by, for example, yoast seo to generate page description, resulting in SEO snippet with title, and then description starting with same title text. Title is duplicated in description, because we put it into the content.

A way to fix it would be to use custom render template, where I manually render video, h1 title, the content. Without the need to modify the_content with filters.

Is this workflow already supported? If it is, could you give me a ready-made example? If it’s not, could you make it supported? This would be the best and most flexible, and most standard way to render content in wordpress.

Thank you!

This can be easily done by preventing the plugin from embedding the videos and embedding the videos manually in child theme template by using plugin function “cbc_video_embed_html()”.

All this should be implemented in child theme so you won’t lose changes when updating the theme.

In theme functions.php, put this:

add_filter( 'cbc_embed_allowed', '__return_false' );

Next, in your the theme template file put the embed function where you want the video to be embedded:

if( function_exists( 'cbc_video_embed_html' ) ){

This should be it.

Hi there,

You had set up the API for your plugin for me when I first installed it a few months ago. We are going to launch a new site for the same domain and I am wondering if we have to go through the whole process again for setting up the API or if there is a way to access the authentication URL, client ID and client secret for what was set up before.

Thank you!

Hi there, we have followed your instructions but when we click the grant plugin access button in the plugin settings we still get an error.

Hi there, We have moved the site to the live server where the prior site was, and the plugin isn’t working. Same settings, same domain…

Please review your Google console settings, if necessary, please create a new app and use the newly generated credentials from it.

I’m sorry but there’s not much else I can do since your website must use your own app credentials.

re: https://wpythub.com/documentation/tutorials/third-party-compatibility/?utm_source=plugin&utm_medium=doc_link&utm_campaign=cbc-youtube-plugin#idocs-toc-link-2

I am having great difficulty getting the plugin to operate in the following manner:

1). The category listings should display a thumbnail

2). The actual post should be displayed with the video at the top, with the description under the video. I don’t care if it’s posted as a video or standard. I’ve tried both in a dozen variations and combinations.

Note: KLEO theme is not a supported theme, so I am trying ti implement the code above with no success.

What I want to do seems simple enough, and I hate to contact support of any plugin—as sometimes answers could wait days, weeks or months (or even never get a response), so I do everything to figure it out myself.

However, 2 days after trying to get this to function the way I want has left me frustrated. Everything else about the plugin is working fantastic.

I just want thumbnails to show up on the blog:


..and for the video to show on the page.

That’s all.

..and believe me, I have tried absolutely everything. post, standard, with and without the YouTube functions, all variations of everything in between with various settings in the admin turned on and off. I’m out of ideas.

I’ll keep trying, while I hope I get a response from you…


I’m not familiar with your theme, can you please tell me where I can download it from? I can provide the code needed to make this compatible but I need to see how your theme works. Thank you, please let me know.

Also, if it’s OK with you, I think we should continue this over e-mail since I might need some private information from you. I can be contacted using the contact form here: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu

ok, it is a premium theme, so you’d probably be best logging into my website. I will contact you. Thanks heaps for your response. I appreciate it.

Please do, thank you.

Hi, I am trying to setup an automatic import of a Playlist, but I am not seeing any videos being imported… I set it to import 5 videos every minute, but nothing happens when I click the Update button after the 60 second countdown. The Playlist is not public, but when I enter the Playlist ID into the Automatic Import settings it successfully retrieves the number of videos in the Playlist.

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this. Any suggestions?

Do I, an administrator count as a “visitor” that would trigger an import? That was the assumption I was operating under. Does it have to be a non admin, visiting the front end of the site?

Yes, you do count. It doesn’t have to be a front-end visit.

ok, then I am assuming there must have been something about my “locked” staging site config (on WP Engine) that was preventing the import from running. I kept clicking the “Update” button on the automatic import screen (after the countdown) but nothing would happen, so then I started reloading the page, thinking it would trigger a visit… tried several pages, with no effect. Now it seems to be working.

Anyway, it seems to be resolved! Thanks for looking into it, and for the cron job recommendations. Much appreciated.


Hi there,

Some of my posts have imported as standard posts rather than video posts, for example: https://winnersguide.com/browse/septian-fajar-internet-literacy-for-youth/

I imported the same way as the rest, but some seem to work and others didn’t. Do you know why?

I’m using the latest version of VideoPro


Can’t really say what is happening, the guys at CactusThemes did the compatibility implementation, I had nothing to do with it. If you want me to take a look please contact me from here: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu, thank you.

I am having a problem where I have set up 12 playlists in the queue. They import every video and then they won’t import new videos. So I clicked the checkbox: ” After finishing to import all videos in playlist the plugin will check only for new videos.” But that doesn’t seem to help either. I am not sure what else to do. Currently, I am manually clicking reset on each of the 12 playlists several times a day, but I want it to update automatically.


Please check your e-mail and let’s continue this over there, thank you.


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I’ve been trying to sort this out for a week, but I’m not getting anywhere. Please check the emails.


Answered your e-mails, thank you.

Hi there.

Is there a way to categorize videos according to the YouTube playlists they are in automatically?

You can set the WP category in which the imported videos should be. Is this what you are looking for?

Yes, I found it, thanks. One more question with regards to this: I have made auto imports of playlists that goes into a certain category. Some of my videos are in more than one youtube playlist on youtube, and doesn’t seem to be placed into more than one corresponding category on Wordpress.

Do you have a solution for this?

