YouTube Vimeo Video Gallery Scheduling

YouTube Vimeo Video Gallery Scheduling

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YouTube Video Gallery Scheduling – All you need to play YouTube videos and schedule them to go live at a later date on your website!


Do you want to play YouTube videos on your website? Do you want to organize them in a video gallery? Well, now you can very easily do it with YouTube Video Gallery Scheduling.

Have always dreamed a web tv on your website? Let’s go, simply choose the videos you want to play and create a schedule to show them on your website whenever you prefer.


Video 1 – Friday at 10.00 pm;
Video 2 – Friday at 11:00 pm;
Video 3 – Saturday at 12:00 pm
and so on.


- select the videos you want to play, singly or from channels and playlist
- possibility to automatically play videos from your favorite channel or playlist
- create a schedule to show all videos you want, whenever you want
- choose the dimension of the player
- select the video information to show
- choose if you want the autoplay
- choose if you want video loop
- decide to show or not the list of the videos to play
- choose the position of the video list
- choose the dimensions of the video thumb
- personalize the background color of the video list
- set the text size
- choose padding, margin and so on
- and much more…