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“counter gets stuck at 1 second when its down counting” – i have this trouble too.

i got – need reCAPTCHA key for work – i think, need note it in the manuals. thanks!

apologize for any confusing , i will upgrade the script very soon , keep in touch ,

it’s possible add for earn point: video like, video comment,share video, subscribers channel?

thanks for suggestion may be i add them on next versions

Hey does this work on Wordpress ?

hi , its now codeigniter version , may be you mak it work with wordpress cms in iframe but really i not tried this staff before

Hello, If i install your script, can my users get paid for viewing videos added by other users such that when a user views a video for certain seconds, he get credited with points or money and when the money reaches a certain amount, that can request for withdraw.

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

unfortunately, this feature not exist at current version , may be i add it later

Is there any automatic viewing of videos?

no update for a long time

This script would be 100% better if the videos allowed were not restricted to those providers. Admin, and maybe clients as well should be allowed to upload videos directly.

thanks for suggestion , will think about this next versions :)


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counter gets stuck at 1 second when its down counting

i didn’t see this in the demo link , its stop on second one to cross the user via the capatcha process then earn him the coins it confirmed that its not robot


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Just a couple of problems. 1, When a user registers, they have zero points, although I set it to 50 Register Points in the admin panel. 2, The login points are not added, I have this set to 10. 3, How do I change the level up points from 10 to 20? 4, How do I change the “watch video time”?


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The register points are not added when the user signs in with Facebook or Google.

How do I change the languages? Can not find anywhere to change the “ADD MY VIDEO 10 C” at the top to “ADD MY VIDEO 2 C”.

Cant change the “Level Up My Video” points.

Basically where can I edit the English language for all the popups and pointers?

login as admin and go to setting to change the points system
at current version you can change the text for all ui from application views.

hello, when update? im wait 4 month! my first comment 4 month ago :) ahahahah

very soon :)


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Paypal IPN is not working and also some other bugs hope they get fixed.

please report any bug here with screen shots


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also just a suggestion i think add a video and level up video function and coins should be different if someone adds a video it should not be leveled up it should go to 2nd number video only by leveling up someone should be able to get maximum exposure otherwise it doesnt make sense.

ok will thinking on this while upgrading the script very soon

Hi, great script. Just checking on when you have plans to update the script? Add new features? Do you needs a few ideas?


next month


zamstar Purchased

Glad to hear its getting updated this month now excitedly waiting on it…

Hi, how much does a customization cost?

can you add pay or buy by Bitcoin?

Ok may be add it next versions