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what is error at processing.php


Caught Google service Exception 0 message is Invalid token formatStack trace is #0 /home/hosting_users/saytopc/www/youtube/upload_to_youtube/google-api-php-client/src/Google/Client.php(216): Google_Auth_OAuth2->setAccessToken(‘{web...’) #1 /home/hosting_users/saytopc/www/youtube/upload_to_youtube/uploadyoutubeapi3.php(46): Google_Client->setAccessToken(‘{web...’) #2 /home/hosting_users/saytopc/www/youtube/upload_to_youtube/processing.php(12): require_once(’/home/hosting_u…’) #3 {main}

Error in creating your API app. Please contact me via email with your script URL.

I saw this question from a previous post it wasn’t answered. Write the video URL to the user’s meta table in Wordpress, or a field created by your plugin that tracks the Wordpress user (So I can display thumbnails of that user’s uploads on their profile page when he is logged into Wordpress)

This is not a WP plugin, it is a stand alone php script.

Hi, I am trying to use the script but on the install it just comes up with

Warning: json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in path/upload_to_youtube/google-api-php-client/src/Google/Auth/OAuth2.php on line 177

Fatal error: Uncaught Google_Auth_Exception: Could not json decode the token

Please can you help?

No problem you just need to create the API properly. Please follow these steps at or contact me via email to create it for you.

I need support. I put everything but video not working,. It uploads empty video

Please contact me via email so I can check your API.

I purchased youtube video downloader from codecanyon. This is my purchase code 30c7ad12-4812-4c15-83bb-03c29866a7e7.

While install what is Application name, Application API and Redirect URL.

As mentioned above, please contact me via email

Hi, can i use it for bulk upload?

No, just one by one.


leeker Purchased

I bougt one,and I want to give it a new function.

when everytime I upload a new video to special folder on server, It should also automatically be uploaded on Youtube channel.

How much is the price?

The URI is not correct, please follow the guide


leeker Purchased

I do not think your script is work now. Since I bought it, only the first time it worked and one or two days later, it failed. on the next several times, I exactly follow the guide you given, some can install but can not upload, the others even can not install.

If it works, you should fix your demo site first, I give it up, it is a waste time thing.

Please forget about my demo, I cannot make it open for anyone to upload to my channel. The script works 100% without the need to refresh or renew the key. You can create a new folder with new API then try again, it works in hundreds of sites.

I open incognito window for uploading video its not working why?

hello sir why are not replay to me in email

I reply to every single email. Sorry, I cannot access to your email account and help you in creating an API for you.

what is the problem sir

How can we get response from youtube once the video is uploaded? Is this script includes saving the data from youtube as id in our database to further stream? We want to clarify on this before buying the script.?? And in demo .avi is not supported, we are looking for the one which supports all video formats.

Please refer to YouTube API at for more info. In this this script I get the video ID after uploading so you can save it yourself to your MySQL. The demo just show you how script works but does not allow you to upload your own video. All video formats accepted by YouTube are allowed in this scrips, and you cam modify that (which file extension is allowed) for the script.

Dear Sir,

Please solve the following issues at the earliest.

1) Once I ran install.php – after submit I got the following issue like

The requested URL /viduploader3/upload_to_youtube/.php was not found on this server.

2) By Ignoring above issue I tried to upload video from /viduploader3/index.php

which gives the error like :

Caught Google service Exception 0 message is Invalid token formatStack trace is #0 /home/hosting_users/saytopc/www/youtube/upload_to_youtube/google-api-php-client/src/Google/Client.php(216): Google_Auth_OAuth2->setAccessToken(‘{web…’) #1 /home/hosting_users/saytopc/www/youtube/upload_to_youtube/uploadyoutubeapi3.php(46): Google_Client->setAccessToken(‘{web…’) #2 /home/hosting_users/saytopc/www/youtube/upload_to_youtube/processing.php(12): require_once(’/home/hosting_u…’) #3 {main}

3) And there is no file called my_api_keys.php in any of the directory

Please help us to resolve it at the earliest.

Sorry, I cannot help you any more in this issue. I replied by email. Please read Google guides for how to create a YouTube API

Honestly we did not expect this answer from you, we bought this to ease our implementation. your plugin says – Some file is missing. Can you please help us on the same. I have also posted email on the same.

Sorry for that, but the path not the file in your server is not correct.


afaaro Purchased

hello, i am trying to install the application but i only got api key how can i get client id and client secret

Please check your API again

What do you mean

It means that the API you created is not correct

google no longer has the box available for a server key and I can not find it anywhere I have the youtubev3 setup but can only get a apii key that is not a server key can you help?

Google continues to change the console

This is true, some minor changes in the console interface, I will create a new video to show how can you create a new API after updates.

I am having no luck with the api key I do not have the server option when I create a key it simply gives me the API key with no other options I have created 5 projects and many keys in hopes one will work with no luck how do I get a server key now and did google change it again?

Replied via email.

Thank You for your help Good seller

i have a questions before purchase

1. what if i have multiple channels created under my account. 2. How do i select the right channel. 3. Is there any way of restricting number of videos per IP or user.

It does not support multiple channel upload. No restriction options.

Hi, was not able to find in description and in comments here, do you use a curl function to upload video ?

Please refer to the script page as shown in the script home page. No, no curl

good morning, the script works, great job! I have a question, how can I bypass the form and use only the files in the upload_to_youtube folder? I have to integrate your existing url script to send to youtube.


It does already

Purchased by mistake x2 times the license for your script and sent you request to cancel one of my purchases through codecanyon support.

Would be thankful if you could process me one refund, thanks :)