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Hello, is it possible embed my vimeo private videos in my wordpress site, whith your plugin? Is it totally responsive?


Private vimeo videos are connected to your domain url, which is set in settings on vimeo page, so its not connected to the gallery. The gallery only needs to be located on the domain for which you choose to enable private videos.

Gallery is responsive, this can be tested in preview demo pages.

But, may I use embeded code?

Gallery can be embedded over iframe if that is what you were thinking.

I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong here, I’m not to seeing your examples, such as index_playlistBottom_buttons.html. I’ve uploaded the _deploy folder, i have my Client Identifier, Client Secret and Access Token update in the outside-web-root-settings.php file. I’m getting no videos displaying. The page comes up ok with the load animator, bottom arrows..etc…but no videos pulling in.

I can go to my vimeo app at https://developer.vimeo.com/api/playground/videos and query the gopro content perfectly fine, everything loads once I make the call manually.

I’m using Vimeo Pro.

All settings in your script and html are exactly how they were downloaded, I haven’t changed anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can take a look.

Just sent over the link.

Hello, my code is c5b6b82a-1293-4c51-a4fa-154aa2eecf01 – 29 Oct 2015

I want to put this gallery in my page, I want to be responsive but not 100% of my page. I try to use minigallery, change the setting to size fixed, false, but not happens. Try to use responsive option with thumbnail in bottom, but it stay in all screen. In this last I tried to change css to position relative without success. Can you Help me?


index_miniGallery.html demo page has fixed settings in css. Have you tried using index_playlistBottom_buttons.html example?

hello, my purchase code c5b6b82a-1293-4c51-a4fa-154aa2eecf01 – 29 Oct 2015

I installed the gallery in my bootstrap site, but after the gallery loads, the arrow to move and select videos disappears. How can I fix it? The button to change thumbnails positions hide after I put mouse over it… Can you help me?


Ok, but the image is in this path: https://novosite.seguradoralider.com.br/SiteAssets/video-gallery/data/icons/next.png Where can I change this in the code?

Search in main jquery file for ‘png’, there you will see icon file paths.

Ok, problem fixed! thank you!

c5b6b82a-1293-4c51-a4fa-154aa2eecf01 – 29 Oct 2015

Hello, are there a way to disable autoplay in playlist?


Yes, autoplay is set in settings in head tag:

/*autoPlay: true/false (video autoplay). Default false on mobile. */

please provide an instructions how to install. the zipped bundle does not include obvious installation documentation. I am not even sure if this is a plugin or a regular website script.


This is jquery plugin. When you unzip the file, help file is located in source/help directory.

I would like to use my youtube playlist and got YT API. Where do I specify playlist in “index_playlistRight_scroll.html”?

the paste site says” 404 Not Found

The resource could not be found.”

Here is a new link (this is ‘playlist12’ from index_playlistBottom_buttons.html demo):


Send a message here if you want http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact , I can send you quick example.

I would buy this script , but I’m not sure that it works with private videos to the site with permission . I also need to retrieve the download link of the video via the API . it’s possible? thank you

I have replied to your email.

what I need is access to the vimeo api to take one private video with the download link . other aspects of the script do not use them . do you have a separate script that does just that ?

I have replied to your email, can you send your vimeo video ID there, I just need to check something. Thanks

We are interested in this script. We are wondering if you can be paid to create a customized version for us where the video rollover description can be expanded to include more text including a URL like that opens in a new window? Thank you.


Yes, customization is possible. If you are interested you can send project details at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

This item is really perfect! and support is too. Is There a plan to add youku and dailymotion API as a update or as a new product? I really really want it! and I will buy it right now! please think about it, There are needs.


Thanks for your suggestion, but currently there are no such plans. We have another item with dailymotion support: http://codecanyon.net/item/html5-multimedia-background/9612693

hello i find your documentation very bad i followed every step (as i can imagen) including the youtube api but no results: http://lucuvideo.com/


Do it like this:

In settings (head):


In componentPlaylist (body):


Here is a video tutorial on how to create youtube api key: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJSkp719HeE

excuse me but i still dont get it how do i know which playlist is number 12? dont i need my playlist id? PL3329929324…. what is componentplaylistbody where to find it??

Search for playlist 12 in the page, there is your playlist id, which I set here: http://pastie.org/10810473

Hello, to beginning sorry for my english ! I’m looking for a library with : 1) load a single video from youtube or vimeo 2) background video 3) hide all button from the player (maybe i need a pro account for vimeo ?) 4) possibilty to mute, unmuted, change volume level, go to fullscreen 5) change video background on ajax call from my DB (for example i will create a button “go to next video” and ajax call will return an object with the ID and the provider of the video.

