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Just bought and installed it. Great little script and easy to use.

Highly recommended if you embed lots of Youtube vids on one page.

Thanks for your comments. Glad you found it valuable. Regards, Phil.

I find that documentation is incomplete ! :(

How to add the videos ?

<script type=”text/javascript”>optimizeYtEmbeds(‘nrtreevL5o’);</script>


Hi Mick. The documentation should not be incomplete. You don’t pass any parameters to optimizeYtEmbeds(). It’s all automatic. Regards, Phil.


It seems not responsive on real device. Just only works on PC. Try it on device.

As mentioned “the layout chages depending on the screen size” But your layout is not changed as screen shot. So,Responsive layout is not needed any zoom in and out.

Hi mobilemonster. I wouldn’t worry too much about the floated videos in the demo (they are not part of the product!). As it says in the description – “This is not default behaviour – your videos will align exactly as you specify”. I hope this helps. Regards, Phil.

Fix code to 100% full width.

So all you have to do is call this and it will fetch and create a “poster” image along with the play button? any plans for Vimeo, metaface, dailymotion, etc?

Hi Aaron. That’s it! If there is demand for other video services then I would definitely consider adding support for them too. Regards, Phil.

I believe there is a demand! Would it be difficult to do this?

Hi Aaron. The process is a bit more convoluted for some other video services and there may be a performance penalty due to the different methods of retrieving data using their API’s. However, if enough people want it I would be happy to provide it. That’s what I’m here for. Regards, Phil.

need help, ive followed all the instructions and all i get is a blank page ? i tested the path to the image and that works fne

Hi there. Sorry to hear you are having problems. If you want to email your code to me I will take a look at it for you. Regards, Phil.

What I want is that when you play a video from the others stop, you can only play one at a time this is possible.

Hi. Thanks for your enquiry. Sorry, that’s not a feature of YouTube Embed Optimizer.

good sales