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Youtube Video Up-loader question : The Question

How do we insert the video uploader into the sidebar of any wordpress theme? Currently it its own page have integration:

However we want it within the widget area of the CMS system so it fits within the side bar? Is this feature possible?The location: If not, I will ask for a refund within 3 days from now

Hi man the screenshot made it appear that we were able to integrate into the sidebar directly of a Wordpress website. As this is a php -oriented script it didn’t have to be a plugin since we inserted into the theme file. But there is an error in upload as well.

1.Screen Shot isn’t the full screenshot after script is intergrated 2. Upload after integration has unknown error. This reasons made me request refund.

<?php include (“uploader_head.php”); ?>

I will go into dispute and make my case known to code canyon and provide screenshots of what you present here within your screen shots and what actually occurs where we will see in error in the script as well. Also it took you 5 days for support only after I requested a refund. Please provide refund I already have all screenshots of delayed support, unknown error and your sample screenshot gallery which doesn’t communicate your work transparent enough .

Unless we use an image on our sidebar to redirect it to the portal that the script creates but either way its not really working for me.

Sorry, I cannot provide any support regarding integrating the script in your WP theme. Again, if you can do it do it.

I’m able to setup this script and upload to YouTube successfully how ever my client is required to login their google account in order to be able to upload how do I by pass this step

My bad Instead for click on URL index.php in the main folder I click on the upload_to_youtube/index.php . This trigger the google to login account to authenticate before uploading . works perfect now thank you

Good news, please rate the script before leaving

just did thanks again

the access_token in the .txt only good for 3600 seconds . After this I get error “Caught Google service Exception 400 message is Error refreshing the OAuth2 token, message: ‘{ “error” : “invalid_request”, “error_description” : “Missing required parameter: refresh_token” }’Stack trace is #0 …...” when trying to upload

how do I fix this

Invalid API

The authentication is required before upload video to YouTube. Do NOT waste your time or money for this script . it is copied from here

This is not true, the same like any Google API, you have to authorise your API to upload videos to your channel, only onetime

Hi read through all the comments above. question? the demo only allows upto 23% of upload? then stops. Is there any file size resrictions? if so maybe helpful.

Please upload a small video to see how does it work. Even your video will not be uploaded to YouTube, another video file will appear at the end of upload process.


A quick question: does this support direct upload to youtube (I don’t want video stored on my server, not even temporarily)?

YouTube API 3.0 supports only browser-based upload, which mean the video should be uploaded to your server first.