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kayoplugins just helped us again! We can’t recommend this developer enough. A true professional! We changed web hosting companies and experienced a minor glitch after our site was moved to the new server. We emailed kayoplugins and received a response within a few hours. They emailed us detailed screen grabs of exactly what to change and our problem was fixed within minutes. We love this author!

Hello There! I need a YouTube Video Player (HTML5) with a custom skin like this: http://awesomescreenshot.com/01c64b2s8a

Is it possible to customize your plugin as well?

Thank you in advance.


Note : you can test all features before purchasing, see here the live demo

to customize the display, you just need to put your player code or other plugin shortcode and map it with our plugin video fields like {{video_key}} {{video_url}} {{video_title}} {{video_description}} {{thumbnail_high_url}} .........

this is an example of importing a video using the iframe method

Thanks for your interest.

Thank you. But I do not understand where I can customize the appearance of the skin of the video player.

Could you do a quick demo to see it before buying your plugin?


the appearance should be managed by your theme or others plugin that supports the HTML 5 player, our plugin only imports videos as a post and integrate the video as a regular video iframe.


Hello, I recently purchase one of you’re plugin like:”YouTube Videos To WordPress Posts” for the purpose of getting the following things: 1. YouTube Video’s/ Channels, 2. Descriptions Of that Video/Channel, 3. Name of Category, 4. Tags for that Video

BUT, I am unable to get “Category & Tags for that Video”.

Can you please any one help me out regarding this issue.


To get categories and tags you need to set the settings like the screenshot below.

Note : if that not resolve your bug, please send me your admin credentials to debug this directly in your website.

Contact me privately via my page profile.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi … Really like the look of your plugin and I have just bought VideoPro Theme from Cactus Themes … I noticed your plugin automatically works with their other Video Themes.

Just wanted to check if you have tested with VideoPro / does your plugin automatcially pre-populate the custom fields in the setup etc?

Many thanks

Hi … thanks for the quick reply … I see you can select to use a user from the wordpress site for the imports … but do you have any plans to pull the video author and add it as the author of the themes video posts / user … thanks again

For the moment you can only select an existing user on your website.

Thank you for your prompt reply

Hello, I wonder if the import youtube videos, I can get the same result as my theme uses the video posts.

below the link for an example:


It would be very useful to my site your plugin.

thank you.

Perfect !!! these days I was headbanging with theme plugins patterns and even recommended by the author.

Your plugin is all a person needs to import youtube videos. I liked it so much that I will indicate to the author of my theme to recommend your plugin.

parabens creativity and perfection plugin


Glad to hear that it’s useful for you :)

For the Truemag theme, our plugin load automatically the necessary settings. For more details, view this section of the documentation.

If you have any issues you contact me directly via my profile page.

Don’t forget to rate our plugin on the market, this will greatly help us!



deanjon Purchased

Hello just started to use your plugin and works great.

i just have one question though, I have taxonomies assigned to my posts.

promoter-organisation is the name of it but when i enter it on the custom field section it does not pull the data across into that taxonomy

how can i pull the data into the taxonomy field rather than the custom field ? or should it be entered into the custom field thanks

Hi! I love your plugin, thanks! I’ve faced an issue: the featured image imported from YouTube is not appearing in front end! Even it is right at the wp-admin. In front end, the path for image is pointing to attachment page. What can I do about it? Thank you so much.


If the image is appearing in the admin as a regularly featured image, then our plugin work perfectly. you should verify that your theme uses Wordpress code standards to display the image For more details visit this link.

If you are sure that our plugin is the source for this bug, please contact me directly via my page profile and send me your admin credentials to debug it directly on your website.

Thanks :)

Hey what’s up. Great plugin. I’ve got a small issue. Plugin is importing just as it’s supposed to, however once I view the actual post, the video is not appearing and I’m getting a blank page with a breadcrumb title “888”. Now once I actually go to Edit the Post, I see the all the imported fields are correct and nothing is wrong (that I can visually see). I hit “Update” and then all of a sudden everything works perfectly. Seems like a glitch or something. I’ve got a couple hundred videos to import and will be running the scheduled import as well on my client’s website, so having to Update the post to fix the issue would be a bust. Looking forward to the help!

I’m using the TrueMag theme by the way.

Visit www.islandtv.tv and the first three videos under “Latest Posts” are doing it so you can see what I’m talking about.


