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Hello, elhardoum! Thank you for such a wonderful plugin. Can you tell me whether there is a possibility to get the YouTube channels data of other uses not only mine? I mean the amount of their subscribers, total views and so on.

Oh, now I get it!

Currently, it displays a video’s picture, and once clicked, it shows a popup containing a video player (embed). I think you wish to not load those popups and embeds, instead you want the user to click the video picture, and then, a new window opens taking the user to the watch page of YouTube..

You could implement that easily, as if you wanted to get rid of those embeds which take a little bit time to load. If ever you want, we’ll help you achieve that, just mention it :)

Yes, I would if it does not bother you very much :-) I need just to show video pictures (miniatures) with links to their YouTube pages? not the video itself. For example, when you look recent videos in a channel card you may click a video miniature to go to the YouTube site, not pop-uo window))

Hi Scrooge3!

It’s okay. You will need to edit includes/php/functions.php file, go to line 130 and find this paragraph of code:

$last_uploads .= "<div class=\"yiw-parent\" ..........</div>";

( by the way, it contains line breaks, it is not in one line code.

And replace it with this: http://pastebin.com/vB7GP1LL

Same thing for popular uploads tab, use replace it with full code in the paste bin above but, change

for this one.

That’s for the widget, and if you wanted to do the same thing for cards generated through shortcodes, edit shortcodes.php file, and do the same thing you did above for both line 162 and line 246 ( $last_uploads & $popular_uploads )

If you couldn’t do that, just use pastebin.com, create 2 bins containing the content of your functions.php and shortcodes.php files.

This is an awesome plugin. I was just wondering though, how do you change the player size (ie height, width)?

You’re welcome.

Just head to plugin settings tab, scroll to “Below-video information” section, and in the textarea, add

and then save.. it should make all content below videos disappear.. You might also want to add this custom CSS to hide a little empty space below videos:
.yiw-vid-info {
  display: none;

Edit: this will remove everything below video, if that’s what you wanted.. otherwise use given shortocdes and we will be glad to further assist you..

— Samuel

You guys are awesome I will definitely buy from you again

Thanks a lot, bigdave! Stay tuned for future updates of this plugin. Have a nice day :)

Samuel realized the purchase of YouTube information widget plugin for Wordpress, however, is not properly fucnionando the widget. My channel on youtueb is https://www.youtube.com/user/TVUFGcanal14 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw4zvDMD-XLk1b63cH6QklQ). Could help me to correctly configure Shortcodes?


See this screenshot : screenshot

Type in this

in Username/ID field, and check ‘This is a channel ID’ option.. That’s for the widget. As for shortcodes, if you are in ‘Channel card’ section, then, again don’t forget to check ‘Thick this if you are providing a channel ID above’ option, and drop your channel ID UCw4zvDMD-XLk1b63cH6QklQ in the previous field.

If you still can’t get it to work, then kindly let us know. Thank you.

Hello Samuel ,

Thank you for the return .

I set up the screenshot as he told me, but it did not work. I set up that way Screenshot (http://www.tvufg.org.br/Youtube%20Info%20Channel%20Card.png), but the result was this page ( http://www.tvufg.org.br/Website.png).

Could help me in the correct configuration?

Thank you very much for your help.


Weird. Did you try clearing your caches? go to the settings section of the plugin, scroll to the bottom and there’s a button for cache clearing..

Try that and let me know.

Thank you!

Hello Samiel ,

I performed a cleaning cache, but still with the same problem. Forward that link (www.tvufg.org.br/YouTube Information – Widgets Channel & Video Cards & more.rar) the source code for all plugin for fast what you can install and test.

I’m Waiting for your help.

Thank you .


Headed to the site recommended data.


You should have told me about the error notices. You solution is, contact your hosting provider, and ask them to set allow_url_fopen server property to true in your service’ php.ini file

I am sure this is going to solve your issue.

Hello again.

I have sent you a reply. The reason you had all this trouble is also you have an early version of PHP ( < 5.3 ) and I have edited some functions for you to better work with this version.

Just check your email.


Hi. I have a problem with your plugin on IE. My site goes on loop when i added the widget. You can see my site on http://www.iammonline.it

How can i fix the problem? thank you vey much


Sorry for late getting back to you.

I have went and added a widget, tested on IE and nothing went wrong that I couldn’t notice any redirect loop… and the same thing with your site. Can you please specify?

Thank you.

Hello Samiel.

I made a plug-in “Info-YouTube Channel Widgets & Video Cards & More” installation on my site.

But when I enter the page, the thumbnail is not loaded automatically. Only after moving the mouse and the thumbnail of the videos can be displayed.

Not like that. I would like to enter the site, all thumbnail was displayed.

How can I do this ?

Thank you very much .

Greetings , Thiago Moreira de Oliveira

Hello Thiago,

Hope you’re good. I am sorry about the delay responding.

Can you please provide me with a link to your site? (share here, or privately samelh.com/contact)

I would like to look that up.

Thank you,