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hi i like your plugin and recommend on him to may friends/

but how we cancel the recommendd youtube videos in when the youtube is op stop mode or when video ended!!!


There are 2 options that you can set up for this. First is from plugin Settings page, tab “Embed options”, uncheck option “Show related videos”. This will be applied to all posts that get imported from this point forward.

Second, for each individual video post, in meta panel “Video Settings” you can enable/disable related videos by unchecking or checking option “Show related videos” in post edit screen.

The documentation doesn’t say how to update the plugin only how to install it. I have downloaded the latest version and need to update the plugin, there is not update link on WordPress admin for this item and no instruction in downloaded files or documentation. So how do I update the plugin?


You can update by FTP, by overwriting the files from your server with the files contained into the archive you downloaded.

Alternatively, you can also update from WP admin by following these steps: 1. Deactivate and remove completely the plugin version you currently have installed by going to WP Admin->Plugins. 2. Upload the archive you downloaded from your CodeCanyon account in WP admin -> Plugins page. You can upload plugins by clicking “Add new” in Plugins menu and after the add new page is loaded, click the button “Upload Plugin” located next to the page title. 3. Activate the plugin after it is successfully uploaded and installed.

This should be it.

my mail alaisner@gmail.com

how i fix it the space between video to text is to very big!!!



Must be a margin problem, if you can give me a link to this page I can provide more information. This is most likely connected to your styling, you can easily find where the space is coming from by using the console in Chrome browser for example.


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Hello, I am trying to make this plugin compatible with the Vlog theme but it doesn’t seem to be working. Could you please assist?


Yes, I can help you with this. I will need some private information so please contact me from my profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu

Can you explain this option? “Repeat import in queue” Why would I need this? Doesn’t it automatically repeat and import until completed?

Nevermind.. I figured it out..


Sorry for the delay. I will explain this just in case other users have the same question.

The plugin imports all automatic playlists one after the other, so for example if you have 10 automatic imports that should import at a 5 minutes interval, the plugin will import X videos from first automatic import, wait for 5 minutes and import X videos from second automatic import, wait 5 minutes and import third and so on.

In case you need videos from a certain automatic import to import faster, you can choose to repeat that import for a number of times before going to the next one. This is the reason why repeat in queue was introduced.

Hey, I’m having some trouble updating the plugin. I was wondering if you can assist. And is it possible to have some custom things done to the plug-in?


What exactly is the problem you encountered while trying to update the plugin? Regarding custom work, please let’s continue this over e-mail, you can contact me from my profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/cboiangiu

hi sorry for asking this question but I think you can help, I want to know if there are any plugin can do the next 1- to link my youtube account and channels to wordpress 2- to let users upload videos via form in my wordpress site but to let the uploaded videos being uploaded into my youtube channel not in my site is it possible ? thank you

i know it is not possible with your plugin but in general do you think it is possible to lot users upload video from my wordpress site to be in my youtube channel or not ? thank you

YouTube API allows it so I think it’s possible, yes.

thank you for your reply hope some day you can code a plugin can work on this idea it will be perfect best regards


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your plugin import 30 photos per one vid!!! how fix it?!!!!


alaisner Purchased

back to me on mail please i cant give here site deatils!! alaisner@gmail.com


What exactly do you mean by 30 photos? It creates 30 different sizes on your server or do you end up with 30 of the same image in WP Admin Media Gallery?

You never answered my question. How does the plugin create 30 photos/video? Are they different sizes (see add_image_size()) or the plugin simply creates multiple entries in WP Media Gallery in WP admin?