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alaaodeh Purchased


when we tried to play any video crashed and exit from the app?


alaaodeh Purchased

still waiting and YouTube not working and crashes

Hi, this problem already solved. Thanks

yourvidoeschannel (androidTest) ApplicationTest yourvidoeschannel (test) ExampleUnitTest

Can I delete these in Android Studio or are they required for the app to function?

Hi, we do not recommend you to delete it, leave it as it is, it’s auto generated when starting the android project, when you change the package folder name, it will also changed according your package folder name. Thanks

Is it possible to upload videos from the app / frontend?

Hi CraftyMc, video uploads are only possible uploaded via admin panel by administrator, you can try the demo app to know how this app working. Thanks

hi bro we need to add native ads to this code ,please to contact us here ou with mail : badr.salihi@gmail.com

Hi badr-salihi, at this time, this app currently doesn’t support native ads, supported ads format for this app are banner and interstitial. Thanks


SamMan9 Purchased

hello solo droid I do every thing in documintation and my php panel put when I open the app just I see” loading” and nothing apear in app I creat youtube API key for android app and put it in the project but it can’t work please tell me how can i connect my app with my php panel i dont know what is the proplem I use YourVideosChannel code for android studio I don’t use RTL I don’t know what’s different between them help me to review app with 5 start or i will just put 1 start if no replay contact me and replay in sammoal4@gmail.com

Hi SamMan9,

this is mean your admin panel configuration still not correctly, and probably your configuration between android and admin panel side also still not correctly too.

for your admin panel configuration problem, please provide us your cpanel hosting login detail, we need to check your configuration first and try to solve it, send your detail to this email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com

RTL used for language which writing starts from the right of the page and continues to the left, e.g : Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.


Hello! How do you add tabs?

mas mau minta tolong, bisa gak dicustom biar interstitial muncul tiap nge klik tombol?

kalau bisa tolong kirimkan koding yang udah jadi ya, terima kasih banyak

Halo gan, maksudnya tiap nge klik tombol itu bagaimana, tombol yang mana yang dimaksud? Terimakasih

cek email ya gan, terima kasih :)

Hi. i want to know if this code support the iptv files formats

Hi rimoboy,

can you send example about the iptv files formats? you can send the example via email so we can test it.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


Hi there, I would like to buy your app. Just a question. Can my customers edit any of the videos in the app? I mean delete or add – make any changes. Thanks

maaf mas mau nanya,.

1. ini kalau pake channel org lain kira kira aman ga ya? 2. model iklan intersisialnya setiap ada action/interaksi/user klik itemnya muncul iklannya?

tolong dijawab ya mas,. suwun