I cant create a playlist with all video, i need to call data from DB one by one with ajax.

I think step 1,2, 3 and 4 are possible with little code on my side but for the 5.. So i would like to have your opinion before buy your script.

If my explanation are not clear, I can prepare a demo link with more details to understand my aim.

Thanks for your help and sorry again for my english



I did not find the api method to load a new video at runtime. Can you how i can do it ?

On my demo http://players.staging.loicjazon.com/youtube-and-vimeo-single.html you can find 3 buttons : - one to load a new youtube video - one to load a new vimeo video - one to mute/unmute

I think with your script its possible to have something like that : - hap_player.loadNewVideo(‘ID-VIDEO’) - hap_player.mute() & hap_player.unmute()

Can you tell me if its possible by default or i have to modify the code ? Thanks for your help

Look at the bottom of index_playlistBottom_buttons.html demo, there is an api example.

So for mute you would use:

hap_player.setVolume(0) / hap_player.setVolume(1)

For loading new video you need to have playlist with videos present in the dom in componentPlaylist div.

From there you can either load some video from active playlist that is already loaded:

hap_player.loadMedia(0) - load first video

or load playlist with some other video:


playlist1 for example contains the video you want to load:


(the same for vimeo video)

Ok, I’ll check this right now.

Maybe I’ll be back with new questions :)


Hi There, I have installed a javascript plugin into my wordpress page, and I am wondering how I go about getting the code from this to copy into that plugin window?..

Any help greatly appreciated..

Thank you Cheers Jason


What are you trying to do exactly?


Hello there, how does one go about installing this in a wordpress website?..

You mentioned above you have installed it in wordpress page? Anyway, this is jquery plugin, its meant for static html page. If you want to use it in wordpress you could embed it over iframe in page.


gwragg Purchased

Hello – I purchased this wonderful works but the help file isn’t providing much help. I’m interested in using my vimeo channel like shown in your examp,ethttp://www.interactivepixel.net/cc/jquery/yvgb/index_playlistBottom_buttons.html 1. Can you tell me what I need to delete from the code and what I need to insert. 2. My website is done with Adobe Muse therefore I need to insert html – When I insert html from this example with my channel id – I get a blank screen. 3. Is there a way to center and not left justify the bottom playlist?

Thank you


gwragg Purchased

channel id 1147146


gwragg Purchased

<!- VIMEO EXAMPLES -> <!—Get a list of the videos in an channel https://developer.vimeo.com/api/playground/channels/{channel_id}/videos data-path: channel id data-query: search query (optional) data-limit: number of results to retrieve (if not set, all results will be retrieved!) —>

Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with your vimeo access data.

I would like to have a video background on my website. Does this plugin allow you to set start and end time on youtube videos to play in the background. Example, I have a youtube video that is 3 minutes long. I would like to start the video at 1min and end at 2:30. Does this plugin allow that? Thank you in advance.

Hi and thanks for your interest!

start / end time unfortunately is not possible in this plugin (at least not without code modifications) but we are working on another similar that will be able to do that.

Hi,congratulation for your vimeo-youtube background gallery.(9ced65ff-96ab-4d83-b9e7-8404a630a79b ) Is working fine with you tube but I cant with vimeo albuns ( all my videos inside this site ) Could you help me with more documents, or a tutorial with the vimeo oauth configuration? I shure I am near the solution, but we havent more time. Thanks I wait your help ( months ago also I bought another gallery from your portfolio)


Vimeo requires API key, you need to register new application: https://developer.vimeo.com/apps/new

Tutorial on how to create Vimeo API key: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwy9aibAd54

Get Client Identifier (key), Client Secret and Access Token from Oath2 tab and enter them in the following file: includes / outside-web-root-settings.php

If you still have problems, send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

Vimeo Tommy P. (Vimeo Support) 2 jun. 11:30 a. m. EDT

Hi Jorge, Sounds good. Just so you know, this error originated from the gallery plugin you’re using, as the developer of the plugin may not have properly implemented the authentication flow. You’ll want to contact the developer of that plugin for support if something similar occurs in the future.

Please let me know if you have any other questions about Vimeo! Sincerely,

Tommy P.

TDCred 1 jun. 10:06 p. m. EDT

At this time my apps is working fine! with my own vimeo collections thanks for your help!

Jorge Dominguez tdcred.com<http://tdcred.com>

2017-06-01 21:08 GMT-03:00 jorge dominguez <tdcred@gmail.com<mailto:tdcred@gmail.com>>: [cid:ii_j3f3cm780_15c66217e16e0cd4]