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This is my first item in Envato Market. I developed and made this script available in easy way after I received many requests from users who need to integrate YouTube API v3 in their web applications and websites. Any questions are welcome.

Great Work and Welcome ,GL :)

Thank you for encouragement Tatwerat-Team, appreciated.

Hi, does this script delete uploaded video on server after sending it to YT?

Yes, this option is added to the final video destination page for demo purposes, and also available in the purchased package.

Hi, Yes, but my question was if your script auto-delete the video file on my own server after it is uploaded to YT, e.g unlink in php. Im asking due to the fact that I dont want my server to be filled with video files that does not serve a purpose.

By default, of course, a video will be deleted automatically, using unlink (), once it is uploaded successfully to YouTube.

It would be cool if the script allowed the user to login with their own YouTube credentials and upload to or create playlists in their own account. Using this combination with a standard YouTube player embedded on the site would allow the user to have a customized experience based on their individual YouTube account. Personally, I find it too dangerous too let the public upload videos to my YouTube account. Google would ban the account quickly for all kinds of violations to copyright and unacceptable content.

Thank you for feedback, but login with your own YouTube credentials and upload to or create playlists does not require using a script like this. I totally agree with you that opening your channel for anybody to upload a video is very dangerous, and this is why I do not allow you to upload a video using the demo script. Usually, this script is integrated in a website that allow you to verify and authorize users (your students, employees, customers, etc.) to upload video assignments to the course website, company video gallery, etc.

Great support! I got help after few minutes. Everythings works fine. Thank you!

Good luck in your project, Nils. Please let’s know if you have nay questions related to the integration of the script in your site.

Hi, Could you please tell us what has changed in the update. Thanks

This is the first update since the release of the script. Very minor bug fixes that generate php 500 error in some server settings. Nothing else so far. If works fine with you, please ignore this update.

Hi, thank you for creating a great script! We need something like this to be integrated into a Wordpress website. Do you have a Wordpress plugin version of the script or can you provide assistance to integrate it into a wordpress website? Thanks again for a great script.

Thank you for interest. No, I do not have a WordPress plugin. For the time being, a WordPress plugin of this script is not safe enough to be used, and I do not recommend using a similar plugin with video uploading functionality and YouTube API 3. to be used. You can use it as a separate script beside your WordPress site.

I need to confirm if this work with from mobile ?. Thanks

Yes it is. Viduploader3 is based on pure HTML5 uploading script which is compatible with major Android and iOS browsers. You can check at Just upload any video from your mobile and watch the progress bar until you reach the demo video page.

Hi, its posible to pause/resume the upload? or maybe if I upload the video via FTP to my server, and then the script can upload the video to youtube? If not, hope you consider to make this posible, maybe if the script can scan for videos in a especific folder and then user can choose what videos will upload

Thank you for feedback zombiemaker, appreciated. The uploading script does not support pause/resume.

Hello, I have a prestashop website where i would like my sellers to display their product videos on my youtube channel and with your script, i do see that it will be very possible for sellers to add their videos. The question is that, is there away to make the video uploader form only be accessed by people already logged in to my prestashop website?

2ND. Is there away to make all uploaded videos by default to be disabled such that its me to manually publish each video added to the website?

Does your script work on shared hosting?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Nice questions, ronelgon. 1st: is there away to make the video uploader form only be accessed by people already logged in to my prestashop website? Yes there is: just integrate the script with any login script like or , so only users who have a username and password can access the page. 2nd: Is there away to make all uploaded videos by default to be disabled such that its me to manually publish each video added to the website? Yes, you can set video privacy options in the script to ‘Private’ so, nobody will be able to access or watch the video until you review and change privacy option to ‘Public’ or ‘Unlisted’. 3rd: Does your script work on shared hosting? Yes, it works as any ordinary simple PHP script without any specific requirements. The video is uploaded to your server temporarily then uploaded to YouTube servers in a couple of moments.

