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Hi, I have VideoPro Theme premium, your Plugin works with this theme ?


Can you tell me if your plugin supports Videoly – Video WordPress Theme? https://themeforest.net/item/videoly-video-wordpress-theme/19557971?ref=cirvitis

Videoly theme has specific post options like “Video URL” that need to be filed in order to display video posts.

Thank you in advance,


Best 30$ that I’ve ever spent on a plugin. Great plugin with great functionality! Thank you guys!

I’m glad to hear that, I really appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues with the plugin.


how to add Broken videos checker in CRON?


The Broken videos checker is only available on the interface.


Hello, I have some broken video link posts, but the checker doesnt find them. Can you help me with that?

Thanks. Yuri


Would you please send me your admin credentials to check this directly on your website?

also, send me the link to some broken videos.

Note: contact me privately via my page profile or directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com


Thanks for your assistance, works now!


Pais Purchased

Hi! I purchased YVTWP a little while back and most things are perfect, and exactly what I need, but there is one thing that I can’t find a good solution to, and maybe there is a way within the plugin that I am missing.

The use of the plugin is to regularly upload training videos that we make in series’. So, to do that I make them into YouTube playlists and then import them. The plugin then turns them into the posts I desire. One of the functions on the post itself is being able to skip to the 3 different workshops within each of the videos. To achieve this, I have a little shortcode from another plugin that looks a little like this: [skipto time=10:30] HTML content [/skipto] ^this shortcode will skip the youtube video to time 10:30.

But, in each of the videos, there will be 3 of these, and I would like to make it as easy and automated as possible to add the time stamps in, without having to import the videos, then go into each posts, locate where the time is, and change it 3 times per post.

The solution I am looking for is something like the embed options having custom fields that I can build into the post content, then type the time stamps into 3 basic fields. The issue then is that it will need to be different times per video, and therefore each video might have to have different embed options, so I’m not sure if there’s the possibility to have something in the import table.

Anyway, I was wondering if you knew of anything that could help with my issue.

Thank you! Andrew


If you are the owner of those videos, just add the time parts to the video description on YouTube.

Ex :

1:30 part 1

2:40 part 2

3:50 part 3

in the embed, tab set the settings like the screenshot below.


Hello, the documentation is no longer available. Where can I find info on how to install?


Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGicdYm0btk this will help you understand how it works. for the documentation, I will make it available as soon.