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i want this script but i need one more thing i want to pay extra if you can make the extra i want

so what i want is just one option on the profile page that where user can subscribe for a plan

Like user 1 want to subscribe for a Gold plan for 20 coins for like 3 weeks then the site will do the calculation and display expire date all this after user buy whit coins of course.

i need this badly i like this script but this one will complete it?.

Hi Please add me on Skype: phppowerarts or mail to discuss this

Facebook login doesnt work I know it is working in demo but it is not working in general giving this error

Opeb database / users / uncheck user_email not null check box

Thanks Solved!

How Much Do you Charge To Install The Script??

i didn’t have time this days

If a user forgets their password, where is the password reminder? This is very important and should be a feature in every script.

this feature not included with the script

hi, page shows “is currently unable to handle this request.” after i placed install on Web Installler page. pls advise. thanks

Its better to install website locally then transfer it to your server

hi, i install it by following instruction. 1) upload file 2) create database 3) go main domain but it shows “page isn’t working… is currently unable to handle this request.” pls kindly help. Thanks

PS. if you cannot help, then is won’t work with me, can you pls cancel the sale and refund? thanks a lot.

Why videos do not appear monetized? I want to buy your script.

will bitcoin payment be added?

Hi, I have done everything ok with the sql parameters but when i click the button : “Click here to visit your site” it show nothing, the url is

Thank you its done now, I managed to do everything locally and then to put it on my host, now what are files i have to edit to replace the sql data: localhost, username, base … etc with the real sql of my host?


sorry i didn’t understand your question

Hi I installed everything locally (localhost) and then I puted all the files on my website host, now I think I have to edit some sql lines in the files because obviously the sql data are not the same : localhost, root, username, base … etc so they do not match the sql parameters of my host (which are different than ‘localhost’, ‘root’ and no password). THANK YOU

When you open and close the videos, the time is very fast.

Update? for 2017?

may be , i thinking to make it as wordpress plugin


I have purchased this. (not on this account.) Now have i it placed on local server and hosting server. I get this message: Localhost can not process this request at this time. How to fix?

Best regards, Chris van Chip

You should create this software as a wordpress plugin. I will be your first customer.

yes , i thinking about this next days :)

Does the views count on YouTube

ur code ignator version is previous, my server is updated , what i do now

Hi dear,

What exactly erros appears with you , what is the main issue ?


can you also integrate other payment processors

yes sure

When will the next update come out?

You should add the option to recover password and username

You should add an option so that users can see the statistics of your videos

It should also add the option so that users can subscribe and like in videos. Each user could determine the amount of coins for each action.

If you keep this script always up to date I will buy it.


Thanks for your suggestion , i plan to update it soon

Hello, I found one more bug in the script. the timer starts without the user pressing the video play. then the user simply accesses the video and pauses the video that the timer still starts. The sure thing is the stopwatch only start when the user gives the play in the video. and if it pauses the video or minimizes the page the counter should stop. The way it is, the script makes it easy for the user to circumvent the system. I’m looking forward to buying the script. Can you fix this bug?

Hello ,

apologize for any confusions.

try to clear your cache or cntrl+f5 will make it work , but i would rather to avoid this will work to fix soon.


Demo not working

Its working now

pre-order question.


your site not working. can admin pay people for adding videos?

when are you coming up with an update.

unfortunately users cannot withdrawal or convert there coins to money at the moment , they just can pay and incease there videos viewing