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Now everything works perfectly! Three questions.. 1. In the schedule section Is it possible to insert the videos so that the beginning of the next video is calculated by reference to the duration of the previous video??

2. The plugin with viemo video with vimeo scheduled videos works on mobile??

3. Is it possible make the content of the iframe responsive? On mobile is visible only a portion of the player!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi gojira68,
1) we’re sorry, but this feature is not available
2) yes, it works on mobile, but the resolution is not optimized for mobile devices
3) you could try to edit the css and js in “index.php” page in order to make it responsive, but by default, the script is no responsive and there’s no way to make it responsive without modifying the code

Hey I’m interesting in your platform, but before i buy it i want to know is it passable for me to upload from pc or AWS and stream it live then me using video from youtube. Plus I want a Web TV Scheduler to Create Web TV Channels or Live Programmes using the WebTV Scheduler.

The feature should allows me to create a Live WebTV Channels using time scheduled videos from a playlist.

The viewers will not be able to go backwards and forwards since the content is streamed as live.

Viewers would miss part of the programme if they tune in at a later time.

Secured Streaming

This should delivery method protects my video content from being easily downloadable when viewers are trying to use software such RealPlayer, Replay Media Catcher or other sniffing tools.

Hi Sproutto,
we’re sorry, but all the features you require are not available.
This script only supports Youtube and Vimeo video links (you can’t upload anything) and we use the default Youtube/Vimeo player, so the user can go forward or backward as he wants.
We replied by email about the customization.

hello 1 question before buying.

Is is possible to give à priority if there is a live video arriving on facebook live or youtube live?

Thank you


Hi Christophe,
we’re sorry, but this feature is not available.
You can just schedule videos at specific times and they will be played in the order you scheduled them, with no exceptions.


The text is showing but thumb isn’t displaying on the right hand side of the main video

Hi johnor,
could you please send us a private message with a link to your website and your admin panel access?
So we can check your configurations and do some tests in order to find the cause of the issue.
Thank you.

Many thanks, I have sent requested details via your envato profile page

Hi johnor,
we’ve just replied to your email :)