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Does it use Youtube api v3 ?

version 2

Hello, Is it possible to download the video with the app? because I want something that allow users to download the YouTube videos.

no sorry, that is a separate app

Any plan on updating to YouTube API 3?

hi , download the demo but in some videos out connection error , try again

app updated

Does this update using Youtube API V3?

Hello I’m interest your app I test demo your channel id. http://www.uppic.org/image-B174_55FE03C0.jpg If fixed bug I will buy your app.

link not opening

Is it possible to use playlists too or just channels?


When opening from Ecilipse Error:(1, 0) Plugin with id ‘com.android.application’ not found. When in studio > Crunching Cruncher common_signin_btn_text_focus_light.9.png failed, see logs

What to do I have studio.

NOW it opened. Error was due to long name of folders in which it was

my i know where is the own youtube channel xml? how to define the youtube channel, thanks.

single and multi. thanks

find in YoutubeChannelListFragment, thanks.

I have new question, when i click the play list, the apps error and close. any idea?

pl. send error log

i bougth this but no documentation what the hell…. how to do this???

hello can u comment to me? how can i setup my app i have 0 expierience in android coding

Here is a link for eclipse setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDl3jvX7Dvg

I want to purchase but doesn’t play video or delete video. Does it have new youtube api v3?

App gives me error when I load a channel. It says, channel id is wrong.

once I purchase it, could I upload it into google play, or need some custom work or just re-skin changes ?

Your demo apk is not working. Says wrong channel ID, if i myself add any new ones it doesnt show up?