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Hello, Ninja Team!

Is there an autoplay option for single youtube video?

Thank you!

Hi neofe, Yes this plugin have auto play option :)

Please check this screenshot for detail:

Let me know if you have any questions,

Thank you, Tommy!

Does not work.

I tried to make ticket and it wont let me!

email me

no id cuz i CANT make a ticket!


I think ticksy system have a problem and they fixed it. Please try to create a ticket again.


Hello There! I need a YouTube Video Player (HTML5) with a custom skin like this:

Is it possible to customize your plugin as well?

Thank you in advance.

Hi linksbreaker, My plugin using HTML5 player but don’t have custom skin, only have customized player style (Ajax, Popup, Direct). Maybe I will add customize player in next update.


Hi, I have a problem with loading speed on one page on my site have 1 YouTube video. check here ;

is this can help me to fix the issue. ?

Hi Wân, Yes sure, Please add a ticket here and our support will help you check it.


i never got ANY support

Hi Rossman, Can you try to add a ticket again and let me know. Thank you


Hi Rossman, Can you try to add again and let me know. Thank you

I would like to know two things before I buy this add-on. On this Demo: I can´t see the title of the video, like the regular YT videos. This means that on the plugin I will not see the tilte on the YT video right? It will be exactly like the demo right?

Can I choose how many videos, columns I want to add?

Do I have to choose Playlists or I can choose random videos?

Thanks in advance

In this case, you can add 2 videos to your playlist and add to website with this plugin :)

Ok. Thanks. :)

You are welcome ;)

Please let me know if you have any questions,


VETP Purchased

Dear Support Staff of Ninja Team,

I just got your YouTube Pro plugin and I am quite happy with it. However, the major issue that I am experiencing at the moment is that on the page where I would like to include the YouTube channel, the existing sidebar is being moved below the YouTube channel instead of residing on the right side where it should be. How come? What do I need to do to prevent this? Please see my screenshots for more information.

Your prompt response would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I already submitted a ticket but haven’t received your answer yet …

Kind regards,

Pascal Houben

Hi Pascal, Please let me know your ticket ID and i will help you check it.


Hi, I just installed the plugin and I can not put 4 columns in the playlist. For some reason, is not well suited to the plugin template, me three columns appear. And if I put 2 me 1. Also the logo appears in the play I get moved down and not the center of the image.

Hi pobukweb, Please submit a ticket at and our support will help you check it.



dalanis Purchased

The plugin is not working and i created a ticket a week ago and I’ve gotten no response. I seriously need some help

Hi dalanis, Please let me know your ticket ID and I will help you check it.



dalanis Purchased

916437 Thanks


dalanis Purchased

My ticket number is #916437

Hello, using one single youtube video can i hide title, controls, infos? Thanks

Hi rcampo78, Just add your one video in a playlist and paste it in option field. You can hide title and youtube logo, can’y hide controls at this time.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hello, I like to buy this plugin, but have a question before. Does the plugin uses the basic youtube oembed (Wordpress default)? Does it is possible to change the youtube URL to As we have to use this one in Europe! Thanks!

Hi sebastianalbert, this plugin use our code embed. We don’t know about, I will research and if it like by more people I will add it in next update.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hello Tommy, Thanks for your fast answer. The no-cookie domain is a version of youtube, which does not set any tracking cookies. As we have a really strong EU-Cookie law now in Europe, we have to use this domain.

I have already managed to get the normal oembed work with this domain. Have changed the functions.php // OEMBED FILTER function bolster_oembed_filter( $return, $data ) { // YOUTUBE (ADD PARAMS, NOCOOKIE DOMAIN) if( is_object( $data ) && property_exists( $data, ‘provider_name’ ) && ‘YouTube’ === $data->provider_name ){ $return = preg_replace(“src=(['\"])?([^'\">\s]*)”, “src=$1$2?rel=0&showinfo=0&wmode=opaque”, $return); $return = preg_replace(’/youtube\.com\/(v|embed)\//s’, ‘$1/’, $return); } // VIDEO (ADD WRAPPER) if( is_object( $data ) && property_exists( $data, ‘type’ ) && ‘video’ === $data->type ){ $return = ’<figure class=”media”>’.$return.’</figure>’; } return $return; } add_filter(‘oembed_dataparse’, ‘bolster_oembed_filter’, 0, 2 );

Would be great if it would be possible to change this with your plugin too. Would really like to buy it.

Thank you for your information. I will research and let you know.



aloud Purchased

doesnt work

hi aloud, please give me your problem detail and I will help.


Hello NinjaTeam Very good plugin. Could you integrate in the future version possibility to exclude some videos from the channel/playlist?..

Current we don’t show suggested videos, you can view demo at


Well if you open this demo you will see that in the lightbox mode there is suggested video at the end of the video and I don’t know how to switch it off…

You can use Ajax load to disable suggested videos. I will add turn off it in lightbox mode in next update.


Stream live youtube video automatically?

Yes you can use it for youtube live video.

Great plugin

Thank you,

Don’t forget to give me 5 stars review, it’s can help us a lot :)


Hello. You promised to add possibility to disable showing suggested video at the end of watching. I asked about that 3 months ago but things aren’t moving… ((( Here is an example: If you watch any of the videos you will see that after watching youtube showing suggestions and most of them is my competitors. I don’t want to forward my traffic to the channels of other people. Please tell me when you gonna fix that?..

I can see you just updated your plugin! I was waiting for that long time! Thank you very much!

I checked all of the options in new version and I didn’t find any related to disabling suggested video… Can you tell me where is that option?..

Hi ra_spirit,

You can ticket this option from Settings:

If you don’t have this option, just upgrade latest version or submit a ticket at with your admin access and I will help you check it.


Great looking plugin … very nice work!

Just a quick question … in the visual composer settings … what are the “types” available for the gallery settings … I see “Channels” in the screenshot … but what are the other options?

With using the keyword search in the same gallery settings section …. can you do combination searches like on YouTube … e.g. youtube+wordpress+plugin

Many thanks in advance

just type the keyword you want to search, example “wordpress plugin”

Cool … thanks again … just looking to see if it does the slightly more complex boolean searches from the YouTube API docs also … “Your request can also use the Boolean NOT (-) and OR (|) operators to exclude videos or to find videos that are associated with one of several search terms. For example, to search for videos matching either “boating” or “sailing”, set the q parameter value to boating|sailing. Similarly, to search for videos matching either “boating” or “sailing” but not “fishing”, set the q parameter value to boating|sailing -fishing. Note that the pipe character must be URL-escaped when it is sent in your API request. The URL-escaped value for the pipe character is %7C.”

Many thanks again

Thanks for your suggestions, we will add boolean NOT + OR in next update.


I’d like to see a demo of the 3 video player types: normal, AJAX, and pop-up. I looked at your demo and it looks like the normal version is loaded. Could you tell me if the AJAX type loads in a lightbox when I click on a video? Or is the pop-up type that loads in a lightbox? I want to use a lightbox when someone clicks a video to watch it.


Hi befree22,

Yes current when you click on a video, the lightbox will open with video and you can watch it.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

I viewed the demo and in the Setting gallery I have option to show a specific number of videos and sort by date. I have a couple questions. 1. Is it possible to post a Youtube video from 3 years ago? 2. Can I categorize videos (tennis, soccer, basketball)?

Awaiting a reply

Hi befree22,

Let me answer your questions:

1. Yes you can

2. You can use search with keyword tennis, soccer, basketball to display videos.

Please let me know if you have any questions,