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Hi, you can help me for configure the project on PhoneGap?

Please contact me privately through my profile page, thanks


We just have purchased the product. We have uploaded the script on our server and changed the configs files but results are not loaded at all.

We have sent you an email, please help us to fix this issue.


Just answered to your email, and waiting for the FTP access to check out the issue you are having on your server ;)

Hi yougapi, In the list of videos (videos from a playlist), have a button “Display more”. How I change this text?


How can I get the videos to play on the same page when viewing on mobile? They just redirect to youtube.

Hello, how to convert youtube api v3. Because change api commands.


That can be done but is not necessary since this app doesn’t need the new methods introduced with the API v3

Is there admin area to add playlists?

Is there a API V 3 version ?

No it’s using the API v2 that’s still supported and working great. No need to upgrade to the v3 that just have some new methods not used by this app ;)

Yes, the script will work. But, Google Play rejects Apps which do not have Developer Key !! (Violation of YouTube API agreement)

All right. But this app is not an Android app and is not designed to run inside Google play.

HI !

In the ” ajax_display_home.php ” file, I can add my playlists and they are displayed on the home screen .

But I need to display a only one playlist.

So, I need to display in home page, the playlist videos only.

For customization requests please contact me through my profile page for an estimate, thanks

Hi, the API doesn’t work as before. On video screen, the name of video, author and description is not displayed.

see in your demo: http://i61.tinypic.com/359wg9c.png

How I fix it?

Before, the problem was only with some informations. Now, the videos not are displayed in playlists.

We are working on an update and should be available very soon, coming 2 to 3 days ;)

The update is ready !


Your script is still available for purchase, but it not working any more. Have you fixed the script to work as before ?

Regards, Lukasz

It should be updated coming days, like we have updated the 2 other more popular YouTube script we have (WP plugin and standalone youtube app). Sorry for the delay we’re doing our best to get it done as soon as possible ;)

Update is ready !

Hi. When this plugin will be updated? I need this! Thank you

Should be done coming 2 to 3 days. We are working on it

The update is ready !

Looking forward to it. Cheers!

The updated app should be available coming hours ! The last update date should appear on the app page once done, and all buyer should receive an email once available to download ;)

Hi, i have a question to ask you … Can I put the link of my own video from my FTP ? or it is only reserved for youtube ?

It’s only working with YouTube videos

Oh :( I was looking for a script like that but only used with FTP video. :(

We’ll think about having a script like this in the future

Quick question. How can I add Google Adsense and Analytics Code?

For Analytics you can do it from the “include/presentation/header.php” file. Adsense depends where you want to add it. You can do it from the index.php file for ex

Ok I got analytics part done. Would be more specific for adsense code? I want to put the codes in the front page and contents page when each video is played.

That would be in the “views/ajax_display_video_details” and “views/ajax_display_home” files

if i buy it you also give me all script and i can change it?

Yes sure the source code of this app (mostly PHP, Javascript and CSS) comes with the package. You can contact me through my profile page for customizations

i have followed the steps that u provide but that not work i had replaced my youtube api in config.php but when i click on seach in the web site i could only see waiting sign , so what to do. get me out this problem . in youtube mobile api

Just answered to your email

why showing no video found


i sent already ftp details please help

i am waiting your reply

do not open in web .. open to direct youtube

Hello I’ve bought the product “Support for YouTube Videos Portal” but I do not know change when I enter the category of the category of “dangdut” but that appears not dangdut please help me to change

thank you

For support please reach us by email using the form on our profile page, thanks !

I move one server to another server. Since then I get “No results found”. Would you help me out? http://m.iee.kr


Do you need an access to my cPanel?

If possible a temporary FTP access. On my profile page you should see a form enabling to get in touch by email

it works only user name …how to work with channel id..

“displayChannelBtn” data-username=”UCZtPOx6DzAuJybLWJXL02vw”>Trailers

“displayChannelBtn” data-username=”UCZtPOx6DzAuJybLWJXL02vw”>Trailers

Sorry was this app that was updated: http://yougapi.com/products/youtube/?channelId=UCZtPOx6DzAuJybLWJXL02vw&t=6

This mobile app will be soon as well