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I want to add more fields, so please let me know how can i add them. Because when i try to create some fields with ID’s its not showing on submissions

please do reply asap

its super urgent to me

Please keep all our future contacts via email only. You have to ask somebody who are familiar with PHP to customize the form and script for you. Please reply via email.

not able to upload video and getting video ID

As I see in your email, the App configs are not correct. Please keep me updated via email only.

Hello i am install in localhost use phpStudy for server error is

How i can install.


Not able to access the link above. Anyway here is the installation guide

Hello, your plugin looks great. Can I ask if the following scenario is supported?

  • Set the uploaded videos to non-public (i.e. it’s viewable if you know the YT URL)
  • Write the video URL to the user’s meta table in Wordpress, or a field created by your plugin that tracks the Wordpress user (So I can display thumbnails of that user’s uploads on their profile page when he is is logged into Wordpress)

I understand you do not perform customization.

So I am asking if your plugin already supports setting the privacy state of the upload, and returns the video URL so I can write some additional functionality.

If your plugin can already display that specific user’s set of uploads so that I don’t have to create this functionality that would be fantastic, I just don’t see that in the feature list.

Thank you!

First, it is not a plugin, it is a stand alone php script. Second, the script supports setting the privacy state of the uploaded video to pub, unlisted and private.

Hello good morning, I would like to know if the script is compatible with wordpress

It is not a WP plugin, this is a stand alone php script


I am facing an error like this. Help me.

Caught Google service Exception 0 message is Could not json decode the tokenStack trace is #0

upload_to_youtube/google-api-php-client/src/Google/Client.php(216): Google_Auth_OAuth2->setAccessToken(NULL) #1

upload_to_youtube/uploadyoutubeapi3.php(46): Google_Client->setAccessToken(NULL) #2

upload_to_youtube/processing.php(15): require_once(’/home/cuibiano/...’) #3 {main}

The YouTube API App you just created is not correct. Please contact me via


Question for you:

Is there any file size limit? For example, can I upload 15GB file from the browser or will the browser timeout? Any settings I can do to make sure it doesn’t timeout?

Next, does it utilize the upload resume functions of youtube and automatically upload in chunks? So if a user uploads the same file name that failed or the internet disconnected it will resume in youtube? Does the file indicator bar just to the % uploaded for a resume?

Finally, how do you know when the video is done processing after it uploads? Is there a status bar?

Thanks so much! Nice work!!!

Thank you. Actually resumable uploads are allowed:

Maybe that will help.

In terms of timeout, for 15GB what settings do you recommend and with what files? Which needs to be edited? I know it probably depends on server speed. Thanks so much!

Does the status bar tell you when the video is done processing? Processing happens after the upload.

Also, can you set a playlist and custom thumbnail as well? Thank you

Not possible, this script is server- side not client—sude. The whole video file should be uploaded first to your server then transfered to YouTube servers. I can not afvise on the file size of 15 GB!!! The script informs you when uploading complete, processing is another issue.


I cannot upload video greater than 100MB to my Youtube channel.

The whole video have to upload to my server first, or it upload directly to Youtube?


The whole file should be uploaded to your server then to your YouTube Channel. Please check your server PHP configs in terms of file size limits.


I recently purchased the you video uploader 3, but i am having a number of challenges. 1. I have successfully installed the script, but after i was authorised, I got an error instead of going to the page i set for the redirect. Of particular concern is the fact that it leeps saying one file is missing; i think its view_channel.php

2. I went ahead to the demo upload page, but the video also does not upload.

Below is a link to my setup: (Also note, if i do not put the index.php to the url, it does not load the video demo upload page, it just shows an error)

Kindly help with this, as it is needed asap

Please do not provide any more details for your script via this comments page and contact me via email. I already received tour message and I’ll reply back to you soon.

Please check your SPAM folder I updated your redirect URI yestrday. It works now. You need to do nothing, just test uploading for your side.

