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Interested in purchase but looks like youtube has changed there data structure again so this script is useless. This has happened to me on many scripts that I have purchased that leave them useless. What are your intentions with this script and are upgrades free or do I have to pay for them? Thank you in advance for your answer!

We have update our script to YouTube API V3. And all update will be free . Thanks


I’m also using this script, and i’m looking forward for a new update that will work with new youtube api structure.

I know that but now YouTube required API Key for results.
YouTube update data method that’s why its take little bit time.

Ok. I’ve sent you a message on your support ticket. Thank you for all your help.

Ok. Thanks

Oh…this doesn’t work. Please fix up this issue as soon as possible for the purchasers.

Thanks , We will try our best.

i am interested in purchasing this software. can the video playback include full screen? as well as be adjusted to a larger default size?

Thanks for showing interest in our script.
Right now We have not include full screen option but if you want that then you can request from support team. Thanks

i get error on the detail page. Warning: file_get_contents(,snippet&q=ARTIST&key=MY_KEY

What’s the issue ?

When i try on another server, i get About 20 results out of (0.23 seconds) but the result is NOT showing ??

My script is setup and working just fine when I type in one word in the search box. When I type in more than one word I get an “Warning: file_get_contents(,snippet&q=patrick star sponge bob&key=”

Please don’t make me wait for weeks or days and please don’t make me jump through hoops to get this fixed. How can I fix this quickly?

I emailed you.

that’s Fixed.

How do I make grid view default?

We have by default Grid View.

Hello, about the share tools of your script. I’m trying the demo and can check that the url displayed when you share a video, do not include the title and description. Is this an error or not?. I like your script, but it would be better if the script display the url of the site and all the info about the video. Thanks.

Thanks for showing interest in our script. Right now we have only Like button for facebook, But if you need a share button with complete info you can ask for this customization from our support.

Okay, thanks for your reply.

I just bought the script, i want the website to load a certain keyword on load. Is it possible? Thank you

Please contact at team will help you . Thanks

bai full screen krna ka kitna piysa loo gea ?

Please contact via email.

api key daily limit exceeded, how to fix it?

Need to refresh API. Where you have seen this? Can you please submit ticket on support if you have purchase this.

could you make the search query become SEO friendly? after user type specific keyword, the url generated should be consist the search query typed

Thanks for showing interest in our Products. Please contact at

your design no responsive in mobile view

Yes. We will update this very soon.

No search results showing? Just empty when I search for videos that I know exists. Thanks!