Please send me your admin credentials to debug this directly in your website, you can contact me via my page profile or contact me directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com


after one day plugin not working error come click on below link watch snapshot – http://xyzhindi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/plugin-error.png


this is a conflict with others plugins, please send me your admin credentials to fix it.

you can contact me at kayo.plugins@gmail.com or via my page profile


Hi there, my website is hosted by WP Engine, running all WP and all plugins up to date. Upon installation and trying to import my playlist, I received KILLED QUERY error on my server and a 403 FORBIDDIN nginx error in my browser. Please advise. Thanks! Jeff

Hi there, my website is hosted by WP Engine, running all WP and all plugins up to date. Upon installation and trying to import my playlist, I received KILLED QUERY error on my server and a 403 FORBIDDIN nginx error in my browser. Please advise. Thanks! Jeff


Can you please send me your admin credentials to debug this directly in your website. you can contact me directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com


Thank you. I shot you an email.


I have bought this script couple of months back and installed it on my website. i would like to know how do i update the script with latest version on my website without loosing settings. Where do i see the change log and the version number of the script. while importing youtube videos, i am seeing the description of the video in the post as highlighted in the below url. how do i avoid the description while importing. https://someimage.com/DGzMuHd


you dint understood my question. i was talking about the video player width. if you see my screenshots above, you will see that all the videos which are imported using youtbe grabber is displaying with odd dimensions, where as if i add one single video from youtube ( directly) its displaying properly.

Please send me your admin credentials to check this directly in your website you can contact me directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com

Hello, i sent u my credentials. can you please take a look into it and help me. after importing the videos, in few days if the user of the youtube channel adds few more videos in there channel or page, those videos are not getting imported. how can i make this change on the settings.

Is it possible to add the video’s embed code to a post’s excerpt field?


Yes, you just need to put the embed code with the video meta key in the Post excerpt input (Click to the screenshot below for more details)

Feel free to contact me directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com if you have any other issues.


Hello I would like to know if there is any setting where I can make bulk changes in postings already made with your plugin.

I did a test on a post with your plugin and I would like to apply on the other postings already made.

I added content in the “Embed Options” part and I liked the result and would like to apply at all.

In this link you will understand – http://pipocaplayfm.com/23464-2/

Is there such a possibility? As your plugin is in English and I’m from Brazil, I get a little lost in the possibilities in another language.

I will be grateful for your help.


1- Yes, you can do it in the default settings page bat that will be applicated only in the future imports, for existing imports you should do it manually for every import.

2- Our plugin available by default in the English version bat it can be translate to any other languages.

If you have any other issues feel free to contact me directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com



muhsin84 Purchased

hi nice plugin !! I have uploaded some set of videos from youtube playlist but how can i show the video order by video1, video2, video3, etc


The main role of our plugin is to import videos as regular posts but the display order in your website front-end should be managed by your theme or a plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-post-order/

Feel free to contact me directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com if you have any others issues.


I am not seeing any videos actually embedded when I try your demo, the posts just have the title and a bit of information?

For you info. The import seems to work, thumbnail appear on pages, but the actual video doesn’t display anywhere on the associated post – only the text appears.


This is fixed now if the problem persists contact me directly at kayo.plugins@gmail.com and I will investigate the problem further.

Awesome, worked… This looks great!

Does the plugin embed the video in a post the same way as a standard youtube video being dropped in a post?

Is there a way to prevent ‘related videos’ being displayed at the end of each video?

Are you planning any updates to allow the inclusion of a social locker or popover ad?


C-Y-B-E-R Purchased

Last questions….

Does the plugin properly integrate with the Newspaper Theme, displaying the imported video as a proper video post in the ‘header’ or does in place the video inline in the content?

Which of the supported do you find it integrates with best (most seamlessly) ?

Would it work ok with theme Osage we recently purchased from themeforest?

Hi, view this part of the documentation that explains exactly how to integrate the plugin with the newspaper theme. http://yvtwp.if36.com/documentation/popular-themes-integration/newspaper-theme/


C-Y-B-E-R Purchased

Thanks… Purchased earlier. I just sent you an email with a little issue we’re having, with our login credentials :)


C-Y-B-E-R Purchased

The issue is the video post not displaying correctly, and the automatic ‘default import settings’ and leaving out the {“td_video”:”{{video_url}}”} entry, BUT, even when that is manually included it still doesn’t appear to be integrating properly.


I just send you an email, please check it and tell me if that resolves the issue.



C-Y-B-E-R Purchased

PERFECT!!!! Thank you. This is the best money we’ve ever spent on a plugin. Great work, it’s simply awesome!