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Does this edit with Android Studio?

Dear bobster007
The App can be imported to Android Studio.

Error:(19, -1) android-apt-compiler: [YourYouTubeChannel] C:\Users\chris\Desktop\Android\YourYouTubeChannel\AndroidManifest.xml:19: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘value’ with value ’@integer/google_play_services_version’).

I cant seem to do this add my skype YTMotionMedia Sorry New to all this using android studios cant seem to add the libarys

if notifications hereby added to each video automatically and more serious possibilities of perfect ads. It is possible?

Add slide menu, a search video function, add video to favorite and share this app and your sales will increase fast.

Hi there, i need to know that what platform will i need to use to edit your app? i mean do i have to host your script and then do the editing? and one more question can i get iphone app as well? i mean do you have other script for the iphone app? if so please let me know….Thanks

once I purchase it, could I upload it into google play, or need some custom work or just re-skin changes ?


6343 Purchased

hi why not run in new api kay …as per you api key run perfectly when i make new api key dose not load any channel so that give me immediately solution

Hiii,I use ur demo app i like that …i wanna purchase it also but the thing is i do not have any coding knowledge i have my youtube channel i want to make app of that ….can uhh tell me more describly what i do