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Error Happened. trying to add a channel, api added, what’s the problem ? how to see the logs and errors ?

and update manual, add the api differently

and how to set up cron without cpanel? what file auto.php his need to create ? or add it to cron cron.php?

send to us your site info in private message please to check


Hoss190 Purchased




Hoss190 Purchased

Hi XMush, I didn’t know where to find the Purchase License Code, so I figured if I signed in and left a comment that would be the best way to prove I purchased the YouTubeCMS Script.


jmoceri Purchased

Hello. I’m showing that my channels are running updates a couple times a day, but the updates are not grabbing additional videos after the initial time that I add them. I’m able to manually go and add additional videos, but they don’t auto update. Is there something wrong with my cron job? I have it setup as php -q /home/jmoceri/public_html/cron.php. Thanks for your help!

send to me your cpanel info to check what is the problem in private message

hello~ i purchase your this code.. thank you~ could you make db prefix when i setting up?


bmp23 Purchased

How can I change the Link to Thumbnails? After changing my Domain there are no Thumbnails.

ok we can do it for you send us your cpanel in private message

hello~ i purchase your this code.. thank you~ could you make db table prefix when i setting up?

yes we can do it

please send us private message

All page is not found. How can i do ?

For example :

The requested URL /page/1/page-test1 was not found on this server. The requested URL /video/1/jungle-jail was not found on this server.

The response looks like :

Not Found The requested URL /video/17/short-animation-alarm was not found on this server.

add this 2 line to the .htaccess file in the begin

Options -MultiViews RewriteBase /

Options -MultiViews

RewriteBase /

im getting this error when trying to add videos, any help is appreciated.

Warning: file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/getcryptonews/public_html/videos/admin/videos.php on line 201

Warning: file_get_contents(https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/videos?id=0UfdHWns_cA&part=snippet&key=AIzaSyAoqGeLDdqWNnIjcmxj7nLD_WI3dJodF_4): failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/getcryptonews/public_html/videos/admin/videos.php on line 201

it’s normal

ask your hosting provider to enable allow_url_fopen

I have enabled this on my server but still no luck same error.

ok please send to me your site info and cpanel to check as private message

Hi, I can’t seam to get the API Key to connect the the YouTube script. Not sure what I;m doing wrong. The API is created, but it can’t connect to my site. Regards, Tom.

send to me private message with your admin info and i will check this

why image not fetch from youtube .. ?? its show blank

did you check the folder permission ?


Jen_Kh Purchased

Hi @xmush, this is jen… I just contacted you to check with you if you have an updated version of your plugin. The one I downloaded from codecanyon one year ago through FREE download of the week has some malicious code or some issues in the plugins.



Jen_Kh Purchased

How can I do private message with you? I want to share my credentials…. it will be nice that you take a look at my website…


Jen_Kh Purchased

Talk tomorrow…

send private message here https://codecanyon.net/user/xmush

and we can check

just make sure that you have update to the last version

I encountered “Error Happened” when I tried to add a channel or a video.

I use SSL. I updated the lucky-strike-widget.html and video.html files in the theme folder changing “http” to “https”. The YouTube embedded videos now show up on the website.

However, the YouTube embedded videos do not show up the admin panel. The pop-up box has the title and description but the video is blanked out.

1. Log into the admin panel 2. Click Channels 3. Click on a channel 4. Under a YouTube video, click Details

What changes do I need to make to correct the issue? Thanks.

how add share on social media ??

i try to add addthis code in video file but its not display is there any issue with js ?? chekc over http://belogicalindian.com

Hello, A question if possible. I have a SSL domain and want to improve the CMS script with other features. In order to do this I would normally add a folder. example: mysite.com/folder then insert my files as a sub domain. But I cant do this with your script. Cant even have a blank html page with my own code. Can you advise me how its done? I was going to iframe a page from a folder. any suggestions many thanks lee

no reply maybe no support I guess people wont buy this product again. who knows

no, you can normally add the script in subfolder!

what is the error you have?

hello, do you have new themes ?

Hi Mr.xmush

I got this product in free item of envanto. I loved it so much and i am looking forward to setup everything in my website. I followed your given all documentation and files in zip , As well i installed last free update that you provided in envanto product page.

Here’s what i am facing :

-> When i add URL of my video the CMS say invalid URL

Here’s My Hosting Info :

I lives in India , Hosting i have is from Hostgator.

Here’s Video Explanation for More Clear Information :

Link : https://youtu.be/pGU0z3vWbQA

Please send me guide of how i can fix this , As well if possible can you send me a fixation ?

Respectful M D Chavda