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I’m confused. One settings screen shows the correct number of videos available in the My YouTube screen:


However the Automatic Import Screen shows a YouTube error due to no videos being available (this is wrong, they are there):


Here are the videos at my YouTube channel:



BTW – Very cool plugin. Looking forward to developing more with it :)

Ahem, I thought I did have both lists set as “User Playlist”. The choices are:

User playlist | YouTube channel | YouTube playlist


Changing to YouTube playlist solved the problem :)

I see now where Automatic Import listings column label for Playlist Type does not match the label in the a specific “Feed type:” setting. Might want to match those up?

I’m using the Divi theme and have added in the compatibility functions to my child theme’s functions.php file: http://snippi.com/s/q7o8w5r

After a video imported with all the meta but no video I started from scratch. Here is the playlist that only has one video and I can’t get it to auto import! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOrJijIAgdy2Siclk3_UdePo1Md04y9On

It says it has imported, but no post is created.

Maybe I don’t need theme compatibility. Maybe my functions are wrong for my theme. I’m lost and confused at this point since I was able to get several videos from another playlist to import, but can’t get the two playlist videos to import: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk0zh4YiuyHitAu-CB4Ej0w


Can you please give me temporary access so I can take a look? You can contact me privately from my profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu

Pre purchase question…... Is it possible to add text in front of the video title… ((Like..DOWNLOAD – Video title)

2…how to add link….under the description…..


1. Yes, on import the video title can be manipulated to prepend any text in front of it. Please note that whatever you add will be stored in database as post title.

2. Same as with title, the description can be filtered and you can add links or other information.

Both these are customizaitons, there’s no plugin option available for this. You will have to edit your theme/child theme functions.php file and create this functionality by using the filters implemented into the plugin.


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This amazing program stopped importing videos a few weeks ago. It was importing automatically, but not more. I reseted the “YouTube OAuth credentials” but nothing. Any ideas? It was working for a while just fine, then stopped.


mevaser Purchased

No we are not, we were using wp super cache, but its off. BUT not a CDN.


mevaser Purchased

Any news?

Still debugging, once I got any news I will share them, thank you for your patience.


If one users your plugin such that it users the default custom post types etc, does one still have to make our theme compatible? What will be lost?

Everything seems to be working fine. On your website you have this tut, http://www.constantinb.com/youtube-video-post-for-wordpress-theme-compatibility-tutorial/ so I am just trying to confirm things.

If you don’t have a problem with the way videos are displayed, there’s no need for theme compatibility. The theme compatibility is recommended if your theme has video capabilities and you want to let your theme embed the videos instead of the plugin.

Thanks very much


Is there a way to display the video description without pulling it into my own database? I successfully got it to display the video thumbnail using the ID. Is it possible for the description or anything else like views and so on?

Don’t quite understand your question. How exactly did you manage to display the video thumbnail without a DB query?

Don’t worry I got it to work. Thanks again

Hello, plugin stopped importing videos a sometime ago. It was importing automatically, but not more. My website is using cloudflare service. Legacy automatic import is off.

already figured out :) it will be very nice if in next versions of your plugin youtube videos from playlist posting with full path (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKWWhf8RAV8&list=PLEUolIu1InUgeGi6FJ5oj5jf_IZz4H6Mq ) thx

Don’t quite understand your feature request, can you please detail a bit what kind of functionality you’re after?

right now, videos from youtube’s playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKWWhf8RAV8&list=PLEUolIu1InUgeGi6FJ5oj5jf_IZz4H6Mq) imported like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKWWhf8RAV8. It will be perfect if videos will import with playlist path (&list=PLEUolIu1InUgeGi6FJ5oj5jf_IZz4H6Mq). Thank you.

This plugin is recommended as part of a themeforest theme. Is this plugin still being updated and supported? July was last update.


Yes, it is both supported and updated when needed.

The auto import seems to have stopped working. I tried to deactivate and then reactivate the plugin but no luck. I then tried uninstalling it, downloading the current version from Codecanyon and then reinstalling but it sill does not work. The plugin shows that the YouTube playlist is still being queried but for some reason the videos are not showing up on my site. What am I doing wrong and why did it suddenly stop working? Any help with this is most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Most likely, the automatic import already imported most of your videos and is skipping the already imported ones. Please contact me from my profile page so I can take a look and see what could be going wrong (please include temporary FTP/WP admin access).

Are there better instructions for setting up the API key and secret/client id keys. The instructions on the page where these are entered are not the same as what I see google API console. Like APIs & auth and under Public API access create a new Server Key are not even menu options in the google api console. I can’t find them anywhere. Same for client id and secret. Do you have better instructions?

They keep changing the interface. Anyway, in Google console go to Library menu and make sure you enable YouTube Data API. Next, go to Credentials menu (on the left) and click the top button “Create Credentials”. From the menu that opens, choose API key. Copy the key and paste it into the plugin Settings.

Thanks. I got the API alright. The OAuth isn’t working though. I created credentials for Oauth client ID and have client id key and secret key, everything entered into the settings page of your plugin but under “my youtube” for pulling in my playlists/channel it keeps telling me to grant the plugin permission. What else am I suppose to do?

In Settings page, after you enter the Client ID and secret you should see a link below those 2 fields saying “Grant plugin access”. Click it, it will take you to Google consent page, grant access to the plugin and you should be redirected back to your website.

How do I update to the new version? I downloaded the new update zip file already.

