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Getting error message: no valid json found sorry no videos found

What am I missing here? Installed the plugin and generated API key. Tried first short code. Error message

also, when i enter your playlist, as in [youtubelist feed=”playlist” playlist=”PL52D30BED5669995E9E”], I get the following error: Array ( [error] => Array ( [errors] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [domain] => youtube.playlistItem [reason] => playlistNotFound [message] => The playlist identified with the requests playlistId parameter cannot be found. [locationType] => parameter [location] => playlistId ) ) [code] => 404 [message] => The playlist identified with the requests playlistId parameter cannot be found. ) )

It should be youtubelist [feed=”playlist” playlist=”PLlIymhL_q5UCua29Pr46T8FOd5EcwhJB3”]

And above is no error but the correct playlist or there is something wrong with you’re WP installation. You shouldn’t get an array like that.

I got that from your previous reply to me and was trying to see if it would work in my install (That’s not a playlist but a normal video. For example this is a playlist , then the playlist=PL52D30BED5669995E), which it didn’t

Hello me again. I left a message on the php version by mistake. I forgot I had a license for this plugin. ;-) Do you confirm it’s safe to use with Wordpress 4.9.5 ?

Hello, the playlist display erraticaly – look > Do you have a fix for this ? Thanks

Awesome !!! It works !!!! Thank you very much

Hello! I have 2 questions. Question 1. For example, I’m only interested in video about car repairs. Can I ask these keywords and display only videos on this topic on the site? Question 2. Will users go from search engines, finding video descriptions on my site? Or this service does not bring new visitors from Google? Thank you!

plugin off when try active him!!!

why plugin not respansive?

Has been described on the item details that this is not a responsive item

hello , also i want use some youtube video on the site without showing that they are from youtube ? can you show me an example if it possible with this plugin ?

That’s not possible, sorry

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Is it possible to hide playlist and only show the player window? as I want to use it as TV on my website

2. if a visitor open the page where it is will it play automatically? I mean without clicking on Play AND FOLLOWING VIDEOS should also play automatically

Then why not use youtube own player, no visible playlist, but remember auto play has been disabled fot tablets and phones to protect against abuse

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sorry double post

tried it and it did not autoplay even in desktop. I wanted to create playlist that will not be displayed but only player window

Hi, I bought your plugin, but it doesn’t work.

It shows the message that there is no valid plugin to be installed. Reading the comments, seems that it is not responsive.

May you provide a refund, please?

What does not work ? Did you noticed the latest version which is completely responsive ? And on the items tab there is described how to update. If there is a message that there is no valid plugin is installed that should mean that this plugin is messed up ? I will test to see if that’s the case.

For now just checkout the latest demo

AND, you are absolutely right, I forgot a major file in the package, sorry for that. Uploaded a new version which will be ready for download quickly

And the new file can be downloaded now, thanks

The shortcode does not work, it throws an error for ARVE, another plugin I have that allow for embedding videos.

The error it shows is: “ARVE Error: id and provider shortcodes attributes are mandatory for old shortcodes.”

Okay, I don’t know anything from that plugin, perhaps ARVE can shine a light ?

I found the problem. Because ARVE scan for youtube in the content and also in shortcodes it gives the error.Example [youtubelist feed=”keywords” keywords=”chill music”]

Definitely wrong from ARVE but I have a fix.

Open ytplaylist_plugin.php and on line 44 you will find my shortcode, change youtubelist to anything you want and save.

For example

add_shortcode( 'youtubelist', YoutubePlaylistPlugin::add_handler('hook_shortcode') );
add_shortcode( 'mysolution', YoutubePlaylistPlugin::add_handler('hook_shortcode') );

In the content you place

[mysolution feed=”keywords” keywords=”chill music”]

Hello, The shortcode does not work.

The error it shows is: No valid json found Sorry, no video’s found


You’re right, the API doesn’t work.

What type of PHP is needed?

There is only one type of php :-)

Next and previous buttons(function) doesn’t work.(twenty nineteen theme)
All other plugins are disabled.

I tested google chrome&firefox. I tried to stop other plugins. I tried to change wordpress theme.I tried to change php ver.

Button’s bug is ok.but next video can not be played automatically.

That’s right, that is not a feature with my plugin, and not build in

I have misunderstood. thanks.

I’m having the following issue jquery.youtubeplaylist.js?ver=5:5 Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function at jquery.youtubeplaylist.js?ver=5:5

Can you please help

See answers by monbran4989 one post earlyer, I will update the package :-)

Hi, ceasar.
Sorry for the many questions.

Source code is garbled.(japanese lang)Please tell me how to fix it.

i want to retrive keyword.
shortcode example: [youtubelist feed=”keywords” keywords=”久保 建英”]

All japanese keywords are garbled.



Open wp-content/plugins/youtubeplaylist/class/class.youtubelist.php

On line 76 change

return mb_convert_encoding($string, ‘HTML-ENTITIES’, ‘UTF-8’);


return mb_convert_encoding($string, “UTF-8”, “SJIS”);

I tried your code.but keywords are still garbled.
but solved with the following code.ok.

return $string;


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