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The pagination shows at the top and bottom of the thumbnails. How do I remove the one on top? Seems redundant to have them on the top and bottom. It looks strange.

Hi staceeandco,

Our pagination only displays at the bottom, not on top. Can you send a screenshot?

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hi… Does the plugin allow us to disable the display of related videos? (rel=0)

Hi C-Y-B-E-R,

Yes you can disable related videos from Settings menu :)

Please let me know if you have any questions,

You forgot a closing div. The div class nj-youtube-gallery will not be closed.

In frontend/index.php in line 317 you have to add the closing div

$content .=””;

And second: Could you insert an option for the order date to choose between ASC and DESC

Hi paulstelzer,

Thanks for your reporting, I will fix it and add your suggestion option in next update.


UPDATE: You closed the div in line 288. But if their is no loadmore, this closing tag will not displayed in code. So you have to remove the closing div in line 288 and add the closing div tag before in line 285. Then it works with videos with and without loadmore.

I made a test without load more button and see it still working fine, can you show me an example about problems? This is my demo:


I am thinking of buying this plugin for my website. Is it possible to use youtube´s seekTo JS API function on the plugin videos?

Hi outervalue,

Your mean this one?

You can see the answer on that link.


Really cool looking plugin, nice work ;)

OMG, Thank you WPExplorer, my idol :D

Hey Tommy… I’m trying to find a plugin that will allow ‘muted autoplay’ like they’re using on many posts on

I want the auto play video to replace featured images, so that on the homepage they display.

Will this do that for us?

Hi C-Y-B-E-R,

This plugin doesn’t support muted autoplay function at this time.

But I just made a demo HTML simple at you can copy to use it.


Am I able to adjust the Dimensions or YouTube player ration? For example can I set it to display 16×9 or 2:35:1 etc etc? Or am i stuck with the massive black bars? Thanks!

Hey. Just commenting again to see if I can receive an answer to my question. Thanks

Hi dannytrombley,

You can set video display ratio 16:9 or 4:3, you can view this screenshot for more detail:

Please let me know if you have any questions,

The screenshot says for thumbail type. But I’m referring to the actual pop up player….can I sent that to be a true 16×9 without the extra added black bars. Thanks

Hello. Is it any luck with adding Vimeo support?.. I moved to Vimeo and can’t add video from my channel ((( I think it’s gonna bring you more clients. Your plugin is cool and the Vimeo support is definitely missed. Especially because more and more serious people moving out from YouTube. Thank you.

Hi ra_spirit,

This is Youtube plugin and it does not support Vimeo, but thanks for your suggestions I will add Vimeo in future.

Can you let me know why you don’t want to use Youtube?


hi , i’m using your plugin : problem the 4 column don’t work ,there’s something to do in a css file ?, selectioning 4 column it’s showing only 3 column

Hi kmsociete,

Please submit a ticket at and our support team will help you check it.


Hi, I have a question before I buy it now. You must be knowing that, Facebook doesnt show full image of YouTube share links, like it does for VIMEO links.

So, Im looking for a solution, so that Wordpress can fetch the thumbnail from youtube and make it as featured post image automatically for that WP post

Then when I goto Facebook and share this post link, it will automatically show up the thumbnail image big in FB share image.

But when someone clicks on the post link on FB, it should directly goto my Youtube video instead of going to Wordpress post page with video.

Can your plugin do that ?

I have seen many websites doing this, im not sure, if its your plugin or something else.,

Let me know asap.

Lets say, You have a youtube video – ABC DRIVING.

Now that gets pulled to Wordpress automatically and your plugin will pull its thumbnail full res image and make it as featured image of the post automatically.

So the wordpress post becomes –

So, now I goto Facebook and share this post –

Facebook will pick the thumbnail featured image of this post and show as FB thumbnail.

Now if someone clicks on this post in FB, it should not goto the wordpress post page, but it should directly goto the Youtube Video.

Got me ?