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Pre Sale Question: I was to use this plugin to embed my live broadcasts. Essentially, you just use a link to embed. Does this have the capability? When Im done with the broadcasts, Im going to put them into a playlist which is why I like this plugin. Let me know if this is possible with the plugin.

I am sorry. I don’t think that is possible with this plugin

Hi, I’m a purchased user:

After updating getting this error message and no play list: No valid json found Sorry, no video’s found

This shortcode:

[youtubelist feed=”playlist” playlist=”PLCc28TMzOFciYEypmoOhb90Df88g22FfQ”]

This URL: http://www.insightfulastrology.com/test-playlist/ Using this youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCc28TMzOFciYEypmoOhb90Df88g22FfQ

Any help would be appreciated as your player is much nicer than the default WP :)


Great then it works. Put the // back \wp-content\plugins\youtubeplaylist\class\class.youtubelist.php and get your own API key as described on the Item details tab ( http://codecanyon.net/item/youtube-seo-playlist-for-wordpress/237365 )

Also set the cache to 0 till it works. After that set the cache again in your admin plugin

I got my own API key (thank you for the video, it was very helpful). Works now, thanks.

Great :-)

hello i bought the plugin alnog time ago…. great plugin!! Suddenly nothing work.. it write “no video found” see link: http://www.piclip.co.il/anniversary-surprise-clip/ also in the mobile the video not shown correct, see only half video…. please help ASAP many thanx

There is new version with the V3 API. So download the update and install the new version. You can always check the Item details tab for new versions. You also need an API key now as described on the Items detail tab

Hello, with me you will see: Warning:

file_put_contents(/www/htdocs/w00df8af/wp/wp-content/plugins/youtubeplaylist/cache/4e08d79bbe74f3dde3e9cb23f72c28e3.json): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /www/htdocs/w00df8af/wp/wp-content/plugins/youtubeplaylist/class/class.youtubelist.php on line 321

Warning: file_put_contents(/www/htdocs/w00df8af/wp/wp-content/plugins/youtubeplaylist/cache/4e08d79bbe74f3dde3e9cb23f72c28e3.json): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /www/htdocs/w00df8af/wp/wp-content/plugins/youtubeplaylist/class/class.youtubelist.php on line 321

API key habe ich generirt und eingegeben.

I did CHMOD “0755” for the folder / plugins / youtubeplaylist / cache and the class but still not working. Or I do Neto you need?

Then ask your host what the settings are. Perhaps 777. Only the cache dir should have permissions.

Works now, thanks!!!

Plugin not work i want playlist to put not channel what is the code?

Always stay in the same thread instead of opening a new one.

To get help provide me with the following
1. Your shortcode
2. You playlist url
3. Url where i can see the issue
See http://codecanyon.net/item/youtube-seo-playlist-for-wordpress/237365/support at the bottom

as stated in the footer admin of the plugin
NB. You can only use one player on each page or post !

Hi there,

Sorry for disturbing.

The plugin stopped working.

We updated a new Youtube API Key.

Early we used a shortcode like this one – [youtubelist keywords=”funny prank”] – did you change it?

Our Item Purchase Code: 0cad99a2-1baa-47b5-b67f-38aea951d13d

Thanks, Igor

Nope, works as expected http://www.template-responsive.nl/wpdemos/igor/ So probally your key is wrong. And make sure you use the latest version with the V3 API key

Thanks for the update big man! Working like a charm again! – keep up the good work. Paul

Thanks :-)


Is it possible to put two shortcode on the same page with two different playlists ?

It is that on the page where it will be installed in plugin, playlists appear in different tabs .

Thanks !

Sorry, this is not possible

ok! Thanks for reply!

Hi. I’ve updated the plugin and got the new API but get errors. See the page here: [removed]

Canyou tell from that what is wrong? I’ve loved this plugin for a long time now. Just adding favoutites and onto different lists has been fantastic :-(

First try to set the plugin to the default settings and show me your used shortcode

I changed it from a feed of “favorites” to a playlist number and that now works. thanks

Great :-)

Hi Ceasar, I purchased my license on Jan 30 this year, does that mean I have an old version? Had some problems: my playlist does not display on my page. Do i have to update/ change my API? I am not a technical person at all and have no clue.Please advise if I have overlooked anything or i better buy a new license?