You can update by FTP, extract the archive and upload the contents in your website’s wp-content/plugins folder, overwriting the old plugin files. Additionally, the update should show in your plugins page at some point telling you that the plugin was updated and that you can automatically install the update.

I have just noticed that sometimes videos imported by the plugin does not enable user comment form on the video single page. See for example two videos imported this morning:

1) shows comment form: http://www.afrotainmenttv.com/video/top-100-rap-songs-of-2016-year-end-chart-2016/ 2) no comment form: http://www.afrotainmenttv.com/video/worldstar-new-and-old-vines-compilation-2016-wshh-vines-2016-worldstarhiphop-vines-compilation/

I checked each of the video posts in admin and I see that for some posts the plugin enabled comments -> http://prntscr.com/dk672h but for some not -> http://prntscr.com/dk67dr

I have answered your e-mail, please follow the steps highlighted there. For others having the same problem, put the following code in your theme/child theme functions.php file:

 * Set comment status for all imported videos to the default setting
function my_modify_post_comment_status( $post_id, $video, $theme_import, $post_type ){    
    $comment_status = get_default_comment_status( $post_type, 'comment' );    
    wp_update_post( array(
        'ID' => $post_id,
        'comment_status' => $comment_status
add_action( 'cbc_post_insert', 'my_modify_post_comment_status', 10, 4 );


From the code, how do we get the video duration please? I wrote a custom loop that displays the posts in a grid but want to have the duration also visible.

The code below might need tweaking but this is how you get the video duration:

$post_id = get_the_ID();
if( $post_id ){
    $meta = get_post_meta( $post_id, '__cbc_video_data' );
    if( isset( $meta['duration'] ) ){
        echo $meta['duration'];

okay thanks, got it to work…

  $meta [0] ['iso_duration'] 

Hi, if we imported thousands of videos with the setting to not import the description into the post_content, is it possible to have it import now as I see the data is stored in the custom post meta?

Yes but the plugin won’t do this for you, you will have to write custom code to do this.

hello, could you tell me please: how to make manual import (http://take.ms/C6sCj) compatible with my theme ? (http://take.ms/v8V7X)


leonts87 Purchased

functions.php: function theme51822_theme_compat( $themes ){ } add_filter(‘cbc_youtube_theme_support’, ‘theme51822_theme_compat’);

$themes['cherry'] = array(
    'post_type' => 'post',
    'taxonomy'     => false,
    'post_meta' => array(
        'embed' => 'tz_video_embed'
    'post_format'    => 'video',
    'theme_name'     => 'Cherry'
return $themes;

automatic import works fine… i have problem with manual import -http://take.ms/C6sCj – it is not compatible with my theme. thank you

If it works for one, it works for all import methods. The option to import as theme post is into the search form, you just need to check the option before importing the videos.


Stardaug Purchased

I have it set to auto play the video when viewed, but it doesn’t work. does not auto play. Any suggestions? Known fixes? Thanks.


All information about a video is retrieved from YouTube API. To be honest, I haven’t encountered such issues until now but I suppose that under certain conditions it could happen, at least until YouTube refreshes the cache.


Stardaug Purchased

The plugin continues to display wrong thumbnails for numerous videos. The same thumbnail for different videos. This is happening many times now. If I go and manually import the video thumbnail in the post it displays the proper one. Considering how wide spread this is, I don’t think its a YT cache problem. I have screenshots of the problem if helpful. An email address for contacting you would be much easier for discussing/solving this. ?

Hi, yes, please contact me from my CodeCanyon profile page here: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu

Thank you.

Pre purchase question… This plugins autoplay next video at the same category after one video finishes? Thanks

Sorry, no, it doesn’t do this.


sisino Purchased

I am trying to import corrupted video post and I am getting this message “1 skipped (already imported)”. Is there a way to re-import ? How can i fix such kind of issues

This definitely means that the video post for the video that you are trying to import is already existing. If you install this plugin: http://www.constantinb.com/project/wordpress-youtube-plugin-debug-utility/ it will enable a debug utility that will log import messages. This in turn will help you identify the post that already exists and remove it.


sisino Purchased

i installed the plugin and the log shoes only “automatic import” , but I am using the mass import ( Import videos ) .

I understand. Please deactivate the debug plugin since it won’t help at this point. The only solution is to identify the post and delete it manually, the plugin won’t update it for you.


I am having a significant problem. We want to use AMP on our website (https://www.ampproject.org/ – there are several plugins which I tested) and on AMP pages the videos posted by your plugin do not show. Do you plan to support AMP?

Thank you.



Hi, thank you for replying,

AMP – I tried them all, the one from Automattic, then with combination with AMP for WP and then Better AMP, none of them shows videos imported by your plugin – automatically or manually

1) yes, as a regular post type, so if we from now on make it a regular video post type, would it work? Yes, I understand that.

2) Yes, all videos pasted a regular/simple way into WP (just linked into editor => embed) from Youtube, Vimeo, even Livestream works on AMP well. And yes Yoast SEO Video – if it is enough the markup you use, then fine, otherwise Yoast SEO Video does not include videos (imported as a regular post type) into video sitemap.xml.

3) This works even if the video was imported manually? Most of ours were, just to save time with filling the post and getting the thumbnail…

Thank you.


My pleasure, for 1 and 2 I will test and try to come up with a solution.

3 is yes, doesn’t matter how you import the videos, give it a try. It won’t be an instant reaction, there’s a transient that expires and generates the verification.

Thank you very much,

will do. For the rest, please, keep us posted.

Have a wonderful day.