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have plans to vimeo too? nice, bookmarked!

Sorry no. Vimeo search has to many restrictions

Can i set a default width/height? What is when i deactivate the plugin, are the insert code work without the plugin?

Not in the admin but you can easily change it. A small jquery code will be loaded for the replacement so no. But you can easily make that piece a part of your template for example

This is the snippet for the front end so easy to add that to your theme



    $('.mceYItem').replaceWith(function (){
        return '<iframe id="'+$(this).attr('data-id')+'" style="'+$(this).attr('style')+'" class="'+$(this).attr('class')+'" title="'+$(this).attr('alt')+'" width="'+$(this).attr('width')+'" height="'+$(this).attr('height')+'" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/'+$(this).attr('data-id')+'?wmode=opaque&theme='+$(this).attr('data-skin')+'&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&rel=0&autohide=1&enablejsapi=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>';



Looks very nice. A demo on wordpress would be great to tryout.

The demo is the same as using it in WP. Or look at the video

I missed the video. This looks wicked. I need to figure out if I need it or not, i def know that i want it. Bookmarked. Thank you.

Auto play and Auto HD is what I need. I will buy if you can add those two options.

There are no options but you can add them very easy.

If you look at the snippet a few post earlier you can add as param


Remember though that if you add 2 or more video’s on a page and they are all set to autoplay that they all are going to play at once. That’s not what you want I think :-)

very nice ;)

Thank you :-)

it would be better if you added the button through the media_buttons action so the button is next to the add media, that way its available for people with text tab active or have no visual.

Sorry this is not possible since this plugin works ony with the build in tinymce (wysiwyg) in WP

Hi, A only want the link from youtube – nothing more. Can I fix that in the code area?

Only this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkK7F20_0go

Thanks! Peter

That’s not the good line. You need to adjust line 200 after

if (youtput == ‘placeholder’)

then add this (in the post earlier I made a mistake :) )

var sHTML = 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=' + getVideoId($('#inpURL').val());

OK, thanks for a quick answer – I should try this. One more question: Can I update the Post titel with the Youtube titel, maybe for other users you could have a mark box if you want to use this function. It´s not a good idea if you have several videos in the same post.

Kind regards Peter

That is not possible

Great stuff, amazing!!!!!! cool item

Thanks Puriex :-)


In demo an after inserting an youtube video it appears an image placeholder. ( As you pointed: In this example I use the image placeholder ! ) If i use the iframe option of this plugin ( instead of placeholder ) will it show the youtube video with the player button or will it do the same as the media button that shows only a grey image placeholder?


The iframe option shows the youtube video with playbuttons. But that option is more for the non WP version. In the WP version there is also an replace function build in by my plugin. But in WP latest beta version there is already an replacement if you insert a youtube link which gives you the player with buttons.

I personally prefer the image placeholder. looks better and easier for the clients

I understand,... so in WP latest beta ( next release – i suppose ) this plugin will show the youtube video with playbuttons in the iframe option, right?

I really would need the youtube video with playbuttons because its more wysiwyg for users that I will allow to post in my blog. ( so they can understand that that is really a video ).

Giving also all the options that this pluging does ( the search part mostly ) it will simplify a lot things!

Bookmarked, but may have to way for next WP update to buy.

Thanks for the quick support!

Not really. In the latest beta version if you don’t use my plugin, by just inserting an youtube url an youtube player will be parsed with ajax. Just download the latest version and have a look for yourself.

How do I disable the video being appended to the placeholder? I just need to use the placeholder.

I don’t know what you mean. You can adjust the js file if you know your way how to do that.