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eclipse or android studio

Yes, I want to I add within the application and how much are the fees Send Price dz3@hotmail.fr

batter u can add my skype id skytouch2u.

Please add an opening video within the application in order to be integrated application

Of course, be free to buy application

Hi, Why do I need this while Youtube App itself already have Live Video feature? What you have beyond their features?

U can add youtube video from your own admin panel. also u can add Mp4 and other live streaming link. which will open in default browser.

Yes this lin can play in phone default player but if u want to play into your native player ten i can add it with extra charge.

It works with Admob ?

u can use Admob

Hello I was wondering are you able to re-skin this app. And can you live stream youtube playlists as well? Is there a way to schedule video as well?

Hi, please add me on skype id: skytouch2u

How many channels can I stream? Is it only one like the other free plugin or can I add multiple channels?

U cab add unlimited number of channel. There is no limit

what version youtube api key?

U can get API Key from developer dash board of google

need help with youtube live

Yes. I can help u. please add me on kkype. ID: skytouch2u

I added you and I am waiting to hear from you on Skype as well..

knock me there

Hi This app is used to play videos uploaded to youtube and…. for youtube streaming ???

Yes correct

Hello i just install joomla becouse of this app and i add youtube_tv to component by FTP and in admin panel is will but i dont know why not showing in components in admin panel can you tell how can i fix it.Thanks

send me login information to my email

send me your email

this is a steal for the price… i was able to set it up… easy except for one thing you dont have documentation about where to set the api user and passwrd … still loads with default but is there a section where it gets it from or is it your user name and pass for joomla…. another thing is there a place to edit the useragent the player uses so that my streams only load on the app using my custom useragent

You can use any Super user’s Username/Password for API password. custom useragent feature can be added. You can add my skype id: skytouch2u Thanks

Hi! Does it allow to add links from youtube video and it’ll work as TV channel? I’d need to have the plugin which will be works such way – – I’m adding needed to me links to YouTube videos – they playing by random – always playing even if page with player doesn’t loaded – visitors are unable to remote etc i.e. will work just like if you switched on TV ;) Pls let me know. Thank you.

Yes u can add Youtube live stream link from admin panel.

Can you add the embed code in a panel with jwplayer in the application

Is there anyway to add a notification for when a youtube live stream starts… i want it to send a notification to all my android usera when i go live on youtube… but so far this has played every format i use for streams ao thank you…

U can afd Firebase push notification

Demo not working.link not available

Please sent apk

tell me your email . i will send apk

Hello Could you send me a sample with a Youtube Playlist ? Is there a way to add a logo on the top left of the screen ? Thanks Olivier ogras@yahoo.com