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Looks amazing! GLWS :)

Thanks a lot! You too :)

Hello dear Author. Thank you for your plugin. But i have a problem with him. When updating existing Your Shortcode post, plugin falls into infinite loop until 504 Gateway Time-out is returned by server.

Hi alexeympw. Thank you for purchasing the plugin. I have fixed that bug. Please let me know your email and I’ll send you the hotfix version. Thank you!

Hi alexeympw. The plugin has been updated with some bugs which are fixed including the bug you said. Please get the latest version and I hope the plugin is useful for you. Thank you!

Hi author,

Is that possible with your plugin to manage dynamic content depending on users fields ?

Exemple : User 1 with custom fields “Age” When he is logged and he goes to a page named “Age”, he see his own age.

We want to use a system like that to give to our client a way to follow their sales objectives.


Hi shuyinz,

Currently, the plugin does not support dynamic content. We have been working hard to add this functionality in the next version.

Thank you.

Hello author, Thank you for your plugin. However, I have a problem with a bug. When I publish or preview page or post on the front end the plugin is leaving the shortcode name from the editor and 2 bullet points.

Hi detroitstudios,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Could you please take a pic describing the bug and send us via email: ducitbk@gmail.com? Thank you.

Hi wordpressaddict,

Pre-sales question:
I’m looking for a way to insert randomly a block of HTML-code in a page/post for a certain period of time. After this period I want another piece of HTML to appear on this page/post. Et cetera. So what I want is some sort of content inserter based of a randomly set time frame.

I will explain this more elaborate with an example:
I want to use a short code on my homepage and implement it somewhere within the existing content. Let’s say as the second paragraph. Therefor I first go to the short code editor and enter e.g. 5 blocks of content (HTML code) that will be used. Then I give this short code a name. Let’s say [homepage-shortcode1]. Then I want to set a time interval for the short code to rotate the 5 blocks of content. In this example I want the blocks to show for a period of 7 days and 9 hours – 12 days and 3 hours. The exact time to appear on the site has to be picked randomly within this time frame. For every new content block that will appear a new show period has to be picked within this time interval. So block 1 appears e.g. 8 days and 23 hours, block 2 appear 11 days and 2 hours, etc …

My question is if this is possible with Your Shortcode.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Hi Marc,

Sorry for late reply. For your question, We afraid that our plugin does not enough functionalities to meet your requirements. But we think that’s a pretty good idea and we will work hard to add this function in near future. Thanks.

Good evening, Your Shortcode doesn’t work in my wordpress. I push the button “Your Shortcode” and nothing happens. can you help me? there are some confilct with other plugins? thank you. Bye

WordPress 4.4.2 running

Hi studiobaako, sorry for late reply.

Thank you for purchasing our product. We have made several tests on Wordpress 4.4.2 and seems like it worked well. So, I think maybe there are some conflicts with other plugins on your site.

Could you please send me your site information personally to my email: ducnm@ownego.com? I would like to check it out and help you. Thanks.

Hello, only one question, are you planning on adding a repeater option allowing the user to create shortcodes for galleries, tabbed content, etc? Also, would it be easy to integrate with shortcake UI?

Great! Congrats!

I bought this plugin today, but found out it does not work on Wordpress 4.7.1. Also, I thought you have a param type for File, but you don’t.

Can you update this to work in 4.7.1 and add File param?

I’m using Your shortcodes with elegantheme Divi. Divi use page builder, it has editor of text in popup. Your Popup of insert Shortcodes appears behind them pop-up. So i go in a new post, I insert a Shortcode, I go in Text, and I copy the shortcode, because in Your Shortcodes > All Items there are not the code of shortcode. Can you fix this?