(SETTINGS) Playlist to the right Playlist to the right of the player {TRUE}

Regards, Steven

just bought the new release, can get the installation right. do you provide installation services? How much is it, what info you need? FYI Want to add keywords

Did you get the right API key ? Send me your used shortcode and you’re API key by mail so I can check.

Hi, I love your youtube playlist SEO pluggin, but just noticed it’s not working anymore. I just purchased the new update, but I’m having a hard time uploading to youtube. The folder I downloaded after purchase didn’t come with a zip file. The folder is called youtubeplaylist, then there are many folders and files…but i tried uploading the different files to wordpress…but it’s not accepting…

...so I didn’t receive the .zip file to upload…

That isn’t possible or there must be something broken on Envato. When downloading the file it is a .zip file called codecanyon-237365-youtube-seo-playlist-for-wordpress.zip So go to your download page and try again.

This zip file you can upload and install as an plugin (Since this is a complete different version you have to deintall the older one). Don’t unpack the zip unless you know how this works.

If you cannot download the zip then you have to contact Envato support


I just have a doubt and after reading the information provided not sure if the pluging is able to do.

Imagine I have a play list PL1 with videos V1, V2, V3, V4 & V5. In my blog I have three posts and: In Post 1 I want to show PL1 but the main video (the video that appears in the main screen) must be V2 In Post 2 I want to show PL1 but the main video must be V4 In Post 3 I want to show PL1 but the main video must be V5

Is this possible to do?

Thanks and regards

I don’t think so.

Can you show any sites that are ranking well on at least somewhat competitive videos as a result of using your plugin? Also is this product being updated and supported I do not see a lot of activity.

I don’t have englisch websites only dutch. Search on google for example – Facade – DelMontis | Amersfoort Jazz – You will find amersfoortjazz.nl on the third place

Can you post a single video on a page and have video SEO and also does this plugin support some kind of video site map?

Can you also tell me if I can stream a video from Amazon S3

This is not possible. Sorry

Good afternoon. Please help.

1) I wanted to make a playlist responsive, did as instructed. I send you screenshots. I can not understand where is my error. Height in the playlist is not responsive.

Same thing with the horizontal slider to the right. which line is responsible for the correct display?

Maybe there are some specific settings to display properly?

2)Can I insert several players on one page?

Thank you, waiting for your reply. Regards Nikita.

Screenshot http://test.it-coyot.com/images/PLaylist(1).png http://test.it-coyot.com/images/PLaylist(2).png http://test.it-coyot.com/images/PLaylist(3).png http://test.it-coyot.com/images/PLaylist(4).png http://test.it-coyot.com/images/PLaylist(5).png

test page


You cannot set it to 100% only in px. set it to 720 instead of 100%. as described you can only use one player on a page. Remember this is not a responsive player. At the support tab you will find a small css hack to make it somehow responsive

ok. Thanks! its work! 5 stars )))

having a hard time setting this up…. Seems like I’ve followed the instructions, but I just can’t get it to work. Url is http://shinethelight.co/testimonials2/

whats your email?

The way it works here is that you sent a mail on my profile page

Solved by mail.

Hello, You have a tutorial for this? I don´t know what to do

Sorry ???? This is a youtube plugin, not vimeo, and you didn’t bought this item, so how could i possible help you ??

I bought the plugin “Vimeo SEO user playlist for wordpress” I used the shortcodes for album , but the playlist under the video looks not good and on my mobile phone there is no playlist?

Then why ask here ???? This is the item https://codecanyon.net/item/vimeo-seo-user-playlist-for-wordpress/2821347

Then check youre css, and this is not a reponsive item as described

Echt een fantastische file en zeer bruikbaar voor mijn website www.dutchrap.com maar ik struggle met een probleem… Het is momenteel niet responsive… Kun je hier in iets voor me betekenen?

I want to buy, for only 12 dollars but have to pay up to 20 dollars. how do i buy