You can try this in your theme “functions.php” : https://gist.github.com/constantin-b/3b0fd6caa7192c436dc3a40b9dacc1a3

How do I only let the plugin import videos that are public on my YouTube Channel? Right now it is also importing private videos. Thanks

For now this can be done only by using a plugin filter. See this for the filter implementation: https://gist.github.com/constantin-b/c94e26b024f335ce49a0141fecf6429a

The code can be placed into your theme “functions.php” file.

Thanks so much!


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Automatic Imports are giving me problems. I have a few automatic imports setup, but videos I add to YouTube are not being imported automatically.

Five imports based upon corresponding YouTube Playlists. WordPress post categories setup to mirror playlist categories.

Manual Import works, but video imported are assigned to the category ‘uncategorized’, instead of to the Playlist category.

What do I need to do to have the plugin auto import and publish new playlist videos into the corresponding post categories?


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No Joy. Viewing the Automatic Import screen, it shows the import process had run, but the video I had uploaded to YouTube was not imported; does not show up in my list of posts for the category specified: https://www.dropbox.com/s/riw7cwk103rk5fm/Chrome%20Legacy%20Window_Automatic%20YouTube%20video%20import%20%E2%80%B9%20Donnie%20TV%20%E2%80%94%20WordPress%20-%20Google%20Chrome%20-%20chrome%20-%205_29_2018%20%2C%208_52_23%20AM.png?dl=0

The cron is running: -2018-05-28 12:00:26- http://donnietv.com/?cbc_autoimport=1BE7DxquDt4n1uLG Resolving donnietv.com (donnietv.com)... Connecting to donnietv.com (donnietv.com)||:80… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK Length: unspecified [text/html] Saving to: ‘index.html?cbc_autoimport=1BE7DxquDt4n1uLG.12’

0K .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........  159M
 50K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 91.2M
100K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 94.7M
150K .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........  109M
200K .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........  176M
250K .......... ........                                    84.8M=0.002s

2018-05-28 12:00:29 (114 MB/s) – ‘index.html?cbc_autoimport=1BE7DxquDt4n1uLG.12’ saved [274772]

After following your instructions, no video import. What am I missing?




Can you please contact me privately? I will need wp access to take a look at this and figure it out. Thank you, please let me know. You can contact me here: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu


Thank you for the login. I installed a debug plugin and had a look at how all your automatic imports are importing. Before sharing my findings let me first explain how the plugin works.

As you already know, in plugin settings there’s the automatic import settings which in your case is set to import 10 videos every 6 hours. This means that the plugin will trigger an automatic import every 6 hours which in turn causes each individual automatic import to be triggered every 30 hours. Basically, the interval for each individual import is the delay you set in plugin settings (6 hours in your case) times the number of active automatic imports. In conclusion, for a playlist containing 100 videos, having your current settings, all videos will be imported in roughly 300 hours ( 10 times needed to import 10 videos at a time times 30 hours ).

Hope the above makes sense. One solution to speed this up is to set a lower import delay and change the cron job on your server accordingly. 5 or 10 minutes delay shouldn’t be too much, especially after all videos are imported since the plugin won’t import anything once all videos are imported.

Now, regarding the situation of your automatic imports:
  • 1. Personal Notes: this playlist is fully imported and will import only newly added videos
  • 2. Highlights: same as no. 1
  • 3. Music: currently, this playlist is imported up to video no. 60 in playlist on YouTube. The last post created by it had ID 50942 on your website and there are 77 more videos to be imported ( roughly 240 more hours needed by this automatic import with your current settings )
  • 4. Interviews: currently, this playlist is imported up to video no. 50 in playlist on YouTube. The last post created by this import has ID 50913 on your website and there are 192 more videos to be imported ( roughly 600 hours needed by this import to finish )
  • 5. Word of the Day: this playlist is imported up to video no. 50 in playlist on YouTube. Last post has ID 50924 and there are 66 more videos to be imported ( aprox. 210 hours needed by this import to finish )

Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

Hello, I am loving the YT Hub plugin and am about to push from Dev to Staging then soon to Live. Is there a good way to export/import the plugin settings?

I see the feature is there to migrate playlist settings under Automatic Imports. This works great. I am also able to migrate the actual video CPTs content/data and the associated taxonomies through WP All Import/Export Pro.

However I am not sure about the rest of the data for example the configuration in Plugin Settings eg - Post options - Content options - Image options - Embed options - API & License

Is there a way to export/import this in one go? Thanks in advance for your help!

Sorry but for now there’s no way to export these options from within the plugin.


is it possible when using your plugin for our wordpress site visitors to upload video conent directly into our wordpress site and that same content is then automatically uploaded to our youtube channel?

Then that same newly created youtube video content is then embeded back onto our wordpress site as the new video post in wordpress?




No, sorry. The plugin will only pull content from YouTube.


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so what was the fix for amp pages not showing yourube videos? I tried this>>> }

function ccb_amp_video_embed( $video_container, $post, $video, $settings ){ 
   return 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=' . $video['video_id'] . "\s";

Didnt work. Yes I put the entire code in functions.php of child theme. Also I changed your “s” to “t” and it made a space after youtube url but still no video

The fix described here uses a filter in AMP for WordPress plugin that enables videos to be embedded in AMP pages. If you are using a different plugin this won’t work for you.


lowpage Purchased

doesn’t work i am using the right plugins just not working

Please install and activate this plugin. It will implement all the filters and actions needed for AMP compatibility.

You should remove any code you entered into your theme functions.php file. Let me know how it goes, thank you.

authorize plugin access is not working as expected.

In Safari it is returning white page and in Chrome it is throwing this error. This page isn’t working resources.itversity.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500