I have problems to upload a video to Youtube account, the video seems to be upload to plataform but when the video is complete, in videopage i recive videopage.php?video_key=&title=&desc=&tags=&cat= and no upload nothing. Can u help me¿?

I just checked your site, the script is not installed successfully. Would you please send your YouTube API to me at

demo is not work, i upload a trailer movie but show me this link .

The demo does not allow you to upload your videi to my channel, just to see how does it work.

if upload video copytight or adult upload with private permission , youtube block me or delete video ?

Yes, you have to use any user-login and management script to authorize your users to access and upload, like this script in envato, otherwise you will be in terrible with YouTube.


I don’t think Google offers a server API key anymore which may be leading to my issue. I followed instructions to setup my project and API credentials, with API key (not selecting server API key) and with each attempt I get the following error: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: video_key in /var/www/viduploader3/upload_to_youtube/processing.php on line 26

In the API console I can see the there are several client errors attempting to use youtube.videos.insert.

Any help would be appreciated.



No, YouTube API v3 offers thisserver API key. Please contact me via email.

Hi, pre-sales Q: do you see any pitfalls in using your script on a stand-alone (non-public) server and call the your script in a lightbox/modal on an public server? I would like to do it that way to save space on public server. I guess you have unlink command to delete the file but this is to prevent performance issues on the live server.

I did not try this before and I can’t advise you to run the script in this way.


just bought your script and i need to change the browse option , i need to select file from the some vps that installed your script and i dont want to upload files from my pc , do u understand

i know this si an extra and i will pay for this


Sorry, as I told you via email, not able to help you in your case.


its very simple bro

give it a try and you will see !!!

Good luck!

pre-sales – I need to see if this works properly. Your demo does NOT upload my video. You need to have a working demo so pre-sales can validate if the script works properly. Please provide a demo where I can upload my own MP4 file.

The demo does not allow you to upload your video to my own YouTube channel, of course you know why. I use a demo video instead of yours just to show you how does it work. You can upload any video format supported by YouTube. No worry, it already used by hundreds of sites.

Hi, I have problem when uploading bigger files than ~100MB. I’ve tried a video of 1GB, it does get uploaded to my youtube account but the script does not call back the $video_key from processing.php. I’ve tried to increase the setTimeout but no luck. It seems like the setTimeout works for smaller video files, ~50MB but when I try a bigger one, e.g 500MB it seems like the timeout functions does not work and the script does not have the time to fetch $video_key.

This is very annoying because the person who uploads the video must have a proper link to the video.

Best regards,

Nevermind above, I’ve got it working!

Good news, please provide feedback for others, how and why?

Hi, you’ve developed a good tool but I’m with some problem when I press “Delete video” after the video is uploaded I get an error message “Caught Google service Exception 404 message is Error calling DELETE” it is just part of the message. How can I solve it? Thank you!

Please send the script link via my email.

Can you let me know what the fix for this was? I’ve encountered a similar issue.

Please give me more details, if you mean the previous question, the YouTube app was not created successfully.

The error in question is as follows:

The app you just created is not valid. Please remove this error message for security reasons and contact me via email. Before that please read this manual at


Is the video uploader3 form template responsive to smart phones that people can record own videos using their own mobile phones and upload direct to my channel when using your script?

Is there away to make all uploaded videos pending until i publish them manually? because people could upload videos not worthy watching .

Can you help to add a php function such that people need to create account before can upload videos?

Yes, responsive in design and allows you to upload videos directly from your mobile device. You can change privacy to Private so nobody can see it until you approve the video and change privacy to public or unlisted. Creating accounts and managing users require another script from envato market.


I have 2 pre-sales questions for you:

1. When the videos upload to my channel can the go to private automatically to have any control ???

2. The videos can go to a specific playlist ???



1. Yes, you can very simply (privacy: public, unlisted, private) 2. Simply yes, but not included in the script, you can read the following to add a specific channel: but you need to retrieve the playlistID