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Hi, very nice plugin i wanna know before sell your product if it work with another video platefom, i have my own video website and i wanna to display my video in my facebook fan page. Thanks


Sorry this app is working exclusively with YouTube videos

If I give you the ftp details would you be able to install it for me? Im having trouble doing so.


Please contact me through my profile page and will try to help you for a small fee, thanks

Hi Yougapi… I just bought your app, but i have some issues, every time i tried to add the app to my page i receive this message: “API Error Code: 191 API Error Description: The specified URL is not owned by the application Error Message: redirect_uri is not owned by the application.” Any idea how to solve this… Thank´s in Advance saludos/regards Ricardo

Hi got you email, and just answered to it ;)

Thank you Yougapi…

I think i fixed the error, everything seems working fine.

Thank you so much for your kind and superfast response , i really apreciated



Hi, how about control panel?


The apps settings are all set from the app config file :)

Hi, I have some questions about your app:

1) Is it possible to set the language for Facebook options appear in Spanish?

2) When I share some video on my facebook from your demo, the shared link appears with the name of the video in question, but does not insert the video (as you know from Youtube or manually posting a video link automatically be inserted). Is it an option in the template or impossible to insert the videos on the wall / timeline of Facebook?

For now it is all my friend, thank you for your time and dedication.

Have a great day Best regards


1. As a minor customization yes (contact me through my profile page for it) 2. I noticed that with a lot of sites. Not sure maybe YouTube have certain things others sites cannot get, because the videos are hosted on YouTube anyways

Hi Yougapi,

Is it possible to show de tab on the Fan page, but when the click on it, the have first to like the page to watch the videos.

Thanks in advance, Cruxy

Yes that’s correct, you need to be logged in and have liked the page. If a user is not logged in Facebook has no way to know if he has liked the page or not ;)

I am sorry my mistake. I mean if you logged in and you did not like the page yet, you cannot see the tab.

Actually it will very clever if you push the user to like your page if he want to see the videos. Now nobody knows that I have moren than 200 videos in my gallery. Am I right?

There is a page that you can customize with your own texts and images for users who didn’t like the page yet. Should be called “index_before_like.php”. Hope that helps !

How can I link my youtuve channel using this app??

I can’t find any place to put my youtube channel address.

And Is there any way to get rid of scroll bar??


Thanks for using my app. Please contact me through my profile page for support and will help you to link your YouTube channel. Will need a link and temporary FTP access to your app.

The scroll bar is automatic. Cannot really be removed

as I edit the size of the comment box facebook

How can I remove the Scroll and also check the source code and see how I do LightBox having to work as me and also apply the description of the video in the bass part of the title

The scroll up when clicking on a video should be domewhere in the “include/js/script.js” file

Hi nice script, can i full auto share facebook? with this script ?


What do you mean by auto share Facebook?

Hi dear there is no Documentation file how to setup app for page

kindly update please .



That should be within the zip package available after your purchase. Anyways I got your email and have sent you a copy of the doc by email ;)

OK Thanks bro


Is this app still working with the new facebook API ?


Yes sure !

Don’t work in Firefox… You have a solution?

I will check it out coming 3 days and an update will be released if necessary !

Any solution to Firefox?

HI is your app can automatically send video from youtube to my Facebook pages ? including the live video ?

Sorry no, not designed for this. Designed only to display YouTube videos from channels for ex, or searches, on a Facebook page