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I am having no luck trying to make this work ? its not so clear the instructions

this is my site i am testing on http://ruby.market/browsereviews/

please could you give me some help.


Not without more info. What are your trying to do, youtube url, api code. You can always sent me a private mail

Greetings Sir, I very much like your products, you have much talent. My question is… Is it possible to insert the video player into an existing html page, and specifically into a table cell, without changing the html page to php? example page: http://redpillvideoz.org/3DWALLZ/RPV214.html , I am seeking to place player in the grey area(inside the table), replacing a script that no longer works… Thank you, any help appreciated, keep up the good work, Sincerely REDPILLVIDEOZ

The only way to embed the player in html is through an iframe

Hi there, just wondering, has something happened to the script? or perhaps Youtube is acting crazy ? I had it working fine but then it just stopped. Seems even your examples page have stopped working to. Mine are doing the same thing. Thank you in advance..

Demo is working fine so I don’t know

presales question – do you have api to pull in facebook videos also?

Nope, sorry

How can I populate the playlist? Is it possible to do it based on a search query? Is it possible to add several playlists to the same page, each one based on a different search query? Can I see the documentation first?

Just look at the demo, everything is described there

Hi. Everything is working fine, except for the links on the videos (playlist below the player), which are sending users to youtube site. I want the videos to show on my site. Please, some advice.

Nevermind. Found the issue. I was loading jquery twice… Thanks.

I have bought the plugin but when installed up can not run. Demo: http://kenhtv.net/youtubelist/ Desperate support for me. Thanks a lot

Without any information what settings you have used I cannot help you

// Use like this.
$video = new youtubelist('????');
//Default keywords or username or playlist (in this example username)$video->set_username('????');

Awesome script!!! Just what I have been looking for.

Questions: 1) There seems to be a word/character limit on the title and description (the text is being cut off and ”...” is appended). I need to be able to show more text. Would I be able to change this limit different in Media Queries? How?

2) I also want to add right padding to the grey box containing the title and description below the player (the text is currently being cut off by the vertical grey scroll bar on smaller queries except for the smallest 480) but I cannot figure out what CSS to change.

3) What do I need to change so the current list of 3 videos below the player can be changed to more? I have a lot of videos and would like to expand the list to 10 so I don’t have to do as much scrolling.

4) I would like to display the video title in the grey boxes below the player for the 480 media query. You provided the CSS and removed the thumbnail, which is perfect. However, with the thumbnail removed the title is now superimposed on top of the description. - How do I push the description below the title? - Instead of a setting a fixed height for the grey box containing the title/description, is it possible that the box adjusts to the amount of content instead for the media query without the thumbnail? What CSS would need to be changed?

My test page using different media queries: http://trueinsite.ca/demo/youtube/test.php

Sorry about overloading you with questions. Your assistance it greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

This looks like a custom job :-)

//Set length title and description text

Use Firefox developer version as browser so you can inspect what css classes has been used.

Remember that this player is not a responsive player as stated in the Item details.

To show more video’s then 3 change the height of div.youplayer ul.videoyou

Thank you. Works perfectly :)

I have 2 playlists on one page and used media queries to size the player based on certain screen sizes. You included an example of a media query for the mobile version, which works perfectly.

ytvideoiframe, #ytvideo targets the first player but I cannot figure out how to make the second player (with the ID of #ytvideo2) resize. Using #ytvideoiframe, #ytvideo2 does not work.

Since a lot of people have been asking to include more than one playlist I am hoping you can provide the mobile media query that resizes the player of a second list as well?

My page with the first player resizing perfectly but the second remaining at the original 640 pixels: http://trueinsite.ca/demo/youtube/

Thank you in advance.

The second player uses for the iframe #ytvideo2iframe, so use that.

ytvideoiframe, #ytvideo2iframe, #ytvideo

Then play with the other media queries, use FF dev version to inspect the classes

I am not a coder and just spent the last hour trying to figure out what other CSS properties require updating, without success, even with the assistance of FF Developer.

The fix you suggested works for the height of the video but does not address the width or container itself.

The CSS I used:

@media only screen and (max-width: 900px) { .yt_holder, .videoyou { width: 500px!important; margin:0!important; } }

ytvideoiframe, #ytvideo2iframe, #ytvideo3iframe, #ytvideo4iframe, #ytvideo {

width: 100%!important; height:280px!important; }

In the test page I removed everything except the original 640 width version and 900 media query so you can see what happens: http://trueinsite.ca/demo/youtube/

Please tell me what other changes I need to make to have the second video be sized the same as the first one.

I wish I knew as much about coding as you do but I don’t, the reason I purchased your product so I am hoping you can help me resolve my dilemma.

Thank you

I just figured it out! :)

ytvideoiframe, #ytvideo2iframe, #ytvideo3iframe, #ytvideo4iframe, #ytvideo, #ytvideo2, #ytvideo3, #ytvideo4 {

width: 100%!important; height:###px!important; }

I was gonna buy this, but it has not been updated since 2 years. Do you still maintain this ?

This is not Youtube SEO playlist for WP ? I may have mistaken. I was sent here for Youtube SEO playlist.

Ok thanks. Same question remains though. The WP version has not been updated in over 2 years. I’m on the verge of buying it though. Just hesitating because of that.