Respected sir i interested the buy this

i want to for exmaple my 20 user upload video direct go in my channel but i check your demo sir no option during the uploading the channel name where upload

i know api creat from google no problem but

when demo check sir upload process no here any channel name who write and go video direct in channel youtube after in chnnael i review and decide which video i monitize or not for public

the demo direct upload video no mnetioned after uplaod where go the video

thansk some guide please

Thank you for interest, you define the channel, not the user when you create your YouTube API. If you have multple channels, you need to create separate API and uploading form for each channel.

I thanks to you reply me after buy if problem can you help me install and first time creat api my channel youtube after i look this thanks very much and also tell the this work on subfolder or main domain only work my site is if i want install

Please contact me via email after purchase. I’ll create the API for your and install the script.

How can I install your product in a WordPress site?

You can’t use it in this way as a plug-in. This is an independent PHP application, not a WP plug-in.

Is there any way to install your PHP application in a WordPress site?

Simply, No. As I mentioned above, you need to install it in a separate folder, away form WP. If you have FTP/cPanel access to the root directory of your server please contact me via email at

When I try to authorized the API, I get “The session state did not match.” Any help would be appreciated!

email sent

After many failed attempts, I actually just tried YOUR demo and it doesn’t work from my iPhone. I’m going to have request a refund from envato, thanks for trying.

This is NOT true. You has one problem with uploading QuickTime MOV video from your iOS. You do not know how to change the allowed file format in uploader_form.php as follow: ‘fileType’ : [‘video/quicktime’,’video/mp4’] ?, I have around 52 messages between me and you since yesterday just trying to convince you to allow me to check and update the code for him, available upon request. Sorry, you get the code and it does work in iOS and I’ll not be happy to refund you. Thank you for honesty.

Few days ago I bought this product and was pleasantly surprised with the quick and high quality support that we received from you. The author of the PHP code do the best to help their customer to overcome difficulties they may have. Keep up the great job. Thank you

Hola viduploader3

i just send u email.

Please Check.

I would like to know if the script gives opportunity to approve a submission or something like very similar?

How I will manage it?

Explain me more about it.

Sorry, this is out of the scope of this script. However, one suggestion is to set all users’ uploaded videos to Private (see php code), then change the video privacy manually to publuc/unlisted. Pleae use email for further discussions.

demo not work ?

Will work soon, the server is under maintance right now. Will update you.

hi, i get this problem when uploading videos

Caught Google service Exception 400 message is Error refreshing the OAuth2 token, message: ‘{ “error” : “invalid_request”, “error_description” : “Missing required parameter: refresh_token” }’Stack trace is #0 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/viduploader3/upload_to_youtube/google-api-php-client/src/Google/Auth/OAuth2.php(272): Google_Auth_OAuth2->refreshTokenRequest(Array) #1 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/viduploader3/upload_to_youtube/google-api-php-client/src/Google/Client.php(455): Google_Auth_OAuth2->refreshToken(NULL) #2 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/viduploader3/upload_to_youtube/uploadyoutubeapi3.php(55): Google_Client->refreshToken(NULL) #3 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/viduploader3/upload_to_youtube/processing.php(12): require_once(’/Applications/M…’) #4 {main}

please help :)

This is an API error due to a mistake in creating your app. Pleade contact me at

Hi, thanks for your reply. the problem was fixed after deleting cookies :) your code is amazing!

Good, anyway, feel free to contact me.

Hey. If I buy it from 19$ – then I get a full working script without validity? and the question is: users will be able to upload video (need no public access) to the desired playlist?

Yes, yoy get the full working script, and you have the option to make your video available for public, unlisted, or private.


when i upload a video to my channel, some time it shows complete by video was not uploaded. Some time video uploaded but showing error not playing.

Please help me asap, its super urgent to me

hi Please check you email inbox, i sent script url there, please reply asap.


Hi, Please get back to me asap, i need to fix it urgenty. please

I am moving right now. Will contact you once I reach my office. Please do not post any more comments and contact me via email.