Discussion on Android YouTube Video App

Discussion on Android YouTube Video App

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Demo apk not working?

will update please wait

Dear sir does it provide restrictions to users to subscribe and view and comment other videos and earn credit to upload and share their videos

no sir,

The app is not opening on my mobile (version 11)

we working on new update please wait.

I am thinking of purchasing this application, but the comments state that the video loading speed is very slow. Sir, is there a problem with the loading speed of the videos? 2. I will upload 1200 videos, will uploading many videos affect the application? All videos are on YouTube. 3. My videos are very long, each 3 hours long and 13 GB each. Will this affect the application? Does it cause the application to run slowly? I would appreciate it if you could please answer my questions one by one, thank you.

Contact telegram we will check this with an sample link from you. @nemosofts

Is there time sharing? For example, publish this video at this time tomorrow.

no sir but if you need we can do that custom work

I am waiting for the demo to buy, sir when will you upload the demo. If it will be shorter can you please email me?

we will reply to mail asap

demo is error

App in development please wait sir

mo gives errors, won’t open.

Demo doesn’t work

working on update

demo link not working

I will update soon.

Sir, is it possible to subscribe to youtube channel in the application?

no sir

The video playback time is too long and please fix it immediately. Don’t equate connections or networks in the city of Sri Lanka with connections in Indonesia, thank you!

Okay but its on youtube server. We cant Do anything sir. if you server have good speed then no issues. if client have issue then upload low quality videos sir. Thank you. soon we will bring Quality changing options inside app.

Please fix the outdated code or api, when I upload the app to the console there are some errors about the outdated code or api. Can you update all codes without any problem in google play console.?

And please provide an update as soon as possible so I can quickly publish to Google Play.




There is a problem with the build process ‘com.github.HaarigerHarald:android-youtubeExtractor:master-SNAPSHOT’

Is there any solution sir?

yes we checking it sir. Thanks for the info

Hello sir, how are the developments and updates for the next bug fix, can it be resolved as soon as possible?

I want to immediately publish to my Google Play account, but I’m confused because the application code that I bought from you still has a lot of errors so I can’t build the application.

None of the add settings are going to be changed.

if you purchased then contact support with purchase code details they will come in anydek and fix it sir. Thank you

wortise ads not list in admin panel

Will be fixed its just not showing in php

while playing video, it takes too much time to load! and pls add video quality setting btn in app

it based on your network speed sir

Someone said Google rejected the app because of network abuse am now afraid to buy this please clarify me

Okay the guy that said his app was removed maybe caused it, the problem was not from the app?

And please what’s the difference between this app and this one “All In One Videos Apps”

Hello no answer?

All in one videos support all format videos and source link. youtube video apps support only youtube links

Hello I have some questions.

1 I see when u click the 3 dots it shows search on YouTube and share that search in YouTube can I remove it? I don’t want any redirection to YouTube.

2. The firebase I thought the backend is php do I need to buy firebase apart from push notifications?

3. Any plans to add ads free subscription

4. If I pay can u make this App like YouTube where users upload video and earn from the video or can u customize a different app design

5 do this app have any website?

What I mean is that is the firebase used only for notifications or is firebase used for the chatting backend too?

I mean the in-app messaging is it powered by firebase if yes is it free? If my users increase it can be another expenses for me so am trying to know the cost before I buy

chatting backend in your server, firebase for analytics and in app messaging. you can use onesignal also for in app message. both integrated

Hi, the download files contains admin+app?



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